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Congratulations! Grace has brought you to a unique repository of mystical utterances, at par with the highest spiritual words that mankind has ever known. Here you will find words that have come through Acharya Prashant. (visit recent post).

This site contains more than 3000 articles on spiritual topics (visit catalog). Contemporary, yet timeless. Related to everyday life, yet carrying the essence of the Beyond.

It has the following main sections:

Acharya Ji’s journey took him to the most prestigious technical and management education institutions of the world. For a few years he worked in mainstream roles, chosing from options ranging from bureaucratic roles with the government to management consulting with corporates (Biography). These lucrative options, however, hold little importance when the Truth beckons.

Responding to a higher calling, he undertook a rigorous spiritual pursuit for a long time, turning to the service of the timeless. Today, the movement initiated by him has touched the lives of millions of individuals. Through direct contact with people, and through various internet based channels, Advait continues to bring clarity, peace and love to all. 

May you be blessed as you dip into this invaluable repository of timeless literature.

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