You appear by the will of existence, so just abide by the will of existence || Acharya Prashant (2014)

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Questioner:  It is said, “You have what you need utmost”, so why do we try to ignore some situations?

Speaker: You are sprouting forth from existence. You are the existence’s will. You are the desire of the existence to express itself. You have done nothing in your expression, right? That you are there. That ‘you are there’, is not at all your doing. Existence has decided that you ought to be there, and a shape, a form will be there. Right? Existence is the doer and let existence be the doer. If existence is doing you, if existence is doing you, let existence itself provide for what you need. Because You are not ‘you’. Who are You? You are then existence, right? You are the work of existence. Existence is bringing you forth. If existence is bringing you forth, if actually you have no being apart from existence, then let existence provide for you, why do you bother so much? If you can spring up from nothing, if you can rise from the soil, let the soil provide for you. It was the soil’s decision that you will come forth from it, let the soil carry forward its decision.

See, the soil, the Sun, the wind, the water, they all come together to give birth to the plant, right? Right? So what is the plant? The combined will of the elements. The elements have come together to give rise to a plant, now let the elements decide how they want to treat the plant. Who are you to interfere? And it’s not a question of humility – “Let me be humble”, it is a question of common sense. When the elements are coming together to create you, the elements will come together to feed you. Nothing in your system is anyway yours, and you know that fully well. You do not decide your pulse rate, you do not decide how to breathe, you have never even seen your heart, all you have seen is skin; anybody who has seen his intestines? Or touched them? Only existence knows how to work you.

Who is working you?

Existence is working you.

Everything, the whole universe has willed you up. You are the will of the universe. You don’t know a thing about yourself and yet you are working, aren’t you? The kidneys, the entire system, it is all just working. You are not working it, it is just working. Let this existence take care of you. Feel like a baby in the cradle. The universe is the cradle. The universe is your cradle and you are a baby. The universe is the cradle and the mother both. The universe is the mother and the cradle and you are a baby, in the arms of existence. You will be taken care of. Why do you need to bother? Why do you need to think that the world is dubious? That evil forces are hiding somewhere to harm you? That some Satan will come and hatch a conspiracy?

In fact, you know what, because you are afraid, so the Satan is created, otherwise there is no Satan. It is your illusion, it is your fear that you project outwards as a ‘Satan’, otherwise where is the Satan? Because you have created exclusions, you create a place for your imaginary Satan to hide, that’s why wise men have worshiped everything. They have said, “Because the universe is my cradle, every single point is a temple, every single point is my mother and it is worthy of being worshipped. And when you worship everything, where will the Satan hide? The Satan hides only at those places which you do not worship. If you worship even the seemingly ugliest place, the Satan finds no place to hide. When you are absolutely sure that at every point you are in the arms of the mother, then how can you ever say, “This point is excluded, this point is evil.”? No, nothing is evil. Every single atom is divine. Nothing is harmful, nothing can harm you. You are protected, you are being taken care of. You are the will of existence. The super boss himself has willed that you be there. Now who can harm you? If you have come out of His will, who can harm you. And could you have been there in spite of his will? Tell me, could you have been there had the universe not willed you?

If the universe today decides that the composition of air will change, “No more 20 percent oxygen, only 2 percent oxygen”, can you be there? When the highest of masters, existence itself, is willing you, is sanctioning you, is approving of you. You are there because you are approved, you are there because you are wanted, by whom?

Listeners: (All together) Existence.

Speaker: By existence itself. Who are you to say that you are unwanted? Who are you to say that I need to achieve something in order to be perfect? Had you not been perfect, how could you have been here? Had you not been perfect, how could you have been here? Your being itself is perfection. Who are you to find ugliness in yourself? You don’t have the right to do that. Who are you to be afraid? Who are you to say that the world is a dangerous place? Chill. Momma is around, and within and taking care.

Listener 1: If she is around all the time, then why doesn’t she respond when one calls?

Speaker: You call because you think that she does not already know. You are making an assumption in your calling. It is only the ignorant mother who needs to respond to calls. The Super Mother does not wait for you to call. She already know your needs, so you are unnecessarily calling. You don’t even need to call. She already knows what you need and that has been provided. And you are calling for more and she knows that more is not good for you, so your calls are not answered and that disappoints you. Let you be disappointed, momma knows what is best for you.

Listener 2: Can we say that we are getting a response every moment but we are not able to catch the wavelength.

Speaker: Even if you catch the wavelength, you feel like this is not what I wanted. Yes, you are being given and you see that this is what I am being given, but you have told yourself, “I am more intelligent than Momma”. You have told yourself, “She does not know what I want, I will decide what I want.” You are saying that my plans are better than the plans of the creator.

You are saying, “I will improve upon His designs. He does not know. Momma is an idiot. I am smart.” And that’s the reason you complain, and that is the reason you want to ‘do’ and accomplish, achieve, change. And that’s the assumption that you are making – that existence does not know. “Existence is stupid. I am smart. I am smart. Existence gave me these kinds of eyes and lips. I am smart. I will change them. Existence gave me sunlight and air. No, no, I am smarter, I will do something with the air, I will do something with the sunlight, maybe create a little greenhouse effect.”

So that’s the arrogance that we have, “We know. He does not know.” And that is the reason why you keep calling and praying. Now do you see why your calls cannot be answered? Because behind all your prayers is the assumption that – I will get when I will pray. And you think that existence is a fool, that it is waiting for you to pray. Is existence waiting for you to pray? Is existence the waiter in some restaurant that it will provide you only when you call and make an order?

Existence know what you need, you need not pray.

Because your prayers are just desires. And your desires cannot be answered. Yes, if Momma gets angry then she will start fulfilling your desires. That would be a punishment. “Now, take it, you have been crying for it for so long. Take it, take it.” Mothers do that sometimes. Now the child is there in the kitchen and the chilly is kept there, and the child is saying, “I want that. I want that.” and now the mother is fed up, “Alright take it.” And then the child runs away crying, have you seen that happen? Sometimes that happens. “Alright take it”. And then the mother goes after the child with some sugar, “It’s alright”. Now that’s a chilly and you know that, don’t forget it. But we forget.

It’s not that we are guilty of forgetting, the events happen over such long periods of time, over millions of years that we forget. We all have tasted enough chillies, but the last chilly was some 2.5 lakh years back, so you have generally forgotten. Again you are asking for chilly, momma is saying “How forgetful you can be, take this, big chilly.”

We don’t feel that way, right? That we are one with all this. We feel the sunlight is falling upon ‘us’, we don’t feel one with the sunlight, right?

Do you understand that every atom of the body is sunlight? Do you understand that? No. Every bit of energy of this Earth is the sun’s energy. Every breath that you take is sunlight. But you don’t feel that way, that its sunlight that is happening. You feel, “I am breathing, I am breathing.” You don’t understand that it’s sunlight, its sunlight. And then you’ll say, “Alright, let’s go out to take some Sun.”

The Sun is not out there, the Sun is within you.

The breath is the Sun.

How can you breathe without the Sun?

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yog’ session held at Advait BodhSthal, Noida.

Edited for clarity.

Watch the session at: Prashant Tripathi: You appear by the will of existence, so just abide by the will of existence

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