Quotes, July ’14

Quotes, July ’14


1. Remembering is difficult.
Forgetting is even more difficult.
Great if you can’t remember; simply forget.

2. By reasoning out your situation, you try to remain what you are.
All reasons are hidden justifications.
Realise, don’t rationalise.

3. One doesn’t wake up by changing dreams.
One doesn’t become alone by changing societies.

4. What is detachment?
To not to hold on to stupidity.

5. Realization does not solve problems; it leaves them behind.

6. Blocking it is as big a blunder as pushing it.

7. It’s never dark when you really want to see.
The desire to see itself arises from light.

8. Ambition: Dream Water quenching dream thirst.

9. Darkness is the belief that there is something except light.
Darkness is a belief in the world as an objective reality by itself.

10. Seek Light.
See Light.
Be Light.

11. In essential awareness, there is a forgetting of the inessential.
A telling sign of awareness is an inability to remember the inessential.

12. Real union is dissolution of the two uniting entities. Love.
Attachment maintains identity, separation. It’s the absence of union, of love.

13. The more it appears, the more empty it is.

14. The more I am afraid of life, the more I will be afraid of death.
I do not fear life, how can I fear death?
Fear of death is fear of life.

15. Beauty is to see beauty in beauty and ugly.

16. You are what you are doing right now.

17. If you want to live, choose death)

– As posted on Twitter @Prashant_Advait

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