Why is life not lively? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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Speaker: Prateek is asking, ‘what is thing called as boredom?’ Why life is not really interesting? Even when there is a period of interest, why does it fade away? Prateek, boredom comes because you are somewhere else. All the fun is right now, here, but you are missing on all the action. It’s like a great party that is booming here, right now, and you are somewhere else. The party is real; the place you are at is imaginary. You are missing out on all the fun, on all the celebration.

The next question would be, ‘if I really know that there is a great feast going on here, then why would I miss it?’ Yes, nobody wants to skip it. The thing with this is that, we all have been trained and educated, conditioned thoroughly, to live in the future, especially as a young man. Our education and upbringing is all about looking towards future.

Let me give you a few examples from our own life. We study for the sake of results, and results are in the future. Now, as you are sitting with your book, go into it. What really matters to you- the book or the result? The real thing. You are with the book so that..?

Listeners (everyone): We can get good results.

Speaker: You realize that. Correct? Now, when the result is the real thing, what will happen to the quality of life right now?

Listeners (everyone): We will be more tensed.

Speaker: Now, when you are always looking there (indicating future), this (indicating present) will automatically become boring. Now assume, you have something splendid coming your way at 4:00 p.m., today evening. It’s not yet come, but you are imagining it, it’s not real. It’s a thought in the mind. This session would not be able to give you anything, because your mind would constantly be there. Are you getting it? You will somehow be passing your time, in order to reach there. Now, if you are in the campus just for the sake of a degree, a job, and recognition, then the real thing will happen in the fourth year. Right? Because that’s what we are waiting for; to get a degree and a job. And right now, when we are in the first year, it is all too bad. ‘Wish we could just skip everything and move to the fourth year! Can’t we have a system where the university directly admits in the fourth year? Won’t it be great? Why pass through these unnecessary three years? After all, the real thing is going to happen in the fourth year. So, why pass through this wasteful three years? Obviously, the quality of my four years would be poor, because I will study so as to get good marks. I will come to college just to mark attendance. I enter into the classroom just because I have to pass that course.’ Right? Now, how can life be interesting then? And I am not only talking about this infatuation towards job, degree. In every other way, it has been taught to us to be result centric, to be future centric, and we see this all around us. People are working for the sake of future. And you must ask this question, ‘Sir, you are living in present, thinking about future, what exactly is happening with the life? Future is not there, future is imagination. For the sake of the imagination, what are you doing to the reality?’ But because we see everybody doing this, we don’t ask this question.

You know what do we do? We think that this is a norm. We think that life must be like this. If everybody is doing something, not everybody can be wrong. As they used to say in China a while back, and they used to say with great pride- ‘one billion Chinese cannot be wrong.’ China was the first country to hit the one billion mark. Do you look at that mentality? They are saying that everybody is saying this, a billion people are saying this, how can they be wrong. And that’s what we think. Because everybody is doing this, the media is full of this, newspapers are full of this, our families, society, the entire education system, the corporate, it’s happening everywhere, so we say, ‘Forget about one billion Chinese, seven billion people cannot be wrong.The entire population on earth is living this way, how can it be wrong?’

No, not really. You see, truth does not depend on the majority of opinions. Does it? If the entire earth declares today that gravity is not equal to 9.8 m/s2 and it passes a resolution that gravity is equal to 11.8 m/s2, let all seven billion people say that, would that have any difference in gravity?

So, truth is not really a democratic thing. Truth cannot be decided through votes or majority opinions. Be not bothered at what everybody is saying. You are fully grown up now. Utilize your own intelligence, there is great fun in that. Right? And such great freedom. You would smile when you will look at the world with your own eyes, you will have good fun. I assure you. When you see all that stupidity going around, it’s very funny. It’s like watching a circus. These jokers are performing the comic circus, and you are watching them and smiling. What do you want to become? A part of that pack of jokers or to watch it and have fun. Watch it and have fun. Be here! Alright.

Excerpted from a ‘Shabd-Yog’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session video: Why is life not lively? || Acharya Prashant (2013)

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