The Voice of the Heart

When you look skywards, your eye rests on ‘something’, and you try to find beauty in that ‘thing’. You say, ‘Look at those clouds, what a neat formation.’ You say, ‘See, how full the moon is tonight. Lovely!’ You sometimes even do praise the pristine blue of the sky, but never the sky itself; and remember the sky is not really blue. It is what comes between the sky and your eyes that makes it look blue.

I have never really seen anybody captivated by the sheer nothingness, emptiness, immensity, the total void of the sky. Poets have written lovely poems praising the moon, children have often taken stars as their friends; but I’m yet to come across a composition loving the empty sky.

That is the human tragedy, even the highest to us comes only through the mind and the senses. So when we talk of beautiful sounds, we only talk of that which the ears can hear. All the voices that we can talk of or hear are the voices of the mind.

Even the most beautiful conceptions that we have are still ‘conceptions’.  It may be a voice consisting of words, it may be a voice of nature, or it may be something so esoteric that it really means nothing in the human language, something like Om, yet it is just voice of the mind. It is not beyond that.

The Heart does not speak in a human language, the Heart does not even utter in a way that the ears can comprehend. The voice of the Heart is the silence behind all voices and sounds.

If you hear something that your mind can comprehend, in any way, then you must know that it is not the sound of the Heart. It may sound beautiful, it may totally possess you, but remember, what sounds beautiful to you today will not sound beautiful tomorrow. Hence whatever you call as beautiful is contingent and conditional, it is not the Truth. It will pass away.

~ Excerpts from the article, ‘The Language of the Heart

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