Quotes, Clarity Session, 4th-10th January ’15

Quotes, Clarity Session, 4th January ’15 – 10th January ’15


1. What is absent-mindedness?

Alertness is deep surrender. And absent-mindedness is deep ego. The absent-minded one is busy elsewhere, thinking, analysing, planning…., and missing the Present.

The mind always wants to be occupied ‘somewhere else’. It thinks it knows where to go, and this is pure arrogance and haughtiness.

Being absent-minded is the punishment you get for not surrendering, for thinking that your affairs of the elsewhere are too important, that there is something more significant than the Present.

2. How you have been spending your time decides whether you can move into the timeless. Choose to spend your time wisely, and then your spontaneous response will shape up.

3. In attention, your old patterns cease to work. Your conditioned grooves are flattened. The filth on your eyes is cleared. It is cleansing of the highest kind.

You are dissolved, cleansed of yourself. You are being washed in your own dissolution. That is Aatmsnaan (self-purification).

That is why it is said that attention washes away all your sins of the past. Aatmsnaan is attention.The stains of the past actions cease to bother you in understanding.

4. Karma, fate, destiny must be acknowledged, but fatalism cannot be accepted. Fate has some power, but there is a power much bigger than fate. The power that Karma, fate and destiny wield is just an insignificant rub-off of that higher power.

5. Prayer is your very being. Prayer is beautifully described in Hindi as ‘praarthanaa.
– ‘arth‘ means desire.
– ‘para + arth‘ means beyond desire.

Neither there is anything to pray to, nor anything to pray for, nor there is anybody who is praying. Prayer is nothing. If anybody is prayed to, anything is prayed for or anybody is praying, then that is not a prayer, but an activity out of desire.

Prayer is your very being, a very-very silent call of the mind. Deeper the silence, closer you are to praying. The more you can describe or articulate, the more you are present, farther you are from praying.

You cannot pray. You can only be prayerful.

In every movement of the mind there must be prayer. Only that prayer is heard.  You ask for nothing and so surely your prayer will be answered.

The Lord listens when you forget the Lord. The Lord listens when there is no Lord.

6. What is Vivek (discretion)?
It is the knack of knowing what to take seriously and what not to.

7. Reaction versus Response: To know what is the right action, to really know, you must be available. It demands your complete presence.

Reaction arises from a part of your mind. There is always a choice involved. So, it keeps varying.

Response arises from your totality. In response there is no choice, just the total. Responding doesn’t go right or wrong. It just is. Response is choiceless. There is no alternative.

8. Man does not know God. Man can only think of God, and in this he makes two ungodly mistakes:

(i) His mind is limited and lazy, and cannot know the material reality beyond a point. So, he postulates that there are certain material things that are beyond the mind. So, he builds a character called God – as a creator of things. All religions have done that.

(ii) Occasionally the mind does get startled by a whiff of the non-material. It chances upon love, it flies in freedom, it dances in joy. It realises that there is something beyond the material. But it declares that the imperceptible, the non-material, the ineffable, too can be contained in the mind. So, using the mind, it embellishes the God character and writes stories about that character.

The first mistake happens because we keep feeling small and incapable. We suffer from such an inferiority complex that we can’t even admit that a human gave birth to Jesus. The moment we come across an Upanishad, a Quran, a Bible, we relegate them to divine authorship to escape from them.

And the second mistake happens because we are damn arrogant. We want to capture the Ultimate in the mind. We want to claim we know God.

9. By repeatedly taking the name of God, you are reducing God to a name.

To say anything about God is to run away from surrender.

10. Surrender is absolute. There is no choice of surrendering in parts.

Let the mind look at itself. That is the most sacred act. Only then you can surrender.

Surrender to whom? Nobody. Silence. Not required. Not surrendering to anybody. Just surrender.

11. We don’t surrender the ego. We just park our ego with the teacher in the assurance that he will keep it safe.

Real surrender means to accept that ego is what you have, and it stinks, and you can’t take the stink anymore. So you give it up. It is not yours anymore; you are free of it. But you still own it, still possess it, are still attached to it. So, you search for a convenient teacher who will not hurt your ego. That’s also why you create God- a merciful, affable God.

12. Society is an external order-  man relating to man on the basis of a pre-established order. There is no love here; society is based on distrust. Or else there couldn’t be rules.

Love is intrinsic and supremely dynamic. Social rules are external and largely frozen.

Society is afraid of the force of love. The more there is an internal order, the less there will be the need for the external order. The dead structure of society strangulates love.

Social order recognises only patterns, but consciousness and intelligence cannot be pattern-based. The inability to respond dynamically to intelligence, the inability to respond as per the level of consciousness, is the biggest failure of any social order. Society has the same rules for the butcher and the Buddha – one size fits all. It has no eye for understanding, for consciousness, for love.

13. Do not be paralysed by suffering, do not be dumbstruck. In the moment of suffering, gather your wits and go close to the sufferer. You will see that the sufferer is a joke.

The more you look at the sufferer, the more you see that he is a clown. Your attachment to him will evaporate. You cannot now identify with him, or glorify him, or decorate him.

The sufferer is a joke, and deserves only as much consideration.


Clarity Sessions are held at Advait Sthal every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

All are welcome to attend.

Venue: G-39, Sec-63, Noida


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