Whatever the mind seeks can never be beyond the mind || Acharya Prashant (2016)

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Acharya Prashant: Only a great study of scriptures and tremendous knowledge can make one do this mistake. Otherwise, it is such an unnatural mistake that it cannot happen. You know, the common mind seeks the material, that which is bodied. The achieving mind, the religious mind, the mind that has studied a lot, it seeks the transcendental, the beyond; not looking at the facts of the mind, not looking at the very constitution of the mind, which is that it can seek only the material. So, whenever it will seek, there would be an object of seeking. So, even if you are seeking the transcendental, you will turn the transcendental into an object. Otherwise, you cannot seek. Otherwise, how will you seek?

What is happening is that because your instrument is limited, so you are building up a suitable target for yourself. You wanted to aim at the sky; you wanted to shoot down the sun. But you have a gun which can shoot only as high as the tree-top. So, what do you do? You declare the tree-top to be the sun. Can you look at the cleverness? Can you look at the stupidity? “My instrument will decide my target.” I am not saying that the target will choose the instrument. Instead, I am saying that I am so attached to the instrument, what is the instrument?

L: The mind.

AP: I am so attached to the instrument that I will choose a target which the instrument can hit. “So, the sun is sitting on the tree-top. Not only is the sun sitting on the tree-top, sometimes I am able to shoot down the sun. Actually eight times exactly I have shot down the sun. Those are eight enlightened masters roaming around.”

If you have any love for the target, then you will not reduce the target, then you will not treat it with contempt, then you will not accept anything but the genuine target, then you will not be content with substitutes, proxies, adulterated goods. You will say, “I want the Real.” You will ask the mind, “Can you get me the Real?” The mind will beat around the bush, give some roundabout answer. Then, strictly, in a business-like manner, you will ask again, “Can you get me the target?” The mind will again try to act like a sales-person who does not have in his shop what you want. But is instead trying to sell you what he has in his shop.

Have you met such sales-persons? You have gone to ask for a 3-D camera. The fellow deals only in two-dimensions. He has only a 2-D camera. Now, instead of telling you that he does not have that, he will say, “No, no, no, 2-D is 3-D.” And he will give you all kinds of spiritual literature to prove his point. That kind of salesman the mind is.

If you really want that nth dimension, reject such salesmen. Don’t compromise on what you really want. But this non-compromising attitude can come only with knowing what you really want. These two move parallelly. The more you know what you really want, the more you will not compromise with it, the more obstinate you will be, the more one-pointed you will be. The less you know what you really want, the more you will be amenable to adjustment, to give and take, to all kinds of cutting corners.

Once you start knowing the beauty of your deepest desire, that beauty itself prevents you from looking here and there. Your eyes become affixed to the target. It is so beautiful. Now, you cannot look this side or that side.

Watch the session video: Acharya Prashant: Whatever the mind seeks can never be beyond the mind The transcription has been edited for clarity.

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