Quotes, September’12

Quotes, September’12                                                                                       DSC00112

1. The universe cannot be what it appears to be, without the mind being what it is.

2. Those who know not where they are will be condemned to do a complete circle to again reach where they are. And then do it again, yet again…

3. Liberation is to know that there is nobody to be liberated.
The bonded entity itself is the fundamental illusion.

4. What is it?
It is not.

5. The moment I think of myself, it cannot be myself I am thinking of. My image of myself is another ‘you’ among the infinite ‘you’s in the mind.

6. There is no sin; there is only stupidity. I am not unethical; I am just unintelligent.

7. To be something is to miss out on everything.

8. Creativity is choiceless.
Choice is conditioning.
Choice is compulsion.
To be creative is to be free of presumption, purpose and personality.

9. The first and last stupidity is fear.

10. One does not become wiser with age. Sleeping for a hundred years won’t show you the reality. It is impossible to learn from experience.

11. Reality is that which is when it is, and is when it is not.
Individualization is that which is when it is, and is not when it is not.

12. ‘I’ exists only in its own eye.

13. Desire is fear.
A life of desires is a life of fear.
Impossible for the go-getter to be fearless.
Achievement is insecurity trying to smile.

14. That which Evolves is Ego.
That which IS is I.

15. Enjoyment is Excellence.
Easy is Right.

16. Those who do not understand THE LAW are condemned to remain slave of laws.

17. Isn’t it amusing that the more ignorant one is of the present, the more desperate he is to build a future!

18. Our language, like our mind, is sex-obsessed. It cannot look at an individual as an individual. It must almost always be a ‘He’ or ‘She’.

19. No action can be a remedy for another action.

20. Tools and techniques can help in entering into attention, but tools and techniques cannot substitute attention.

21. Life is a role-play; only in attention are the roles chosen wisely.

22. To be happy is to be sad. Happy and sad are not distinct words at all. Happy-sad is a more correct description of the mind.

23. Health is ordinary. Extra-ordinary people are found in hospitals. The even more so in mental asylums. Extra-ordinariness is a disease.

24. Because we lead a posthumous existence, there is clearly a need to kill that which is already dead.

25. Mind lives in images.
Happiness is pleasurable imagination.
Imagination is dissonance from reality.
Dissonance causes sadness.
Happy is Sad.

26. Understanding of disappointment is the beginning of action, and the ending of disappointment.

27. When you see it, you become free from it.
Seeing is the realization of freedom.

28. Joy is the vast space in which both happiness and sadness come and go.
If you must be sad, be joyfully sad.

29. That which happens without the knowledge of its happening, is the only Real happening.
Call it creativity.

30. The climate of joy is the absence of ambition and achievement

31. Technology cannot change the fundamental nature of mind. We live in our minds.
Hence, technology Essentially changes nothing.

– As posted on Twitter @Prashant_Advait