Quotes, August ’13

Quotes, August ’13

1. When one is joyful, there are no aims left. In the deep moment of love too, there are no aims.

2. Aims come from the limited past.Achieving an aim gives you no growth.Growth comes from aimless courageous movement into unknown.

3. There is only that.Just that.Absolutely free. Free even to forget that it is that.
And free to try to find itself, and free to keep failing!

4. I cannot ask a question without already having an idea of the answer.
No answer can hence lead to the Truth. Except the one that hurts my ideas.

5. The hope of an answer sustains the question.
The sustenance of questions appears to make life purposeful, but is actually a trap.
No answers.

6. Freedom is to act per intelligence.To not to be influenced.
See whether the improvement that you want is an influence

7. Ego Evolves.
I Is.

8. Living well, living fully is the purpose of life. Why ask for another purpose?

9. One has to be an atheist to know God. Glory to the God that atheists worship.

10. Neither obsession, nor suppression.

11. Set your eyes on the Truth and just play. If you meet defeat, all it means is that you are yet distant from Truth.
Truth alone is victorious.

12. Peace is peace in peace,obviously. But in this world of duality,there must be strife and war along with peace.
Peace really means peace in war.

13. Self-awareness is just self-remembrance.

14. When in grief, cry fully. Let tears flow freely. Learn sorrow.

15. Too many life-experts claim expertise on the base that they have never really lived!
There is no way to know life than by being in it fully.

16. Never surrender your freedom.
Surrender in freedom.

17. Telling a thief that stealing is bad cures nothing.
Telling him of suffering only makes him afraid.
Just remind him that he is already rich.

18. Anybody who writes a 600 page book on Truth deserves not to be read for the same reason.

19. It is not paradoxical, it can’t be Truth.
Its opposite is not equally true, it can’t be Truth.
It doesn’t perplex the mind, it can’t be Truth.

20. How do I know?
Birds, animals, insects told it to me.
First I confessed ‘I don’t know’.
Then sat by them as one of them and all was obvious.

21. For the fruit, attend to the root.

22. In watching all change, you find the unchangeable.

23. Just see clearly, and there would be no need for decisions.

24. Forget positive thinking; Reality is the highest positivity.

-As posted on Twitter @Prashant_Advait

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