Quotes, July’12

Quotes, July’12


~ God and Enlightenment are fancy names given to just being Oneself.

~ Absence is the thought of action. Presence is action.

~ The wave is convinced that the Ocean does not exist.

~ To think of heaven is hell.

~ I am my thoughts.
The world is what I think.
If I stop thinking, there is no I.
Try !

~ My craving for freedom is directly proportional to my fear of freedom. Strange am I !

~ What is always available becomes unavailable.
Unavailability is the door to the joy of availability.

~ Who am I?
A character in my own dream.

~ It requires a highly logical mind to understand the limit of logic.

~ There is no conception of black without white.
Each word contains an image of its opposite.
Very smart of me to insist Reality is non-dual 🙂

~ Working, striving, aiming, achieving, immersed in all phenomenon,
I laughed with my loved ones,”Such engaging reality!”
And then I woke up.

~ When you are really sure, all your energy rises into action.

~ Only the ego can get hurt.

– As posted on Twitter@ Prashant_Advait