Do we really understand anything?


  • Our life sits on these basic words – love, compassion, identity, vision, future, relationship. We do not know what they are. Isn’t that horrible?
  • Every day these are the foundations of every step that you take. You do something because you feel  you are responsible. You do something because you say I love somebody. You live somewhere because there are certain duties to be fulfilled.
  • You go somewhere because there is a relationship to be preserved. Every single breath is being taken on this foundation and we don’t know what we are talking about. Is that not horrible? Is that not horrible?
  • Listen to how people conversate. See what they are saying and doing. Then you say, what kind of mad world is this?
  • These two buggers; neither of them knows what they are saying, yet they are communicating. A is talking to B. Even A does not know what he is saying, but B is understanding and responding. Now what B is saying, even B does not know. But A claims ‘I am understanding’.
  • At the end of the day, A and B might claim that we are falling in love with each other and a new story starts from there. Now, what kind of kids will be born out of this relationship? Think of it.

-Edited for clarity.

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