If you are fond of playing the game of Love, then come over


जउ तउ प्रेम खेलण का चाऊ।
सिर धरि तली गली गेरी आउ।।
इतु मरगि पैर धरीजै।
सिर दीजै काणि न कीजै।।

गुरु ग्रन्थ साहिब


jau tau prem khelan ka chaau

sir dhari tali gali geri aau

itu margi paer dharijae

sir dijae kaani na kijae 

Guru Granth Sahib


Love is not a mental or physical need. Love is not for the faint-hearted. Love is not for those who fear the loss of relationships, reputation, possessions or life. Love is not for those who are afraid of family, society, or uncertainty. Love is not for those who seek sanction from tradition or culture.

Nanak says that if you are fond of playing the game of love – jau tau prem khelan ka chaau, then come over. Give me your head – denoting the ego, respectability, calculativenss. That is the only price you have to pay to enter love – off with your head !

Obviously, most people find this price too much to pay. Hence, what we see around is a loveless society – violence, strife, ambition, competition, insecurity and restlessness – all indications of lovelessness.

There is a clear warning being given. Nanak would have nothing less than your head- sir dijae kaani na kijae – if you want to take even one step towards love- itu margi paer dharijae. Only the intelligent man understands that this is such a profitable deal – to give up the disease called ego and get love. Rest remain slaves to their stupid notions and beliefs.

Acharya Prashant

(22nd Jan, 2013)

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