Gems from the ongoing ‘Myth Demolition Tour, Dharamshala’, April-May, 2016

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 26th April 2016

“Faith is to trust most deeply without a reason”

“If you are talking of Faith, then you are prolonging the fear.”

“Reasonless courage is Faith.”

“If you have a stake in the past, then you do not have a stake in Truth.
It is because of this disloyalty that we suffer.”

“Even when you forget, you are in God.”

“Remain with the Heart.
The Heart will take care of the rest.”

“To be in Love is to be attracted only to the Truth”.

“Seeing the falseness of false love is being in Love with the Truth.”

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 27th April 2016

“Don’t we see that our gods are just super-inflated images of ourselves?”

“God is man’s highest ambition.”

“God does not occur to us in our moments of relaxation and sleep.
God is just an idea to us.”

“It is the idea of God that makes man suffer.”

“God is the highest freedom.
The idea of God is the greatest bondage.”

“The universe has nothing to do with your prayers.
It neither accepts them nor rejects them.”

“If you can pray without dissatisfaction, only then your prayers will be answered.”

“Cessation of suffering is to know that your suffering is false. “

“The one who really lives cannot suffer.”

“You may be a saint or a sinner and yet you are perfect.
You may remember or forget and yet you are perfect.”

“Everything is already contained in perfection.
And then it wants to change.
Yet it will be within perfection.”

“The pattern gets energy from your resistance to the pattern.”

“You are highly agitated, yet peaceful.
You are highly disturbed, yet peaceful.
You are totally devoid of peace, yet totally peaceful.”

“That which you are continuously expresses itself.
That which you are not continuously strives to exist.”

“Fear is nothing but the experience of fear.
Live in fear. And you will see that even in fear you are alright.”

“Stillness is the essence of the flow.
To flow freely is same as being absolutely still.”

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 29th April 2016

“There is no question that does not rest on an assumption.
And if you miss the assumption, then you become a slave of the question.”

“Understanding is the dissolution of all things.
Understanding itself is the Truth.
Understanding means pure emptiness. Now there is nothing in it.”

“God, Love, Truth – they are not experiences.
They are freedom from experiences.”

“You can either have Silence or an experience of silence.
And the experience of silence is noise.

You can either have Love or an experience of love.
And the experience of love is distance.”

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 30th April 2016

“Liberation will not begin for you.
You are the one who begins and end in liberation.”

“Guru means a great paradox where the periphery and the centre dance with each other, where the sky and the stars are one with each other.”

“Guru is the only reality.
Guru is all that there is.”

“Guru is not an object in the universe.
Guru is the foundation of the universe.”

“In Guru, there is immortality in the middle of birth and death.”

“When fun is divine, you call it as Joy.”

“Guru is the name of the great game where there is neither victory nor defeat.
The great game is in the Truth and is played by the Truth.”

“Guru is the realization that even Maya is Brahm.”

“Your resistance shows that you identify with that which you resist.”

“Don’t be afraid of patterns.
Be with the Truth.
And when you are not afraid of the patterns, you can then play with them.”

“If you have images of how it will be once you change, then you will never change. Real change is a blind dive.”

“Shivahood essentially means ‘I am nothing’.”

“Except the Truth all is predictable.
Hence, if things are predictable then there has to be an element of falseness to them.”

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 1st May 2016

“That total sense of sureness that doesn’t even bother to check why it is so sure: That is Faith.”

“No thing would matter to you if it were not promising fulfillment.”

“When you are advised to drop likes and dislikes, you are being advised to drop the sense of unfulfillment.”

“How can you lose something that you never have in the first place?”

“When Truth is your only priority then you do not get bothered by this stupid machine called mind.”

“Spirituality means: don’t take yourself seriously.
Likes- indulge in them.
Dislikes- indulge in them.
But don’t take them seriously.”

“The mind is the monkey.
Let it run around.
Likes- let the mind like it.
Dislikes- let the mind dislike it.

You do not have to bother.
You remain the master.
You remain the loving master.
You remain the benevolent master.”

“The more we invest our lives in achievement in security, the more we believe that we are insecure.”

“The one who is unfulfilled is also an idiot. He won’t drop his unfulfillment.”

“God in all his playfulness is mind.”

“The mind is like a lover crying out for the union with the Beloved.
The mind cries out:I want to embrace my lover.
Let it be embraced.
Let it be submerged.”

“There is no load that you can take seriously.
What you take seriously is the load.”

“If you do not clutch it desperately, your inner hollow will vanish on its own.”

“If you ever meet the ego and ask it, ‘what is your one wish?’, it would say, ‘I want to die’.”

“When you see the foolishness of continuing, you stop.”

“When you see how tired you are from running, you stop”

“You want to drop the desire, but you want to maintain the desirous one.”

“There is no constraint at all on you. The world is your playground. All objects are your play things.”

“What Moksha do you want?  You are already the liberated one.”

“In renunciation you drop the renouncer. The renouncer and the achiever.”

“Faith is not about ;believing that you are complete. Faith is about not having the need to believe in completion or incompletion.”

“Who am I?
Eh! Stupid question.
I am what I am.”

“Whenever you are asking about a cause, ask the cause of the false. Never ask the cause of the Truth. Truth is it’s own cause.”

“Enquiry means a deep burning need for the Truth.”

“We use our imagination to paint what God must be like.
Will it work?”

“Spirituality means: don’t take yourself seriously.”

“In the vast ocean of awareness, let your thoughts rise and fall.”

“You do not need to control your thoughts. You just need to know that the thinker is a buffoon.”

“God in all his playfulness is mind.”

“The mind does not need to be murdered. It just needs to be submerged.”

“The Mind is like a lover crying out for union with the Lover.”

“Enemies need mediators. Lovers don’t need mediators.
When the mind wants to reach the source, then it is about two lovers. What will the mediator do?
Method is a mediator.
Do you like a middleman in love?”

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 2nd May 2016

“What we are is not even permanent.
It is timeless. It is beyond time.”

“To not to think of birth and death is immortality.”

“Love is the death of ego.”

“Love is the attraction of the ego to the Truth.”

“You are attracted to that which is limited.
You love that which is unlimited.”

“Love is the demand of the tensed mind to relax.”

“The desire to end is the spirit of Spirituality.

“Sin is the incapacity to accept grace.”

“Real Love is marked by a sense of Great Respect.”

“The One you are seeking is enabling the seeking within you.”

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 3rd May 2016

Questions discussed during the discourse:

  1. What is boredom?
  2. How to make right choices?
  3. How to get rid of addiction?
  4. What is Faith? Difference in between Faith and trust?

“मैं अपने साथ घटित ही वो होने देता हूँ जो मुझे लगता है कि होना चाहिए।”

“अनुभवों को केंद्र बनाकर जीना जीवन का निषेध है।”

“गहरी विचारणा ही निर्विचार में विलीन हो जाती है।”

“तुम अपने आप को जानोगे कैसे जब तक तुम खुद से रूबरू नहीं होगे?”

“मात्र है ही वही जो नया है।

पुरानापन तो हमारी आँखों में है।”

“नए के स्वागत का अर्थ पुराने से बैर नहीं।

नये का अर्थ है पुराने में भी नए को देखना।”

“आँख ऐसी हो जो पुराने में भी नया देख ले।”

“अध्यात्म पुराने में नये को देखने की कला है।”

“उसके प्रति नमित रहना जो अनुभव के पार हो।”

“नयेपन में जीना माने आत्मा में जीना।
नयेपन में जीना माने सत्य में जीना।”

“प्रेम असली वो है जहाँ प्रेमी से ऊब न हो।”

“सत्य के अतिरिक्त जो भी कुछ है वो है नहीं।”

“आदत हटती ही उस दिन है जिस दिन आप जान जाते हो कि आदत होती ही नहीं है।”

“काम तो राम ही आएगा।”

“जो भी चल रहा हो उसके मध्य मेरा मन राम में ही हो।”

“सारा अनुभव संसार का होता है।

सत्य का अनुभव होता ही नहीं।”

“All roads start from where you are.”

“When one forgets about all new experiences then one comes close to the new.”

“Experiences are beautiful only if you are already contended.”

“You are not a potentiality.
You are an actuality.”

“When you stop running around in desperation then you start playing around in delight.”

“Faith is our essence.
Faith is all that is.”

“Faith is an unfounded uncertainty.”

“Meditate knowing that the end result of meditation is already in you.”

“Meditate in peace, not for the sake of peace”

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 4th May 2016

Questions discussed during the discourse:

  1. On knowledge and its limits, description of four types of mind.
  2. Sir, if we don’t have knowledge then won’t we be becoming ignorant?
  3. Sir, in what context do we say that he is beyond us when he is in our heart?
  4. Upanishad: I am the all. I am the all in all. I am the one in all. I am the all in one. I am many.
  5. Discussion on what is ‘Nothing’, ‘The one’, ‘The many’, ‘The infinite’.

1. Spiritual knowledge must be like the wood in the funeral pyre. It must burn all the dead knowledge in the mind, and along with what it burns down it too must disappear.

2. You can forget all that you know by firstly seeing why you had to remember all that.

3. When you know that you are so strong that you need no support of any kind then you leave your crutches.

4. That which you are seeking through knowledge is already present in you.

5. Faith: To not to rely on anything other than the Absolute.

6. Ignorance is not the absence of knowledge.
Ignorance is being full of knowledge in matters where knowledge cannot be used.

7. You are really one with the Guru when you do not see the Guru as a body anymore.

8. Until you drop your cleverness, you will remain a victim of your own cleverness.

9. God, Truth, respond only to the one who is innocent.

10. You are God, God is you.

11. Being with the mind is to continuously observe the mind.

12. The Center must relax so that the periphery may dance.

13. Infinity is the end of all craving.

14. Total achievement of the mind is the total death of the one who wanted to achieve.

15. When the total is there then restlessness is not there. Hence, the mind is empty.

16. When the many are exposed as one, then along with the many the one too must expire.

17. You cannot be free of all that you call as external until you are free of what you call as internal.

18. You will not need to rely on knowledge when you are relying on the Absolute.

19. You are really one with the Guru only when you do not see the Guru as a body anymore.

20. In moments of deep love who worries about far and near.
In deep silence who thinks about gross and subtle.

21. The one thing that can never tame the mind is resistance to the mind.

22. The mind goes away from you to search for You.

23. If you are suspicious that you may lose your peace, then in being suspicious, you have already lost peace.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 5th May, 2016

Questions discussed during the discourse:

  1. Ashtavakra Gita, chap 16, verse 1 – kindly explain.
  2. Sir, happening is a personal journey or is it you that will be guiding us holding our hand?
  3. Sir, it is a rare event that one comes closer to Truth. It is not that easy, it is really difficult.
  4. Sir, why can’t Truth come in thought?
1. The equanimous one does not look at pleasure and pain as one.
He lives as someone who sees pleasure as pleasure and pain as pain.
He lives in facts .
2. Equanimity is the answer of the freedom within you to all the attacks of slavery upon you.
3. It is the personal that is your burden.
4. The bird can fly to any place in the sky, it can be away from one tree or the other, but can it ever be away at any point from the sky?
5. Nobody promises you anything except liberation.
6. You cannot be the problem solver because you yourself are the problem.
7. Knowledge is the whole movement of mind.
Intelligence is the settlement of mind.
Be seated in intelligence.
Knowledge can used as a resource.
8. Knowledge can be your slave, but you have to be a slave of intelligence.
9. To realize is to be in deep sleep even when you are awake.
10. You are thinking, but even as you are thinking, you do not become the thinker.
You remain settled in peace.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 6th May 2016

Questions discussed during the discourse:
1. Ashtavakra Gita, chap 18, verse 7 – kindly explain.
2. What is being in time?
3. How to fully surrender?
4. Is it through our nature that we are searching for our nature?
1. Freedom proves that the Aatman is.
2. All that you can think of is the mind.
3. You help yourself by not pretending that you are capable of helping yourself.
4. Only a deep and direct surrender of ego will help you.
5. Only the ego suffers.
6. Whatever you do is a reflection of what you are.
7. Being already contended, now you are free to play the game of achievement.
     Being already with the Beloved, now you are free to find a lover.
8. In surrendering your doership, you are the perfect doer.
9. Meditation is that which arises from peace and brings you back to peace.
10. Being already Perfect, you must now again search for perfection, knowing fully well                that the search is powered by the Perfection itself.
11. When you look at the facts of life, you are knocking at the gate of Truth.
12. Had you not been God, why would you have looked for God?

13. Through all your ungodliness, the God in you searches for God.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 7th May 2016

Questions discussed during the discourse:

1. “The five senses cannot know you, you know the five senses.” Pls explain.

2. “शिवं न जानामि कथं वदामि, शिवं न जानामि कथं भजामि” अवधूत गीता। कृपया समझाएँ।

3. Is witnessing a continuous process?

4. Why dont we know that we are the Truth?

5. Is Truth about thought or feeling or emotion?

6. What I feel, is that the Self?

7. When we drop all concepts, then what remains is the Truth?

8. Is awareness non-separation?

9. If I die, what happens to my awareness?

10. Can you please take us to awareness?

11. How is Joy related to Awareness?

12. What powers the mind?

13. Is peace a unity

14. What is sansaar?

15. How to reach contentment?

16. If knowledge is a burden, are all these books useless?

17. Is deep silence the Self?

18. Is Silence the Awareness of Silence?

19. Can we deepen Silence?

20. What is ‘intelligent spirituality?’

1. You can never know about the Truth. You can only be in the Truth, as the Truth, and be the Truth.

2. When you have forgotten all about knowing, then you have known.

3. When you know that no song can contain Him, then every song you sing has His music in His Silence.

4. Truth is not there in any of your thoughts, feelings or realisations. Truth is that in which all thoughts, feelings, and realisations appear and disappear.l

5. Listener: In awareness, I feel connected to others

A: In awareness, there are no others.

L: Yes, in awareness, only I is there.

A: When others are not there, how can the I be there?

In awareness, there is neither others nor the self. Just Silence.

6. All your truths about the Truth are false.
All your falsenesses in the Truth are true.

7. When you are in God, even your falsenesses are godly.

8. If your awareness is your awareness, it will die with you.
If you belong to awareness, then you cannot die.

9. In awareness, does one exist?
In awareness, does one not exist?
Existence and non-existence are both concepts.
Awareness is not a concept.
Awareness is.

10. Can you please take me to awareness?

You are already there. I am already there. You are me. We both are not. Now let’s coolly act that I am your Guru taking you there. Join the dance.

11. In not being this or that, the mind comes upon its essential Peace. This Peace is not an experience.

12.The world begins the moment you are born.
The world ends the moment you are gone.

13. Right action happens causelessly. It comes from nowhere. It goes nowhere.

14. I-ness leads to Two-ness, which is duality, and duality is many-ness. And manyness could either be the suffering of life or the delight of living.

15. Q: How can we say we are not the body?
A: Are you listening to me with your ears?

16. Q: Why is this Shiva statue here?
A: Where is the statue? I see only Shiva.

17. Q. How to get freedom from discontentment?
A: All effort to get is the discontentment.

18. Q: If knowledge is useless, then are all these books useless?
A: These books are useful only for those who think that knowledge is useful. You will go to these books for knowledge, and the books will tell you that knowledge is rubbish.

19. If you have an image of contentment, you will feel discontented.

20. When I am silent, the song of the rain is my song.

21. Worldliness is to remain dry in the rain by being confined to your room.
Spirituality is to be drenched in the rain and yet be dry.
Spirituality is to be silent in middle of the sound of the rain.
When you are silent, the sound of the rain is your song.

22. Q: How to be aware of Silence?
A: Awareness is not a subject, and Silence is not an object.

You can be conscious of something, you cannot be aware of something.
Silence is neither something, nor the absence of something.

23. Joy is the love affair of life with death.

24. You can have a little more only if your cup is full.

Only fullness gets and begets fullness. The more you drink, the more you get to drink.

25. Q:How to end this continuous inner chatter?
A: Stop chattering.

26. Q: Can you give an example of speaking from7 Silence?
A: Is my mouth giving all these examples?
Are these example rising from the brain?
Is my tongue talking to your ear?

27.प्र: मैं सत्य को कैसे पाऊँ?
उ: मिल तो जायेगा, संभाल पाओगे?

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 8th May 2016

1. You can be attentive really only on the Truth.
To be attentive is to attend only to the Truth, to have only the Truth as your priority.
Attention is another name for Devotion and Surrender.

2. Attention is a thing of the Heart.
Attention is about keeping your ego surrendered.

3. My mind is not arrogant.
My mind attends to the Truth.
It is committed not to a particular thing but to the Truth.
I will be with the Truth at any cost.

4. Attention is to be with perfection within.

5. Only a spiritual man can really experience pleasure and pain, day and night.

The worldly man is so terrified with experience or so hopeful from experience that he won’t be able to experience.

6. You cannot delight in the world if you are not surrendered to the one beyond the world.

7. The spiritual man will never be missing from the party, he will be the soul of the party, because the party does not really matter to him.

8. We must ask the consumerist, why are they not able to consume?

9. Are you afraid that turning spiritual will ruin your relationship? Then was there a relationship ever?

10. If you search as the unfulfilled one, you remain unfulfilled throughout your search.

11. You have two options:
– Remain in the false and search for Truth.Protect your ego and look out for God.
– Be firmly seated in the Truth and enquire about the false.

12. Real inquiry happens in Silence. In silence, smallest of the noises are known by you.

13. Noise can be known only in Silence.
Knower is noise.
With the knower, you cannot know.

14. Enquire from the Truth, not into the Truth.
From the Truth, enquire onto all rubbish. Instead, mostly you enquire into the Truth while seated in rubbish.

15. Stand at the destination and then cry, ‘I am lost’. Then you will be smiling in the middle of your tears.

16.  Who says that God is perfect and complete?
He needs humour.
For that he needs fools like us who must forget the Truth.

17. Is the snowball anything except that which it has picked up along its journey? You are a snowball.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 9th May, 2016

1. Consciousness is movement, Awareness is stillness.

2. The spiritual mind is deep asleep and this sleep is the highest awakening.

3. In deep non-duality, you realize by being one with the realized.

4. To really look is to look at the form and the formless together, the limited and the unlimited together.

5. What you receive depends on what you are.

6. ‘I am petty, I am hungry’, all this craving is just an assumption.
‘I am beyond assumptions’ is a realization.

7. In awareness you are total, clear, empty and silent.

9. Observation does not mean that you are obliged to set things right.

10. Eating or not eating, I remain full.

11. In awareness there is nothing to be missed because the highest goal is reached, and there is nothing to be achieved.

12. In awareness your decisions come from nowhere and they are right and wrong for nobody.

13. In awareness you decide in peace. In peace, peace is the decision.

14. After you have woken up from the dream, the dream holds little meaning.

15. Restlessness is in your mind. You may go to any serene place but you will carry restlessness within you.

16. There is a great difference between looking for and just looking.

17. You are not helpless by chance, you are helpless by choice.
Our helplessness is a deliberate ploy of the ego to retain itself.

18. There is nothing called personal awareness. Awareness is simply a dissolution of the personal.

19. Awareness is the peaceful dissolution of consciousness.

20. Suffering has reasons.
Liberation is reasonless.

21. Attachment is neither right nor wrong. Attachment is when you know attachment is.

22. Zero is not a number. Zero is dimensionally different from the other numbers.

23. If you are saying something, it is noise.
If you are saying nothing, it is noise of a different colour.
Silence is neither about saying nor about keeping quiet.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 10th May 2016

1. अधूरापन विचार है, पूरापन विचार की बात नहीं है।
तुम सोचो कि तुम अधूरे हो तो भी तुम अधूरे हो।
तुम सोचो कि तुम पूरे हो तो भी तुम अधूरे हो।
पूरापन विचार की बात नहीं है।

2. जब विचार और वृत्ति दोनों जाते हैं, तो उसी को बोध कहते हैं।

3. जो कुछ भी महत्वपूर्ण है वो कभी पाने का मुद्दा नहीं हो सकता।

4. विचार वही अच्छा जो तुम्हें निर्विचार की ओर ले जाए।

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 11th May 2016


1. What kind of a student are you if you can’t see the Love contained in the Guru’s harshness? The energy spent by the Guru in scolding you is the highest compassion.

The Guru, in his eagerness, seems to have embraced an unwilling student.

2. If you are living in darkness, you would be punished. If you escape punishment from the Teacher, then life will punish you.
Teacher punishes you compassionately, life punishes you dispassionately.

3. It is Grace to suffer from a feeling of separation – viyog. Only the lucky ones experience and suffer in separation. Others are absorbed in their illusory pleasures.

4. When you prove to the Teacher that you are ready for the Truth, he holds you and put you through punishing tests.

When you insist to the Teacher that you are not yet ready, he lets you go your own way.

Blessed is such bondage, and cursed is such freedom.

5. If you feel bad when scolded by the Teacher, then you do not know what it means to not to be scolded by the Teacher.


6.  A joke is a detached realisation of stupidity. Our life is the biggest joke but to laugh at it you need to be detached.

7. Crying requires lots of energy and that energy comes from pleasure.

8. Laughter is wonderful when it is reasonless, purposeless.

9. Laughter is indeed beautiful, and there is nothing uglier than laughter.
Fear is indeed painful, but there is nothing beautiful than fear.
It depends from which center you are operating.

10. If you are in the Truth, then worry neither about what happens through you, nor what happens to you.

11. When you are surrendered to That, Truth smiles in your laughter.
When you are surrendered to That, Joy cries in your tears.

Now laugh, now cry.


12. The smaller the drop is, the more it questions the ocean’s vastness.

13. Do you have in you to correct yourself? Can you correct your mistake? Or are you the fundamental  mistake?

14. To acknowledge the facts of your life-story, drop out of the story. itNow you are not a character of the story. Now you can learn from the story.

15. Spirituality begins when instead of seeing yourself as a victim, you start seeing yourself as a clown.


16. If you see that you  are nothing but the social and physical conditioning,  this is a revolution.

17. If there is no you to lok at it, then the Sun won’t rise. No you, no Sun.

18. There is no outside, no inside. Either everything is outside, or everything  is inside.


19. Truth is that which will never make you suffer. Stay with that, be with that.

20. That fulfillment which you want, only Truth can give you.

21. Truth is for those who are not looking for profit and benefits.

22. That which you really are, that which you really want is not front of eyes but behind the eyes.

23. Spirituality is the art of supreme nonsense.

24. The one who is in gratitude cannot complain.  Gratitude and complaints cannot go together.


25. Plan with your mind but stay convinced within that it can’t give anything to you,  can’t take anything away from you.

26.If you look for joy out there, you will keep looking.

Q. What do I carry back from this session?

27. My task is to disappoint  you. You will not get what you want, not because  it is difficult to achieve, but because  you already have it.

28. You cannot be without your willingness.

29.Whether you prosper, or whether you stagnate, remain Full.

30. You already know all that is Essential.

31. Do not try to correct yourself. Just know yourself and from this knowing the best correction will happen.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 12th May 2016

1) A mind going close to the Center is going close to its final desire.

Final desire is both – the fulfillment and also the end. Fulfillment is the same as ending.

Because you are afraid of ending, and stay away from ending, so you also stay away from fulfillment.

2) Samadhi is a total forgetfulness of the moment. Being exactly placed or being appropriately placed is Samadhi.

When the mind is placed exactly in the Truth, it is Samadhi.

3) In understanding there are no meanings left.

4) The right teacher disappoints you because he gives you nothing.

5) The right teaching helps you forget.

6) Just to survive, falseness has to declare that it is the Truth.

7) The problem is not that you couldn’t find, the problem is that you began searching.

8) So deep is our tendency to search that even while playing, we have searched for victory.

9) The Silent one looks at a talking Shiva and hears only Silence.

10) The talkative ones looks at a Silent Shiva and hears only noise.

11) If you can remove the false gods from your life, the Real God is anyway there.

12) The mind asks, “How do I know if my action is right.”

It never asks, “Am I right?”

13) You can pass through hell only if you have Heaven in your Heart.

14) Fear is the smoke of the annihilation of the ego.

15) Face your fears right now.
Tremble. Shiver. And die.

16) God never knows God. Only ungodliness knows God a lot.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 13th May 2016

1. The need of mind
to get peace,
clear of noise,
to not to feel lonely
but Total,
that is Love.

2. The deepest attraction of the mind is to Something beyond itself.

To want something outside of it; natural urge of the mind.

3. To want something outside of oneself,
to be free of oneself,
to yearn for a taste of freedom
beyond the prison
that is oneself
— is that not Love?

4. There can be no mangoes on your tree.
It is a lemon tree.
In demanding love from the persons you have chosen as lovers, you are barking up the wrong tree.

5. The man who is greedy and ambitious in office, how can he turn loving in the family?

6. Only a high-quality mind will have high-quality love. A mediocre mind cannot have deep love.
Do not wonder whether he will love you; just look at the quality of his mind.
A high-quality mind is a surrendered mind, one at peace with itself.

7. The man who could not belong to God, obviously cannot belong to you either. If your man or woman has no Love for God and Truth, you are an idiot to expect that he or she can have love for you.

8. Do not ask him, ‘do you love me?’
See if he is capable of Love.
The Loving one would not be selective in his love. He would be loving towards the river, the dog, the mountains, the moon.
If He is not in love with the moon, how would he love you?
If he can butcher animals, he would butcher you too in the name of making love.

9. We know no love, we know images of love.
Look at the so called lovers,  how they all strike nauseatingly similar poses.

10. If the man refuses to live by the images of love, the woman would accuse of him being loveless. Real Love is often labelled as lovelessness.

Question: Why cannot a truly loving man act in ways similar to the popular images of love?

11. The Lover would be knocking at your door and you would not open the door because you would be too busy with the false lover inside.

12. When the mind is surrendered, the surrender is Love.

13. To have a liberated one as your lover is the greatest blessing, and the greatest punishment.

Question: Can I live a better life? I want to give up.

14. Do you live in the city because you love the city? No, you live in the city because the city promises advancement and security.

15. Its not about the job, its about what keeps you in the job.

16. First you have to give up that within you which keeps you in the city and then you can be in the city and yet peaceful. It is not currently peace which keeps you wedded to the city. It is fear that keeps you wedded to the city.

17.It was you who signed the offer letter,  why can’t it be you who signs the resignation letter?

What keeps you in the job? Pay attention to that.

Question: How can I drop Ego?

18. When you get the Real, then the false is left far behind. You do not even stop to think whst happened to it.

Question: Too much of energy. Is it good or bad?

19. One is as one is. All is diverse yet rooted. Rooted in the same Earth.

20. Even if you are deeply flawed, never take yourself being existentially a reject.

21. Even in your darkest hour, the Truth glimmers in your Heart.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 14th May 2016

1) शिव संसार से बाहर का कुछ नहीं।
शिव वो जो संसार का सार, संसार का केंद्र है।

2) जो जग गया, उसका जानना बहुत पीछे छूट जाता है। हमारा समस्त जानना एक सपने की भाँति है।

3) आध्यात्मिकता हल्का होने का नाम है।

4) दुःख इच्छा की माता है।

5) दुःख इस धारणा का नाम है कि ‘मैं दुखी हूँ।’

6) Sadness is a self-imposed state of the mind.

7) सपने से लड़ा नहीं जाता
सपने से जगा जाता है।

8) संत पूरी दुनिया भर का कष्ट ले लेता है पर दुखी नहीं हो जाता।

9) संत को दुनिया भर का दुःख प्रतीत होता है पर वो दुखी नहीं होता।

10) संवेदनशीलता और साक्षित्व एक साथ आते है। कष्ट है, पर आप कष्ट से मुक्त हो।

11) संसारी अपने लिए रोता है।
संत दुनिया के लिए रोता है।

12) मूल भय यही है कि ‘मेरा क्या होगा?’

13) सिर्फ एक निरुद्देश्य जीवन ही भय से मुक्त हो सकता है।

14) भयमुक्त होना ही पूर्णता है।

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 15th May 2016

1. बड़ी बातें करना आसान होता है पर जीवन प्रतिपल घटता है, छोटे-छोटे पलों में।

जो छोटे में सही जी रहा है, वो स्वयं ही बड़े में सही जी जाएगा।


2. The very question of questions arises because one does not like boundaries.

3. All your questions emanate from yourself and hence cannot take you beyond yourself.

4. The really inquisitive one does not come for an answer, he comes for a solution. The solution is the seeker’s dissolution.

5. In front of a Teacher, One does not take his questions seriously. One just puts his situation forthrightly and lets the happening proceed from there.

6. In an honest discussion, one just talks. One does not think what to say. It is from a point of thoughtlessness  that words emerge, questions emerge.


7. Man’s tragedy is that he has to prove again and again to himself that he exists. And then he has to repeatedly check that his existence is not threatened.

8. One does not come to a Teacher to gain conclusions.
One comes here to drop what one already has.

9. In Faith, you are extremely sure even without a tangible proof.

10. All that which is Essential really does not need to be found.

Its a great relief that it does not need to be found. Man has not been able to find even the trivial; how would he find the Essential?


11. Compulsions work only on the person you think yourself to be.

Are you really that which you know yourself to be?

12. You say you work for the family. Whose family – the neighbour’s? Is it really for the family that one works, or is it always for oneself? Don’t name your insecurity as magnanimity or responsibility.


13. The ones who quit, quit in simple Faith. They don’t quite have a backup.

Hundred percent fed up, or Hundred percent unconcerned, or
Hundred percent Faithful.

14. Only when you come out of Delhi, do you see how badly you were missing the clear open sky sprinkled with stars.

Delhi is not only the smog, Delhi is also the forgetting of the clear sky.

15. The more you see that stars are there, the more you dislike the smog. So give yourself more time with the stars.

16. What you call as the normal life is just a normally debauched life.


17. Your destiny is so close to you that it doesn’t wait for time. Peace is your destiny.

You will never reach.

18. No right time ever comes because the right time is right now.

This is the only right time.


19. To be a father or a mother is not something physical. It is about not only giving a body but also talking the child to That beyond the body.

20. As a parent, if you cannot take the child beyond the body, then you have only given birth to a lifetime of bodily torture.


21. Addictions are compensation for some internal sense of lack.

22. Live in love, live in courage.
Love is a great purifier: Pure Fire.
It burns down a lot of things that are unnecessary.

23. Love is the Supreme Addiction. All other addictions are devoured by Love.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 16th May 2016

1. Freedom is to be surrendered to the Truth.

When you are surrendered to the Truth.
then you are free of the world,
and also free of yourself.

Q. Is liberation of the Self a gradual process, or something instantaneous?

2. It is neither.
Liberation is another name of the Self.
The Self, by nature, is already liberated.
One is always and already liberated.

3. Bondage is a thought.

4. Slaves are those who believe they are slaves.
And slaves are those who believe they are free.
The beliefs themselves are the slavery.

5. The fact that you take yourself to be in bondage is the bondage.

6. Liberation is the great Silence that you are.
Liberation is the great Peace that remains.

7. You are:
The one who must know because knowing is her nature.
The one who detests incompleteness because completeness is her nature.

8. You will never get liberation if you search for liberation.
The very search is bondage.

9. If you have lost liberation, then what within you is searching for liberation?

10. We have this great, great love for the Absolutely free.
Do not resist that love.

11. God has given Himself to you. What else do you want?

12. Only bonded beings talk of liberation.

13. You are free as you are.
Now in your freedom, look at all your bondages.
Now in your freedom, you are free to carry all your bondages.

14. When a man says ‘freedom’,
freedom becomes a dwarf.
When man is Silent,
then freedom is Immensity.

15. You must remain free in the middle of your chains.

16. Don’t say anything.
Your freedom lies in such deep sureness that you can relax in Silence.

That relaxedness is sureness. Silence is total freedom.

17. To sell freedom is to sell slavery.

18. No, there can be no achievement, what more will you achieve?
You are, already.

19. We are lunatics who are in their home and are crying and beating their chests thinking that they are in the jungle.

20. Enlightenment is the most fundamental myth.

21. Never allow yourself to be suspicious. Even if you experience suspicion, remain sure in the middle of suspicion.

Q. Does Karma exist?

22. Retain your Health in the middle of all aches and sickness.

23.If you act as the doer then you will have to live into the future to bear the fruit of the doing.

24. If you plan for tomorrow, don’t you see that you will have to drag yourself on till tomorrow?

25. When you don’t want anything,
then you can play around with everything.

26. Only the one who is deeply surrendered to the Present gets to be the master of the past and future.

Q. Please explain the quote ‘How I yearn for freedom, and how I love my slavery’

27. We want freedom as a slave of slavery.

28. Those who want freedom must be prepared to get rid of the one who wants freedom.

Q. Please explain the quote ‘Joy is the love affair of life with death.’

29. What we call as life is a joyless, tense, conflicted state of being.

30. That which you call as life must be given up in Joy.

31. Liberation is death of the one who ‘feels.’

32. When that which you call as life ends, then that which is Life begins.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 17th May 2016 

Why did you choose to demolish Myths? What kinds of Myths?

1) A myth is anything that limits the mind.

2) Myths are everything that keeps us entrapped in suffering, even when there is no need to suffer.

3) Whatever one has just come to accept as a fact without seeing where is it coming from and what it is doing to the quality of one’s life, that is a myth.
It needs to be challenged, debunked.

Q. How does the Myth Demolition Tour relate to Shri Krishna’s Law of Karma?

4) Whenever the mind will take itself seriously, whenever the mind will be covered with layers of conditioning and beliefs, the mind will act from those beliefs, and hence the mind will necessarily become the doer.
The result of assuming oneself to be the doer is that one has to bear the consequences of the deed(Karmphal).

5) The only way to be liberated of the action as well as the fruits of action is to see that the actor is a myth.
The actor(Karta) is a myth. The doer is the Myth. The one we take ourselves to be is a myth.

6) The more man depends on his cleverness, his intellect, his own doership, the more he gets mired in misery.

Q. Can we say ‘Ignorance is Bliss’?

7) Ignorance is not bliss, but what we call as bliss is just Ignorance.

Ignorance is misplaced knowledge, false knowledge.

Q. Is there then, a Myth of Science?

8) Science is wonderful but science is limited. Science looks at the world assuming the looker to have a degree of perfection that supposedly enables him to look clearly.
Science never turns inwards to investigate the investigator.

9) Science will never ask, “What is the state of the Scientist?”
Science will never ask, “To whom does the universe occur?”

10) Spirituality is dimensionally above science.

11) Science looks only at the object  but spirituality looks at both – the object out there, and the subject in here, and also the relationship between the subject and the object.

12) Science and Spirituality are in no way opposites. There can be no conflicts between them. It is just that Spirituality is an infinite superset which contains all types of sciences.

13) Spirituality is the vast expanse in which many sciences keep coming, keep going.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 21st May 2016

1) Truth is not there to make you happy, It is there for you to dissolve.

2) There is no answer. There is just the dropping of the question.

3) Q.What is the Truth?
A. The breeze is so nice.

It is so Simple that it hurts and humiliates.

You want a complicated answer so that you can remain with the complication.

4.) If you are a patient, we both are patients playing different roles.
If I am a Master, we both are Masters playing different roles.

5.) When you are honestly in Love, do you remember nonsense?


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