Quotes, Feb-June ’12

Quotes, May-June ’12


1. In the Infinitude of wholeness, every path is a Middle path. DSC00009

2. Imagination is repetition.

3. To try to live rightly without caring for the right livelihood is like trying to live healthily without giving up unhealthy food.

4. Who is poor? The one who wants more. How can one be rich and yet crave for more? Poverty line basis: The more the desires, the poorer one is.

5. What organised religion does to the mind of a fundamentalist, organised corporate does to the mind of a professional

6. To get a feel of what infinity means, look at human stupidity.

7. Knowing the fakeness of things is alright, but its no fun getting stuck at that.

8. If we could see how stale memories dress up as fresh hopes, would we still find hope a virtue?
Is there being beyond memories and hopes?

9. And how do you remain calmly centered in a hysterical world pulling you in a thousand directions?

10. Darkness is not the absence of light, it is the absence of something to receive and reflect the light.

11. To know who is sleeping, you need to be awake.

12. It is so convenient to praise the other and put him on a pedestal, as an escape from looking inwards.

13. Can there be happiness except in a background of sorrow? Without sorrow, our happinesses would vanish. Is there beyondness from these two?

14. My body; exactly whose body? My mind; whose mind? If I am the body, mind, thoughts, why not say ‘me body’, ‘me mind’:) Be yourself; be whom?

15. Bliss enough to be human in this night mysterious and mute.

And to be young at this hour is to dissolve into death absolute.

16. All its life, the spoon in the soup is never able to taste the soup.

17. It is most difficult to notice that which is always and unchangeably present. Why else would we call a room empty when its full of space?

18. In a shaking mirror, everything appears to be shaking.

19. When love rests within, the world presents itself as lovable.

20. Even when everything will be taken away from me, there will remain somebody who will know that all is being taken away. I am that Knower.

21. The split-mind thinks that it can be loving and ambitious at the same time. Can a calculative, insecure, ambitious, planning mind know love?

22. The world appeared in it dancing, colorful and bright.
Swelled up the mirror, “Surely I am the source of light.”

23. Running faster and faster to reach where I am !
Working so hard to achieve what I already have!
Asking all and sundry to find out who I am !

24. I see that I think, therefore I am.

25. There is no original thought. All thought is stale, a product of past influences. ‘Original idea’ or ‘Creative thinking’ is an oxymoron.

26. Only the full, vigorous, obstinate river reaches the ocean. Gentle, compromising streams get lost in mudlands and quagmires.

27. The mind thinks about thoughtlessness, desires desirelessness and hopes to live in the present moment. It even plans a free-flowing life.

28. To feel hurt is the only form of violence. To be offended is to be violent.

29. Watch what you are attracted to. The ego is attracted only to that which deepens the ego.

30. The dreamer rarely knows he is dreaming.

31. The ultimate humiliation to the false is that it cannot declare itself to be false.

32. I am nothing but the influence of the others. Some of these I know to be influences; the deeper influences I think of as my self. Am I?

33. I admit the sight and refute the seer;
admit the periphery and refute the center;
admit the clouds and refute the sky;
the rational one am I.

34. Inattentiveness needs and breeds repitition.

35. Whose desires are you chasing?

– As posted on Twitter@ Prashant_Advait

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