Quotes, October’12

Quotes, October’12DSC00027


1. Mind is a discrete variable. Continuity is an illusion created by memory. Every experience has a separate experiencer. What else are moods?

2. Individual consciousness is its own limitation. Knowledge creates fragmentation. Knowledge separates the individual from the Whole.

3. Mind is intelligence. Brain is individual knowledge.
Mind + Brain= The individual conditioned mind.
Freedom is the mind free of the brain.

4. Any effort at becoming something always comes from an ignorance of that which IS.
Even the most magnificent dream proves a sleeping mind.

5. Spirituality isn’t about God or consciousness.
All spirituality is essentially about not being stupid.
Its about being really ‘fool-proof’.

6. I cannot change something without understanding it. Understanding is change.
But the very desire to change hinders the understanding.

7. The future is a surprise gift for the one who lives fully in the Present.

8. To be full of love, one must first be Full.

9. Attention solves the problem, ego takes the credit.

10. The two sides of duality of mind appear as opposites but are always found together.
Like the two sides of a coin.

11. A truth is a truth only after it is My Truth.

12. Seriousness is fear.
Excellence comes from enjoyment.

13. Ethics is the spontaneous expression of intelligence.
Ethics cannot be taught, nor can there be a code of ethics.
Ethics is de-conditioning.

14. Who am I?
The one who has nowhere to hide.

15. To Understand is to see the Simple in the complex.

16. Where is the centre of infinity?
When is the origin of eternity?
Everywhere is called as HERE.
Always is known as NOW.

17. The root of all violence is an affixation with others, objects.
A man attentive towards himself is immersed in peace.
Interest is violence.

18. Anything that requires your intervention to be secured is unreal.
The Real is self-secure. It requires no defence.

19. All continuity is the act of memory. Reality is moment-to-moment, unrelated to anything.
Patterns are static. Understanding is dynamic.

20. Time, as it exists in the mind, is a social institution.

21. Intelligent I am not. I am Intelligence.

22. This self-love, my concern for myself, my insecurities, fixation with my body, my people.
Self-love, the only love affair that never ends.

23. If it is not simple, it is not the Truth.
If it is not self-evident, it is not the Truth.

24. Reality is ‘mind’-blowing!

25. Ignorance is not the absence of knowledge. Rather, the mind is just too full of knowledge.
This dead knowledge substitutes real knowing.

26. To know oneself is the only existential obligation.
To be is the only way to know.

27. A social order coming from fear, tradition or authority is dead.
Only individual intelligence leads to a live and spontaneous social order.

28. Purpose, Goal, Desire- the mind’s attempts to come to an end, a rest.
Intelligence is to see the stupidity of desiring to end desire.

29. Never say, “I am attentive.” Say, “I am AVAILABLE to attention.”
Attention always IS. It is your mind that is not available to attention.

30. Our world is our own image.
How can your mirror image have that which you do not have?
Its stupid when a loveless, joyless mind tries to love.

31. Desire is search. Satisfaction is attainment. Search and attainment cannot be together.
Hence, desire and satisfaction can never be together.

32. Desire for security is the desire for eternity.
Eternity is not in prolonging time. Eternity is in being beyond time.
Security is illusion.

33. Excellence comes from enjoyment.
Enjoyment is immersion in the present.
Ambition is in future away from present.
Ambition kills excellence.

34. To a mind lost in imagination, Reality causes a great deal of confusion.

35. Violence is not a particular behaviour. It is the cessation of discretion.
Forms could vary: apparent love, care, devotion may be violence.

36. All desires originate from forgetting that I ALREADY have it.
Only in Attention I feel complete,remembering who I am and what I already have.

37. I do not exist in time and space. Time and space exist in me.

38. The only way to find your Self is to lose your self.

39. Once you know who is worrying, hating, loving, it will be impossible for you to worry, hate, love.

40. Disease and medicine are two sides of a duality and both come from outside. Health is Real inner nature. Medicine just removes the disease.

-As posted on Twitter @Prashant_Advait