Meditation is nothing but a cessation

Meditation is a huge myth. Given what you are, you will continue doing what you are, even when you are meditating. Your act of meditation will be as per what you are, because you are the one who decided to meditate.

Meditation is your decision, so you are bigger than meditation. Even in the act of meditation, you will continue to be. You will continue to be, and the same patterns that exist otherwise, will exist, may be in changed forms, but will exist even during the process of meditation.

Meditation is not about sitting in a particular posture and trying to do something for ten, twenty, thirty minutes per day. All that is just an escape from the daily routine. All that just guarantees that you go back to your daily routine. In fact that is what you do, right?

You say, “Let me meditate and now let me get on with my routine”. So you are saying that let the routine continue, along with the meditation. No, that is not meditation.

But because real meditation is so disruptive, hence we do not want to look at it. Hence there is an abundance of teachers who keep teaching all these shortcuts in the name of meditation.

Real meditation requires your complete surrender; complete and continuous.
It is twenty-four hours surrender.
That is meditation.

The very structure of the mind must change. The arrogant mind must be able to look at its arrogance, and drop it – that is meditation and for that, you need not do anything, because your doing itself is arrogance. You have to stop putting your energies into the doing. And you have to pray to get the inspiration to stop putting your energies in that foolish direction.

Meditation is nothing but a cessation.

Cessation of what you have been doing and who you are.

That is meditation.

~ Excerpts from the article,The best way to meditate‘.

Watch the session at: The best way to meditate | Youtube

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  1. As it is correctly said in the above letter on meditation really we are arrogant we never surrender that is never try to become hallow & empty always boiling in mind something or other. when boiling stops & one becomes cool still meditation happens.


  2. That is a really cool quote 🙂 I always liked the idea of meditation as getting in touch with a timeless awareness 🙂


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