The Present gives rise to time, it is not a point in time

1. Present

  • The Present is the Source, Present is nothing but the Truth.


  • The Present is that from which everything emanates. The Present is all, there is nothing but the Present and the Present is not this moment where you are sitting and doing something. All this is sheer memory and movement in time.


  • Present is not a moment at all and to say that, ‘Live in the Present’ does not mean that do what you are doing right now and think of this and that. All that is a very limited way of looking at things. The Present is ‘what is’ . It is the Truth itself, the Source itself.


  • The Present never changes. Mind changes and time changes. The Present is always there at its place. It has nowhere to go. There is only the Present.


  • Present is a mystical experience in itself. Present is not a sensory experience that if you can see it with your eyes, then this is the Present.


  • You can take the Present, as an image, as a huge container, in which lot is happening. The container goes nowhere, it is there. Within it everything is happening, within it is time. So, things appear like changing. Within the Present lies the whole of time.


  • Nothing is moving. Only your mind is moving. Nothing happens and that is the Present. You are in the Present only when you realize that nothing is happening, otherwise you are not in the Present. Its not so easy, “Okay, come in the Present, lets all be in the Present moment”, it’s not that easy. It’s not that.


  • In the Present, ‘you are not you’, the Present is. So, there can be no personal Present. The Present is completely impersonal. Impersonal, unchangeable and unlimited. So the Present is not at all this moment.


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