Quotes, August’12

Quotes, August’12DSC00043


~Don’t give up; just let go.

~ When I know, there is no way to know that I know.
When I think that I know, I think and I do not know.
Only a bad witness is witnessed !

~ Freedom is freedom from freedom.

~ We know not a bit of the Self but keep dying of guilt of being selfish!

~ Every dream, howsoever noble, is ultimately a proof that the dreamer is fast asleep.
No dream is beautiful. Dream not, just See.

~ The one who has it, keeps giving it away, and is yet always full.
The one who has not, keeps trying to protect it, and is yet always poor.

~ Religion is dead, and God is the murderer: Janmashtami reflections.

~Kill God and be Religious.

~ What is bondage? The thought of freedom.
Freedom is the dream that must first dream a bondage. Freedom needs bondage for its own survival.

~ All learning is recalling.

~ I am a character in my own dream. There are many other characters as well. The interplay of my character with the others is called my life.

~ The individual mind, fed by senses,operates in limited thought. But THE MIND already knows all. Otherwise, learning is impossible.

~ Immortal means outside time. Time is a property of Mind. What is outside time is immortal. Mind can be watched, so watcher is immortal.

~ If I am watching a cat and it dies, will I too die?

~ There is no ‘soul’ as such,or any entity. There is just ATTENTION that watches. Watching here is not sensory, but passive awareness.

~ To know, I don’t need to close my eyes in negation; I need to open my eyes in intelligence.
The world itself is Truth. Falseness is in my eye.

~ Individualization is separation for the sake of reunion.
All loss is nothing but the absurd assumption on which finding rests.

~ The clever mind’s tragedy is that it distrusts nothing more than itself, and yet has nothing more than itself to find out what to trust.

~It is impossible to predict the infinite number of complex shapes that can arise in the mind of a drunkard looking at empty space.

~ All suffering is inessential.

~ Personal is ego.

~ Be cautious of whatever you hold to be valuable, whatever you hold to be sacred.
The ego will find nothing valuable or sacred except itself.

~ In inattention, there is nobody to know the ego.
In attention, there is no ego to be known.
Ego can never be really encountered.

~ To have a target is to miss the target.

~ To think of victory is already a defeat.

– As posted on Twitter @Prashant_Advait