Quotes, Clarity Session, 15-21 February, ’15

Quotes, Clarity Session, 15-21 February, ’15


1. If the observation is an honest observation it changes the observer and the observed both.

2. Bhakti, devotion, surrender, is for the super-intelligent. It is not for the mentally challenged.

3. To call a mistake, a mistake, is a bigger mistake. It is never a mistake. It is a deliberate act.
It is a decision, and must be acknowledged and faced as a decision.

4. When you call your action a mistake, you think you have avoided a part of the punishment.
But you pay more dearly by carrying a feeling of guilt that inevitably goes with every mistake.
There is no need to act guilty.

Manfully ask for the price to be paid – which the world calls as punishment – and pay it.

5. What does each desire promise?
Fulfill me and you will get satisfaction!
What does each desire want?
Its own disappearance through fulfillment.

Desire deeply desires the disappearance of itself.

6. Desire craves not for its fulfillment, but for its final dissolution.

7.  What remains obvious is what you have lost: the trivia, the desires.
What remains hidden is the greatness you are situated in now.

8. If you are really courageous, really, really courageous, then shoot inward.
Hit the real jackpot. Shoot inwards.

9. Just as we are two, we operate from two centers. Similarly there are two evils and two virtues as well:
One evil is that the ego calls as evil. It is the dual companion and shadow of good.
The real evil is not what the ego decides as  evil. Evil is that the ego decides.

10. The ego itself is the evil and the devil. The entire game of duality is the evil.
To think that one has a choice and a decision is evil.
Seated in the ego, whatever you do – care, passion, love, service – all is evil.

11. So what is not evil then? How does man live? What is his dharma?
Don’t ever decide. Whatever you will decide will come from you.
Make way for the action to happen. Have the guts to step out of your own way.
You are the evil. Even your best intention is an evil intention.

12.  Whenever the ego inflates, there is suffering.
Now the ego is caught in a quandary: it wants to inflate but doesn’t want to suffer.

13. The very inflation, rise of ego, the very rise of evil is a parallel rise in the urge to dissolve. The inflated ego sees its own vanity, futility, and surrenders.

14. The one and only objective that the ego has is to maintain a separate identity from the Ultimate, from God.

15. No avatar is not going to ‘come’ because the One who is needed is already here.
He is running in your veins as blood. There is nothing but Him. You are the avatar.

16. When there is only Krishna then how can there be evil?
Then evil is a joke.

17. Its His game. Only He knows how to play it.

18. Who is an evil man?
The one who cannot relax. The one who has a thousand responsibilities.
The one who thinks that he has any other duty than serving Krishna.

19. To realise Krishna you have to realise evil. You must know evil as evil.
When you cannot see the false as false, how will you ever see the true?
When the false is masquerading as the true, how will you know the true?

20. As long as you are the insect hiding under the rock, the Sun will never reach you.

21. To see Krishna is to rebel against stupidity.
It will not be possible for you to keep participating in rubbish.

22. He doesn’t come to you. He cannot come to you. He never went away.
You are the one who went away, so you go to Him.

23. When Maya is seen as Maya only then Krishna can be seen as Krishna.


Clarity Sessions are held every Sunday at 9: a.m. and every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

All are welcome to attend.

Venue: Advait Sthal, G-39, Sec-63, Noida


  1. When Maya is seen as Maya only then Krishna can be seen as Krishna.

    Thank you Sir, these quotes have literally life changing capacity.


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