The voice in my head || Acharya Prashant (2015)

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Question: Sir, what can I do to change my lifestyle?

Answer: Lifestyle is just the collection of all the small things you do throughout the day.

To understand your lifestyle, watch daily, continuously, as much as possible:

1. With whom are you spending time? What is the effect that the company of these people has upon your mind? Is the relationship healthy or does it involve fear-greed?

2. What are you reading? Which websites, social fora are you frequenting? What kind of material are you consuming there? What effect does it have upon the mind?

3. What are you eating, drinking, wearing, listening to? Does it involve killing, violence, dominance, fear?

4. What are you avoiding, escaping from? Are you inhibited or participative towards life’s opportunities?

5. Which movies do you watch? What do you consume on TV? Is it healthy?

6. Does wisdom literature have a place in your daily routine? The basic nourishment of a healthy mind.

If you will observe these things honestly, then they will change by themselves. Just watch clearly.

Question: Sir, whenever I try to see myself, lot of voices echo in my mind. Why is it so?

Answer: The voice in the head is just the accumulated noise over the years.

This voice is the effect of every force that has acted upon the mind so far. All the pulls and pushes, all the shaping up, all the formation of a personality, all the beliefs and worldviews.

This noise is the world sitting inside your head. It disturbs. And it is not necessary for you to allow it to keep sitting. It sits there only as long as you do not see how useless and harmful it is for you.

Once you watch the world and your own self clearly, you will stop giving importance to this thing encroaching upon your space. Then it will easily disappear.

– Based on my interactions on various e-forums.

Dated: 25th January,’15

(To receive regular updates on WhatsApp regarding wisdom articles by Acharya Ji and to get an opportunity to connect to him directly, click here)


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