Quotes, July’13


Quotes, July ’13


1. Only by being firmly tethered to one’s core can one fly freely.
Wandering without a centre is looseness, not freedom.

2. Pleasure protects pain.
I do not give up my pains because the pleasures too would evaporate with them.
The greed of pleasure sustains pain.

3. A great obscenity of language is to coin the word ‘joy’, a concept.
The greatest obscenity is to put ‘happiness’ as a synonym of joy.

4. The ‘normal man’ wants to get rid of pain, and lives forever in pain.
The wise man sees the duality and gets rid of both pleasure and pain.

5. A complete encounter with fear comes first. Avoiding fear is useless.
One must first expose fear and shiver in it. Then comes fearlessness.

6. You and I were together searching for You.
You egged me on to keep searching.
Were You helping me search, or actually just hiding Yourself?

7. What lies beyond mind?
More mind.
What is more mind?
What and lies and beyond.

8. Why do I feel torn apart?
Because I am being pulled in two different directions- the Bull and the Buddha.

9. Intelligence is not the word ‘intelligence’. Every word is within mind.

10. The flight soars high in the sky, but it is from the ground that it takes off.
There’s no reaching out to the sky without being firmly grounded.

11. You are beyond your expectations; your expectations are bound to fail.

12. I can speak, I can say.
You may use my words as a lullaby and go deeper into dreams.
Or, you may use my words as a wakeup call, and wake up.

13. Excellence is not a skill level. Not effort, not output .
To excel is to exceed, transcend.
Going beyond the mind’s patterns is excellence.

14. Entertainment is to enjoyment what happiness is to joy,
what attachment is to love, what knowledge is to awareness,
what fact is to truth.

15. Remember what you already know?

16. If it is not understood before the sentence is complete,
it is not understood.

17. ‘You’ don’t begin at birth.
Thoughts begin at birth.

18. On close investigation, even the most final truths show up as tentative concepts.
On coming close, all vanishes.
Only closeness remains.

19. Attention is the key. In deep immersion, mind stops its usual fare.
Time and space as mental constructs too disappear.

20. You are free to be time and space.
You, in time, are the entire history of the universe.
You in space, are all beings around.
Nothing but You.

21. Truth and love are same. The expression is different.
Truth will call the false as false, Love will see the True in the false.

22. To be in Truth is to see the false as false.
To be in Love is to see the True in the false.

23. Aren’t we already a time machine? We move into past and future all the time!

24. Without myself being awake,I can’t know whether the Buddha is awake.
Buddha’s awakening is either really my own awakening,or just a concept.

25. I cannot be without my absence.

26. I am this! I am that!
I am not the body!
I am Brahm! I am Him!
Why not just be a little honest and direct and admit “I do not know”.

27. Death makes a mockery of all my attachments, emotions, planning.
Death humiliates the ego, the ego wants to avoid looking at it.

28. Two ends of duality look opposite,but are actually same.
They fight each other,hence sustain each other.
Like fights like. Don’t fight the ego.

29. What the ego dismisses as randomness, faith knows to be Grace.
Ego reasons and finds not.
Faith surrenders to mystery,and finds benediction.

30. All of man’s problems arise from wanting what he does not need.

31. Listening is to hearing what man is to machine .

-As posted on Twitter @Prashant_Advait

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