There is nothing called as ‘my’ desire

  • If you have a thousand rupees, you are careful about investing it. Are you careful about investing your life? ‘Where am I investing my life? Why am I investing my life?’
  • Won’t you like to examine using your own intelligence that ‘what is this running behind achievement all about’?
  • Achievement is aim’. You set up an aim, and when you get that aim then you call it as ‘achievement’.
  • Aim is a desire. You call it, ‘my’ aim. Isn’t that so? You call it, ‘my’ aim, ‘my’ target, ‘my’ desire, ‘my’ goal. That is what you call it. Right?
  • What you are calling as your desire is a result of circumstances. Had the circumstances been different, the desires would have been different.
  • You do not have your ‘own’ desires. That totally depends on your circumstances. You may keep calling it as ‘my’ desire but there is no ‘myness’ in it.
  • Do you see this fact that your desires are a product of your circumstances? Do the circumstances exist within you or outside of you?
  • So, all your desires come from outside. There is nothing called as ‘my’ desire.


-Edited for clarity.

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One comment

  1. Hi Prashant Sir,

    Nice article and thought provoking too. On an preliminary level Sir may I ask you what could the my desire. Please cite one example. I will try to co relate with mine.
    Waiting for your reply in anticipation.


    Liked by 1 person

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