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Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 21st June 2016 

Based on a couple of Hafiz poems:

# When Hafiz says, “Wonderful future”, he means That which time leads to, and That is timelessness.

#The ego self lasts only as long as it has not reached its  goals. And its goal is not its amplification but its dissolution.

#One is thinking of fulfilment only so that the thought of fulfilment may vanish one day.

#It is the destiny of the moving mind to come home to its own nature.

# Life continues because life has not yet found where it comes from. The moment it finds where it comes from, it goes back to the same spot.

#Desires continue because they do not know what they are desiring. The moment they know what they are desiring, they go back into themselves.

#Time continues because it does not know what is searching for. Once it knows what it is searching, the very knowing dissolves time.

#Where there is change, there can be no certainty.

#Wherever there is consciousness there is bound to be uncertainty.

#The decision to dissolve is apparently a personal decision, but it is not rooted in the person.

#Nobody has it to be inspired enough to jump into God. Only God jumps into God.

#God is a vast endless abyss with nothing to offer except Itself.

# That nothingness is extremely wonderful as it is a cessation of what we are.

#Real greatness is when you  have forgotten about greatness.

#To say anything about God you must stand outside God and that is sin.

#Listening without separation is the only way to listen to a teacher or to a poet.

#To begin in God is the only way to end in God.

#In Essential matters, the beginning is everything.

#Love is available only to Love, beginning with hatred and indifference you can never proceed into Love.

#If you approach someone to heal yourself when you’re in a bad mood, then remember that it’s not that you’ll be healed, rather your relationship would be spoiled.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Morning Discourse’ – 22nd June 2016 

Q) How do we know that something ought to be done, and that one is at a distance from it, missing it?

#If you’re not able to look rightly, then how would you even look rightly even for that which will enable you to look rightly.

#The thing that one complains to be missing is the very thing that powers the complaint.

#Whatever is essential in life can never, never be lost.

#Whatever we talk of as missing is the image of that thing missing. This means that we already know in advance that this thing must be like this, and if it is not like this, I will declare that it is not there.

#Everything that is filled into us is what somehow appears to make our life meaningful.

#All sorrow is just the violation of what one expects from life.

#The Real is not to be chased down and obtained. Our addiction to the images has to be understood and dropped.

#If you want to have the pleasure of happiness you would also have to claim that you’re  unhappy when you’re not happy.

#The very cessation of this confidence – that life must be according to this and this pattern – is silence.

#We live on our ground of our knowledge, that is our very basic confidence.

#The spiritual mind is able to live in this paradox: not knowing even while knowing and knowing even while not knowing.

#Life is to live in an internal innocence even when the mind is dominated by knowledge.

#All processes of consciousness and experience are powered by the ground of pure Awareness.

#The mind cannot really know the Self, the Self knows all about the mind.

#Only when the mind is touched by the Real does it know that the Real is missing.

Q) What is gratitude?

#In real gratitude you’re  thankful because something has been reduced not because you have obtained something.

#Gratitude is about thanking God when you feel that life is hell.

#Whatever is going on I remain joyful: that is gratitude.

Q) What to do when the mind making images?

#Know that it is an image.

#If you think, you are creating images.

#Let the mind settle into quietness and the mind’s essential nature is quietness.

#Peace is not available through the answers. Peace lies in the dissolution of the question itself.

#Live knowing fully well that living is no serious business.

#Just remember that there is something else more important.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 22nd June 2016

Q) Why is there so much conflict in the world?

#If we get why one man and one woman is in conflict, then we can get why the whole world is in conflict.

# When there is a war inside in a mental way, the same war then appears outside in a physical way.

# Whatever is coming from outside would never have a totality about it for the simple reason that it is coming from outside, it is never you.

# Whenever the mind would act as per influences, there would be inner conflict.

#Whatever we talk about will only give birth to division.

# Wherever there is thought, there cannot be a whole commonality.

#Wherever there is a person at work, there is going to be division.

#The only way to connect is to not be what we have been trained to be.

#The more you have mental activity, the more cut off you are from your neighbor.

#The more you expand, the more you are in isolation.

#The only way to be one with someone is to be a nobody.

#The more you are identified with whatever is there in the mind – doesn’t  matter what it is – the more you will be violent, parochial, divided, identified.

#As long as you are somebody and it doesn’t  matter who that somebody is, you are in for conflict.

#We relate only when we forget who we are.

#With a wound on the hand you can still be peaceful, but with a wound on the psyche you can never be peaceful.

#The only method that will work is that you do not remain who you are.

#That which we are is a perpetual starter. One doesn’t need to start, rather one needs to stop first.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Morning Discourse’ – 23rd June 2016

#If the mind is the so called problem then the mind cannot be the solution.

#Only when something is internal to you then you have an absolute benchmark of it, otherwise all your benchmarks are just relative.

#Whatever has been filled into the mind from outside will depend on the relative criteria from the outside to determine its importance.

What arises from within will not depend on anything else. You will surely know just how important it is.

#Peace cannot come from but all these disturbances can come from outside, and they do.

#Comparison means knowledge that is dependent on something.

# Very often we miss exactly  That that we cannot lose. That which is so near to us appears absent.

# Nothing in the Universe is as loveless as man. Nothing in the Universe is as distrustful as man.

# If you are surrendered to the great rhythm of life, life takes care of itself. That is called Faith.

#Faith is to trust without security.

#Trusting unconditionally, that is Faith.

Q) Is it because we have valued thinking so much that everything should come with thinking?

#It is important to know what the rightful place of thought is, and beyond that point thought must not be exercised.

#Even to have trust in thought you first need to have Faith that is beyond thought. So only the Faithful one can think properly.

# Even to think properly you need to first be a man of Faith.

#Only the really spiritual mind can think sharply. Not only can it meditate deeply but only that mind can also think sharply.

#The Faithful one is a man of vigorous action.

#Worries make you incapable of action. In Faith you’re able to act without worrying about the fruits of action, and that’s why your action then is powerful.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 23rd June 2016

#The flower is nothing but the roots out in the open.

# That which is striving within you, eager within you is not your own. Kindly do not have any authority or control over it.

#We have no right to withhold that within us which wants to be expressed. We also don’t have the obligation to express it because it is going to be expressed anyway.

# If you want to facilitate the expression, you block the expression. And if you block the expression, indeed you do block the expression.

#That which you are finding within you is not actually within you, you are within that.

#You really have no duty towards God. Just take care of yourself and the rest will be just done.

#If you don’t have problems then the ego suffocates.

#Outisde you may be occupied but inside you’re  perpetually unemployed.

# Only the one who himself is a victim wants to make more victims.

#Whenever the mind will think about God – even if in all its sincerity – the mind will end up missing God.

#Whenever the mind will experience Truth, the experience will end up fading away.

#God means a satisfaction that never wanes.

#God is a hedonist of the superlative variety.

#All experience is wonderful except the attempt to experience God, and that is the only experience we hold as sacred, right?

#God didn’t send you down so that He could hide from you. God Himself came down in your form.

#In giving God a private province, a special name and a special space, what have you ensured? That the rest of the space belongs to you.

#You do not need dissolution the ego. All that the ego needs to know is that ego too is God. But that would be the death of ego.

#Unless God is demolished, the ego cannot be demolished because these are two ends of the same duality.

#Your will is God’s will as long as you do not feel separated from God.

#Not separated from God, your desire is Godly.

#Its not about getting it here, its about living in a perpetual realization that you always have it.

#Energy won’t provide you That, That provides you energy.

#It does not matter where you stand, it does not matter what your situations, your feelings are – it’s always the right time. You are That.

#All experiences are only of Completeness in Completeness. There is nothing called a partial experience unless you are determined to keep it partial.

Q) Difference between here and now & the Present

#When you limit yourself to the world, then the Beyond blesses you.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Morning Discourse’ – 24th June 2016

Question: I have been practising to stop my mind for the last 20 years but I couldn’t. Why?

# Could you stop the practice? No? Then how will you stop the mind? The practice is the mind. As long as any practice continues, the mind will continue.

#The practice is not in the mind. The practice is the mind.

#That which is coming as thought, how can it remove thought?

#Anything which arises from the Heart is beautiful.

#Just because one does not take time in coming up with a response, it does not mean that the response has the quality of spontaneity.

Time is an important determinant but not the only one.

#The past repeats itself only for the one who has not changed.

#Experience repeats itself only if the experiencer remains the same.

#Conditioning never comes as conditioning. Conditioning comes in as safety, security, pleasure or something appearing valuable.

#All your likes and dislikes or whatever you are is all just mindstuff. All mindstuff is conditioning.

#The resistance that you give to any particular  thought is exactly the energy that powers the thought.

#Thought has no legs of its own. Thought moves on your legs. If you don’t  move, then thought won’t move.

#Thought cannot survive without movement because all thought is movement. If you don’t move then thought cannot survive.

#That which we do to solve our problems only feeds our problems.

#Thoughts are so much like bicycles, unless they move they fall down.

#You are free to like, you are free to dislike. But first, you must be free.

#The difference between thoughts and facts is that thoughts cannot remain without thinking, facts remain even without thinking.

#Child being like an animal still carries all the seeds of conditioning within him. He is biologically conditioned and very soon because of the biological conditioning he would be socially conditioned as well. It is not about just returning to your child-like nature, it is hence about going deeper and further than the child nature.

#As long as you remain chained by physical tendencies, the society will ride upon you.

#They say, “Man is a social animal”. As long as the animal is there, he will need to be social.

#To hope that partial freedom is possible is to remain forever in slavery. In fact no one ever wants slavery, people just want partial freedom, and that is slavery.

#Slavery is nothing but little freedom because freedom is either grand, total, absolute, or nothing at all.

#If you can be loving towards a plant, if you can listen to what the tree is saying, if you can be friends with the passing cloud – that itself is enlightenment.

#Life is simple and very direct. You are not born with the obligation to be enlightened.

#Practically, all the scriptures of the world combined, all the teachings of the word taken together mean just one thing – You are alright here and this that is here is all that is.

#Finally all that matters is can you touch something with Love? Can you be really free while talking to a stranger?Can you not be afraid of your own Joy?

#Whatever you are with the thought is just the furtherance of thought.

#Let the thought not be there for you. The thought is there for you only when you think that the thought is going to help you.

#Your support to thought is the problem and your support to thought comes from your lack of Faith in the Total.

#If you do not rely on God, you would rely on thought.

#If you don’t think that the Universe is taking care of you, you will be compelled to take care of yourself.

#With all that is ugly about you, you’re still perfect.

#Don’t be concerned about the body, rebirth is not about taking another body. When the mind really changes, that is rebirth.

#Remember that you were born naked. You must die more naked than you were born.

#Live in Love. That is the only gratitude that you can express.

#Let the mind be at peace, that is the only gratitude that you can offer.

Some excerpts from the ‘Interactive Evening Discourse’ – 24th June 2016

#Whatever you are experiencing is the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’

#The opposite of any particular thought is just another thought.

#The experience itself is the identity.

#Only that which appears eventually disappears.

#The beginning and the end of spirituality: simply acknowledge what is going on.

#It is the Heart that powers your honesty but the Heart cannot be the object of honest observation.

#That which you’re looking for is behind the looking.

#If you can be honest with the small, the Huge has already come upon you.

#The eye cannot look at itself but whatever the eye looks at is the proof of the eye.

#This that is, is a proof of That which is beyond this.

#Only the limited can be felt as present.

#Whatever is Real cannot ever leave.

#The Complete is that which has no substitutes.

#Do not try to experience the Total; just totally experience whatever is.

#In searching for God, man has just forgotten rather abandoned his own God nature.

#All clinging exists because you’re searching for that which you anyway are.

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