Present is Present, memory of Present is past

Speaker: What is meant by value? To value is to know the importance. Can we value something we don’t understand? Is partial understanding possible? Is understanding a thought, a feel? If you understand partially, you just think you understand.

To say “something is valuable” is to give it importance. How do I give something importance if I don’t know what it is? If I am assigning importance to something without understanding what it is, how am I acting?

Everything outside you is so important, or is it not?

What is ‘T’ (time)? What is ‘L’ (length(space))?

Do we not measure them all the time? But do we understand them?

“I have a responsibility towards my family”

  • Do I understand this entity called ‘family’?
  • Do I know what is meant by responsibility?
  • The tiny little ‘I’ at the beginning of the sentence, do I know of its significance?

Are we sleepwalking?

If your mind is unclear and confused, goals will be unclear and confused. “I am successful because I have achieved goals – which are unclear and confused.

Observe, understand and pay attention.

Being aware, of the demands of the body. Being aware, of stray thoughts. This is Intelligence – it occurs!

Thought is an inadequate response to a stimulus. Adequate response is spontaneity. 


Post class discussion:

  • We are learning every moment.
  • Knowledge is to ‘recognize’, it is always from the past. Whereas, wisdom is from the Present. We don’t want to know because we have knowledge.
  • I am..? Is this question important? Is this question imported? (Let this question not come before time)
  • We give importance only to that which has passed, or to that which will pass.

What about the Present?

Present is Present, memory of Present is past. 

Present moment is beyond the realm of ‘time’.

  • Imagination – it is the image that goes into the past, not reality.
  • Who looks out from my eyes?
  • Science focuses only on the object, not on the subject.

Do not draw any conclusions yet.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabdyog’ session held at IIT-Delhi. This session was not recorded, it is based on the memory of the audience.

Edited for clarity.

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