Conditioned behaviour is not love

Question: Sir, even if I find the falseness of happiness, I will not leave seeking for happiness because it is given to us by nature. It is our natural behaviour. If we call happiness as false, then are we not challenging our human nature.

Answer: What we call as nature is actually three layers– 2 fake, 1 real.

I will start with the topmost layer and go deeper.

1. Vikriti (distortion, disease): that which is social conditioning.

2. Prakriti (ancient uncreated conditioning): that which is physical.

3. Swabhaav : Real nature. Deepest. Central. Seat of joy.

Happiness is in 1 and 2.

Real human nature is not at all 1 and 2. Really, human nature is just 3.

1 and 2 are like habits. Never call them nature. Swabhaav na aadat hai na prakriti

1 and 2 are seats of conflict, violence, fear and disorder. Harmony is not at all possible there. Those who are searching harmony in conditioning, or harmony in habits, or harmony in happiness are fooling themselves and others.

Harmony is there only in 3.

Question: But Sir, the will to happiness is our innate nature. Is it not true?

Answer: You quoted “The will to happiness is our innate nature”. This is quite an ignorant statement.

Let’s see:

1. When do you ‘will’ for something? When do you ask for water? When do you try to get something? When do you want to get something?

When you don’t have it. When you have lost it. Right?

Nature, by definition, is what you ALREADY ARE. Not something that you have lost, or you have to achieve. So, ‘will’ and ‘nature’ are incompatible terms.

Happiness is always a will, a never-ending search. Nobody is ever perfectly and infinitely happy. So, neither happiness nor will are our nature.

So, we are left with the all-important question: What is our nature? Well, read Ashtavakra or Lao Tsu. Or, read my blog. Or, just come over to the clarity session.

2. We say we love our friends. Please see that our friends/family are special to us because parallely there exist non-friends and non-family. Our love is just based on this boundary, this division. So, liking thrives on(is dependent on) non-liking. The fundamental principle of duality. If black disappears, white too will disappear.

To like one person, you will have to draw a boundary outside which all are non-likes. To be deeply identified with one group of people, you will have to almost hate the rest of the world (think of religious fanatics).


Question: Sir, what are feelings and emotions?

Answer: Feelings and emotions are deep-seated conditioning.

Prakriti wants young kids of any specie to survive. That is why we are programmed to like young ones – of humans, dogs, cats, lions…

The small babies of any specie are very powerless and dependent. It is important for prakriti that all beings are programmed to like a small baby. Otherwise, the survival of the baby will be threatened.

Also see that females are more attracted towards young kids and puppies etc. It is because the survival of babies depends more on the female. So, the female mind is programmed to like babies more.

None of this is real love. Conditioned behaviour cannot be love.

Just observe: You have mothers who like their babies while parallely eating a baby lamb. There are ‘loving’ parents who might be very indifferent to the rest of the world. In fact, feelings are more dangerous than thoughts because they come from more deep-seated conditioning.

– Based on my interactions on various e-forums.

Dated: 1st January,’15

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