Implementation is the fruit of realisation || Acharya Prashant (2014)

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Question: Sir, even if we have complete clarity of things, we can’t implement them in our daily lives. So, how do we proceed?

Speaker: You don’t need to implement. Whenever you will consciously put effort, fully try to implement, you will find that there are blockages.

This is not like the rest of your education, where you learn something and go ahead and implement it. Understand this. What happens is that in your normal, traditional education, you remain what you are and you gather a lot of knowledge as well. ‘So I am what I am’. And this ‘I am’ , this is ego. This ego remains at its place, firmly tethered. This will not move, but it also gets some knowledge. ‘So, I was ego and what am I now? Ego plus knowledge’. And what will the ego do with this knowledge? Implement it. And when the ego will implement the knowledge, what will it do with the knowledge? It will only use the knowledge for its own sake.

‘I hate you (pointing at the audience) and we are fighting a world war.’ It’s my ego, it a part of my ego, the hatred is arising from there. ‘I hate you and we are fighting a world war, and I get knowledge about nuclear fission. What will I utilize that knowledge for? What will I do with that knowledge? I will make a nuclear bomb and drop it over you.’

So, ego stands at its place, now the ego is armed with knowledge. Your traditional education does not challenge the ego, in fact it does something very foolish. It provides knowledge to the ego. So, the ego becomes even a more dangerous ego. That’s why somebody has said that today we have smart phones and stupid people, guided missiles and unguided men. Because the mind is the same but it has a lot of technology now. Have you heard that Hindi adage: ‘Bandar ke hath me talwar.’

Man’s mind is not being reformed but that same mind is being given a lot of ammunition; and that will be implemented. And we implement that, we implement that. How have we implemented it? We know that species of animals of flora and fauna are being lost everyday. You very well know of climate change. Such climate as we have today, in the month of march, is not expected, is not normal. All this is due to global warming. Not less than 50 major coastal cities of the world are under threat and that includes 5 or 6 Indian cities as well. And probably in your lifetime you will see the disappearance of those cities. Your own Mumbai. Such an unfortunate thing, even to think of it. But that’s what happens when knowledge is given to the ego. Ego is not being challenged, knowledge is being given to it. No, HIDP is not doing that, so don’t think of implementing. What is happening here is that knowledge is coming to you so that it weakens and dissolves the ego. When that core ‘you’, the ego itself is dissolved, it will automatically show up in your being; in all your actions, words and behavior. You will not need to implement, the implementation will be spontaneous. It will just get implemented without your knowing, without your permission. You will not even consciously know that you have changed, but you will change. After a while you may just ask yourself  ‘How is that I am more peaceful?’, ‘How is it that I am less worried?’, ‘How is it that I am less jealous and slothful?’, ‘More energy, how is it?’ And it is possible that you might not even know that this has happened because the ego has weakened. You might just feel that it is grace.

Implementation will happen. You need to be attentive towards knowing. Once you know something, it percolates into your being, then implementation does not wait. It comes upon like a flower on a healthy plant. If the plant is healthy and there is sunshine and food, the flower will come. The plant does not have to plan for it. The plant does not have to say ‘Well everything is alright, now I need to implement the flower.’ The flower need not be implemented, the flower will come. And it keeps coming. Right? Be concerned with understanding. Once you have understood, action will happen.

Action is the fruit of realization. Once there is realization, action cannot be far behind. Getting it? Action is the fruit of realization. Be concerned with realization. Action is the fruit, realization is the root. Be concerned with the root, the fruit will come. Alright?

Excerpted from a ‘Shabd-Yog’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session video: Implementation is the fruit of realisation || Acharya Prashant (2014)

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