Enlightenment is not one event, it is a continuity in one empty Joy || Acharya Prashant (2016)


Acharya Prashant: If it is a model, an idea, if it is a thought, then you can very easily say what is it that you have known because then you have concluded something. When it comes to the Truth, when it comes to the Heart, you know that you can never say what is it that you have known.

Conclusions can be very easily expressed, realizations cannot be.

Conclusions can be, they have to be, very easily expressed. Realizations cannot be expressed because essentially all that you realize is—a cutting down of a clutter. All realization is just clarity, emptiness. So all realizations are one. In fact, realizations can never be expressed as plural. Just as all empty spaces are one, similarly all realizations are one. Just as all zeroes are one, similarly all realizations are one.

Would you call a silence different from another silence?
The infinite number of silences that you come across is just echoes of the same silence.

The infinite number of silences that you come across are just echoes of the same Silence.

In different situations, this and that but, the same silence. Thousand times you can sit in front of the teacher, a thousand times you can realize. Again and again, you can realize but whenever you will realize, you will realize the same thing, which is nothing. That’s a joke. The ordinary jokes become stale after the first use. Whenever you hear a joke for the second time, it has lost its value.

The great thing about the joke that realization is, that you hear it again and again, and you very well know what it is, and yet is equally appealing. In fact, its appeal keeps increasing with every subsequent encounter. That’s the thing with everything real. It cannot diminish. If you want to put it simply, factually, you say, “It doesn’t diminish, it holds its place.” If you want to put it poetically, joyfully, you would say, “Oh! it keeps increasing, the Real keeps increasing, it doesn’t even hold its place in magnitude. In fact, its enormity just keeps increasing and increasing.”

Real love cannot diminish. If it wanes and waxes, comes and goes, it cannot be love. Real love only moves from depths to depths, heights to heights. Realization, Respect, Joy—if you find them crumbling, clouded, fractured, you must know it’s a good sign because you are being told that something more real is waiting for you.

Enlightenment is not one event, one thing, one experience it is a series of enlightenments that you are continuously going through. It is continuously beginning and never coming to an end. That is why it’s foolish to say that one is enlightened. One is in a process of enlightening. And every subsequent enlightenment is more fulfilling than the previous one. The previous one was perfect and this one is better than perfect.

That’s the magic.

Not that the last one left something that is to be desired; it gave you more than you could ask for and yet you have now something better than that. Your desires are so little, when you are given it exceeds your desires and then it exceeds the excess. Then more and then more.

Ever seen the palm of a little one? Ever seen? He is standing in front of you, “Give”, how much can he take? Just this much. If you really are a well-wisher, you give not only how much the palm can hold but you actually enable growth. You help the palm itself grow. You make the person capable of receiving more, and when you receive more, then you receive beyond what you have asked for.

That’s the role of a Teacher—to give you not only that which you have asked for, but something little different. You may not like that. You will only ask for sugar candies!

More and more. You are growing. You are growing so your capacity to get more is growing.  That is growth; that is maturity; To be alive to something that you generally do not experience in your normal states of consciousness. Depths of wonderment, great puzzles, sublime joy and shocking sorrows.

Watch the session: Acharya Prashant: Enlightenment is not one event, it is a continuity in one empty JoyThe transcription has been edited for clarity.

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