Don’t encroach upon the Sacred territory


  • The mind wants to know what is Real. It will never get an answer. So don’t even try that. Man has always tried to capture the Divine within his fantasies. That is the reason why all these holy scriptures are there.
  • The fact of the matter is, that every holy scripture is bound to be misleading. What is the scripture doing? It is trying to capture that which cannot be captured. Yes, it can be helpful if taken in the right spirit. It can be helpful if used just as a guide.
  • The moment you take the words as the final thing, you are gone. Man has tried to make temples, and then he has put statues in these temples. What is he trying to do? He is trying to give a form to that which cannot have a form. Man has tried to sing songs in the praise of the One. The One cannot be pointed by using any song.
  • At the same time, I am not denouncing all that, all that is useful, but there is subtle arrogance in all this. Arrogance is that, ‘Whatever there is, my mind can capture it; I can understand.’
  • And beware the day when you start feeling that you have understood the Divine as well. Think of the height of your arrogance, your utter insouciance, if you become convinced that, ‘I know the Real’.
  • I am not asking you to not to be inquisitive. It is one thing to be inquisitive. But to try to transgress, is an altogether different matter. To transgress in the zone of the Sacred, is something you should never dare to do. Never. Mind craves for images, it will ask you to create more and more images.
  • Whatever you can think of, know of, sleep of, dream of, talk of, sing of, is mind. It hurts because sometimes you have such lovely visions, you feel that surely it is coming from somewhere else
  • No, it’s coming from nowhere, all coming is from here, the mind. And that is a great rebellion, when you start seeing the mental as mental, it’s a great rebellion. It’s a great challenge to live in that way.
  • Don’t encroach upon the Sacred territory. Surrender to it, bow to it, live in great awe of it. Get immersed in it. Lose yourself in it. But don’t ever try to claim that you understand it. It is a mystery and let it remain a mystery.
  • I don’t understand what is happening in the mind. But my dream is to understand the That. Understand what is happening day-in and day-out in life first. Why aspire for something which is beyond you?


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