Quotes, February ’14

Quotes, February ’14


1. Intelligence is the non-evolving Source of all evolution.

2. Foolishness clutches and memorizes.
Intelligence understands and forgets.
The fool lives from memory; the intelligent one is forgetful.

3. Zeroness is the climax of oneness.
Zeroness is perfect oneness.
Ordinary oneness excludes a lot.
Great oneness includes everything.

4. You have known beauty when the not-so-beautiful is as beautiful as the most beautiful.

5. Only two minds culminate in faith: Either a sharp intellect, or simple innocence.

6. Religion is the art of atheism.

7. To follow others’ wish is slavery.
To follow one’s own wish is even bigger slavery.

8. Sentimentality is not sensitivity.
One is enclosure of the past, the other is closeness to the present.
One is cruelty, the other is love.

9. The real battle is within.

10. How can you get rid of incompleteness? You are already complete.

11. Interests never arise from individuality.

12. The problem is not the society, but the social mind.

13. When you believe in your identity, you will never know the reality.

14. Ego is the centre of all positives and negatives.

15. I am either absolutely everything, or nothing at all.

16. The friend bring you back to you.

17. When the world is material, woman is a thing.

18. You are afraid because you have forgotten.

19. The Present is not a moment in time.

20. Absolute goal first, other goals later.

21. Searching for happiness at the wrong place.

22. You are that which knows the external as external.

23. The Self is not many, not even one.

24. Morality, a deceptive substitute to religion.

– As posted on Twitter @Prashant_Advait

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