A place where exist roses and cacti alike

Reflections from Advait Self-Awareness Camp

I had an image that spirituality is like a raised citadel. As if something miraculous happens and people elevate from all the things.But now I realize that spirituality is not a mechanic elevator or some gold studded chariot flying in the air.

It is a struggle you make with your ‘acquired nature’, your impulse, every day, every moment to realize the true nature.

Spirituality will not make my life a bed of roses but it will give me the strength and wisdom to accept the reality of life. A place where exist roses and cacti alike. And I learn to live with all that and find peace within. The garden is beautiful only if my inner environment is of sanity.

This realization does not make me sad, instead, it instills a hope. The platform is even. I will rise from within. It is not some unattainable IDEAL – BRAHMA that is to be achieved to become spiritual but merely to know the art of living. Enjoy it moment by moment in fullness- this is the mantra, probably. Doing so the main purpose of life is met. Spirituality is to embrace happiness and not to become grim with some heavy load of concepts or mindfulness.

Nature has its own way of communication-
The utter silence of the night sky filled me up so much that the mind did not think of anything else. It tells me that I don’t actually have to try to shun the thoughts. Instead, I have to endeavor to taste the Silence. That would automatically exhaust all thoughts.

Consensus with the mind-
I cannot have a life long battle with my mind. I need to talk to it and understand it. It’s okay even if once in a while I get defeated. What to do? Why make a riot out of it? Slowly it will sober down.

Losing identification with the body-
While we were sitting outside and talking, the cold air from the lake was hurting my sinuses and giving me a headache. But it was so enchanting and overwhelming that my own head felt like a far off object. I had something greater with me. I did not care for the head. It was only later when I went to bed I realized. So I gave it a medicine.

All I need is to realize that, That—an invincible love has always been with me. And attachment with everything else will drop down without us doing any extra effort in that direction.

~ Shivani Bhindeshwari Jha ~

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  1. Beautifully expressed. Touched my heart. It was as if i was there. I dont have to shun the thoughts i need to learn how to embrace the silence. The garden is beautiful only if my inner environment is of sanity.

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