What is meant by right thinking and wrong thinking?

All that human mind has, comes from somebody else. All your notions of right and wrong come from others. At your age, should you not inquire from where you have obtained these notions of right and wrong? Somebody told them to you. Right? Somebody else told you that always speak the truth, don’t lie, don’t hurt others, respect your elders, and that is right, and if you steal, then that is wrong.

But the world is still full of thieves. Forget about theft, we have dacoits. Forget about stealing ten rupees, here the order is of billions and all those who are stealing these billions were kids once, and they all have been given the concept of right and wrong and yet the world is full of rapists, murderers and thieves.

And every rapist was once told that to hurt someone is bad. In fact, most of you must have studied a subject in school called moral science, which was nothing but a curriculum of telling you what is right and what is wrong, what is moral and immoral. Am I right?

All your concepts of right and wrong come from outside. You don’t understand them. There is no right thought and no wrong thought. All thought is external. Only intelligence is yours and intelligence is not a thought.Then what is it?

Intelligence is an action but it is not a thought. Right now what is happening is the pure action of intelligence.  There is this complete, pure action of intelligence.

But are you thinking also? You are not. You are understanding without thinking. In fact, thought would be a great corruption in this moment. If thought comes in this moment, listening would be impeded. You would not be listening and your understanding will evaporate.

No right thinking, no wrong thinking, but hold on to this, this is the way of life. A silent, deep understanding. No right thought, no wrong thought because all thought is borrowed.

~Excerpt from the blog, How to get rid of fear?. Edited for clarity.

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