Realize that even as you travel, you are already at the destination

In your moment of death you will be exactly as you are right now. Nothing would have changed, not an iota. Right now you are distracted, even in the moment of your death you will be distracted. Right now you are feeling miserable, even in the moment of your death you will be miserable. Right now you are hoping for a future, even in your moment of death you will be hoping for your future. Right now you are calculating, even in that moment you would be just calculating. That’s it!

From birth till death, there is only misery and agony. Then what is this hope about reaching home? Accept this misery and agony. This is what man’s life is all about. You would not be mistaken if you say that man’s life is simply unmitigated suffering and continuous longing. Realize that even as you long, you are already there.

Realize that even as you travel, you are already at the destination.

Realize that even as you suffer, you are already joyful. Joy will never displace sorrow. Joy will be present parallely with sorrow. So, do not hope to be redeemed. Do not think that a point will come when sorrow will give way to joy. Sorrow will remain present. That is the destiny of man. Kabir says, ‘Deh dhare ka dand’ (Sorrow of embodiment). Sorrow will remain. The only question is do you remember the great joy which is the foundation of sorrow? Do you remember that?

You will cry. The question is, even as you are crying, right when you are crying, are you something bigger than crying? Are you getting this? If you do not remember this then you will just try to act, and you will become a hypocrite. You will say that, “I must live as per ideals. You know I long for something and then I make great effort and I have to show that my great efforts are giving me some results. So I must act peaceful. You see, I have read so many scriptures, attended so many sessions, I have put in so much efforts, gone to so many camps, so I must have something to show for it. I must act a little differently”.

You do not need to act any differently. If you are wretched, you will have to act wretched. Don’t try to display that you have advanced. Whatever advancement will take place will be within the mental domain. Why take that advancement very seriously? Yes, some difference will come. But all that difference is within the limits of man, within the limit of mind, within the confines of the role play. So do not take that advancement very seriously.

Experience whatever life gives you fully. And life does not treat anybody with kid gloves. Life gives out the same treatment to everybody. Buddha said, “Janm dukh hai, Jeevan dukh hai, Jaraa dukh hai, Mrityu dukh hai” (Birth is Sorrow, Life is Sorrow, Body is Sorrow, Death is Sorrow). This is the treatment that life gives everybody. Don’t expect anything different.

If life makes you cry, cry. But cry in remembrance of your joyful nature.

An excerpt from the article, ‘Even when you are lost, you are already Home

View the session at: Even when you are lost, you are already Home | YouTube

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