Our Fundamental Nature

You see, nobody like falseness. Even as a matter of everyday general practice, nobody wants to be lied to. Have you ever wondered why we do not appreciate it when somebody lies to us? And it’s a world-wide thing. Any person, any time, any age, any continent, any gender, any nationality, any religion; nobody likes to be lied to.

It is because Truth is our nature.

Have you seen how even animals are looking out all the time, trying to see what is happening? These rabbits live with me and they are all the time sniffing. Knowing is our nature. Knowing what? Truth. Knowing is our nature.

So there is already something within us that is in deep disagreement with falseness and it is because of this disagreement that we suffer. In fact, suffering in that sense is a really potent signal – it signifies to us that there is a mismatch. That our life is not in accordance with our deep nature. The nature is Truth and life is mired in lies. So we already know.

There is that inner disquiet when something is not alright. Our inner Truth keeps signalling that to us. And when I’m talking of that ‘inner Truth’, I am not talking of a conscience or something. It is far deeper than that. Unless the mind is one with the fundamental nature of the mind, it cannot feel at rest. And it needs no proof, its restlessness itself is the proof that there is something wrong.

When you come across this restlessness, when you come across this disquiet, do not suppress it. Only that much is needed. You need not generate this restlessness, this restlessness comes, it comes because as we said, Truth is our nature and it does not tolerate falseness-es. Falseness-es are not tolerated by Truth.

So you will keep feeling, “Well, I’m not feeling alright. I’m not feeling alright. Everything seems to be okay, yet I am not feeling alright. I have money, I have respect, I have arranged some security. It seems everything is alright, I ought to be happy, yet there is something missing from life.

In spite of having everything that the mind can aspire for, it still aspires for more because it is not at rest, yet it has a lot of what it did aspire for and yet it is weeping.

Weeping for what?

That I do not know!

And if you come to this point, where you encounter this – “I am hungry but do not know for what. I am restless but I do not know for what.

Then it is sure sign that your time has come.
That the falseness-es are now ready to go.

~ An excerpt from the article, ‘The Secret of Joyful Relationships

Watch session at: The Secret of Joyful Relationships| YouTube

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