Quotes, May-June ’14

Quotes, May-June ’141925272_586342774833359_9056265140372424133_n


1. Even to see shadows, one first requires Light.

2. You have won when you lose interest in the battle.

3. You don’t search to find, you search to maintain the search.
Finding is the end of the search, and so you must never find.

4. Fight the game, not the players.

5. The search begins upon attainment.

6. Ego is the freedom to remain an idiot.

7. Ego is the freedom to dissolve itself.

8. To plan for future, one must believe that the world is an evil place.

9. Subjugation is not surrender.
What is enforced through fear or greed cannot be surrender.
Surrender is the highest expression of free will.

10. If life does not allow you to come, then die and come.
If life makes way for you to come, then come and die.
Come you must. Die you must.

11. An empty fullness…

12. Noise is the effort to be silent.

13. The very movement of mind is its bondage.

14. Mind, the bridge between body and Source.

– As posted on Twitter @Prashant_Advait

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