Quotes, August ’14

Quotes, August ’14


1. Without an essential spiritual dimension to the relationship, an element of fear, suspicion and exploitation will always be there in it.

2. Find an absence of love, understanding and peace in your relationships?
Its only because your relationships are devoid of a spiritual base.

3. Absolute is Truth,and absolute are its ways.
No compromises,no negotiations,no in-betweens,no opinions.
Absolute silence, absolute radiance.

4. Facts for the mind and Faith for the heart.
Facts in the dualistic world and Faith in the non-dual Truth.
Facts and Faith- the complete one.

5. Self-realization is the real solution.

6. Seek and you loose,  stop in attainment.

7. Life- Just desires manifested.

8. Love – Beyond like and dislike.

9. Life – Rest, not quest.

10. To drop is to awaken, not to quit.

11. Desire is incomplete, Joy complete.

12. Mind – The worst enemy, the best friend.

13. Not wanting to win, I never loose.

14. Only in awareness is material enjoyable.

15. The one and only true relationship.

16. Responsibility is the fruit of maturity.

17. Success is to realise that failure is the inevitable finality of our ways

-As posted on Twitter @Prashant_Advait

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