Quotes, March’16

1. Who is the Buddha?
The Buddha is a great dissolution.

2. Buddha’s message is one – Come and dissolve.

3. It is not about this or that.
Life is about having this and that.
It’s total.
You need not pick a fragment.

4. The center should never move, and all the movement should be on the periphery – the circumference.
So inaction at the center, and deep and vigorous action on the periphery.
And the two are related.
If the center starts moving, then the system will collapse.

5. The world is the world of action. Everything is moving here. Action means movement, time. The world is the seat of action. To live well in the world, you must be very-very inactive within.

6. Only when you are still within, can there be good action outside.
This is action in inaction and inaction in action.

7. When you work without a target, then the intensity is just right.

8. Go there, be there and that’s it.
Your presence is sufficient.
You will automatically do the right thing, by just being.

9. The more you are absent, the more you will be wandering in the future.

10. To not to live in Faith, to refute Magic, is to live in suffering.
The one who has nothing to do with Magic, will live a very terrified life.

11. God never produces instruments, God only produces God.
Or if you want it more specific –
God produces Godliness.

12. There is no choice in the happening; the choice lies only in your response. And the response again has only two choices: a response of awareness versus a response of conditioning; only two choices are there. Either you can respond in your most aware state, or you can respond like a machine in a conditioned state.

13. The Real, the most important, is not the product of planning, it just comes.
Can magic be planned?

14. Contentment is feeling of fullness. Contentment is a feeling that I cannot be harmed, that I cannot gain much and I cannot lose much.
Fundamentally, contentment is: “I am alright”.
That subtle constant realization that “I am alright, things are alright”, this is contentment.

15. Pure may appear the intention, but ignorant behaviour is still deception.

16. You may have all the knowledge about the length of the human intestine, but do you know yourself?

17. That Blissful Solitude is your nature.

18. Mind going beyond its dualistic contents, into its non-dual Source, that is Solitude.

19. What does ‘remember’ mean?
Remember means: bringing two parts together to make them one, bringing two things together — ‘Re–member’. So just by remembering, the mind becomes one with the Source, nothing else has to be done, just by remembering.
You remember, and you are Home.

20. Of course, using the mind, you cannot really remember the non-dual Truth, because the mind can only remember duality. Since the mind can only remember duality, so try to remember something which is dualistic, but points towards non-duality.

21. The more time you spend with the scriptures or with the Teacher, the easier it will be for you to demolish the influence, that the world has built-up upon you.

22. The mind can only look at duality — the eyes see figures, the ears hear sounds, and you can only touch material.
So, find out something or somebody who is like a bridge between the dualistic world and the non-dual Source.
That will help you remember.

23. My only duty, if there can be a duty at all, is being devoted to the Truth. And when you are devoted to the Truth, there is Joy in return, not suffering.
Your only duty is complete Surrender to the Absolute.

24. Even when suffering seems to become a high priority, there is always a Higher priority.

25. There is no moment where the life can dominate you so much that the material and the situations become everything for you. And when you remember— in the middle of suffering, in the thick of suffering — that there is something else that is more important, then you have already reduced suffering to a Number 2 position. And to put suffering in the Number 2 position is to not to suffer.
When do you suffer?
When suffering becomes important to you, that is when you suffer.

26. When do you suffer?
When suffering becomes important to you, that is when you suffer.

27. You have to give away everything to get That which is free.
Kindly do not ask for very easy solutions, for the simple reason that if there are easy solutions and they come you, you won’t take them. This comfort is there because you can accept something only when it comes to you with an acceptable level of discomfort.
Let’s say the whole discomfort is removed, and the thing becomes ridiculously easy, would you take it? Honestly?
Would you take it if it is ridiculously easy? Served like this.
You won’t take it. Tomorrow morning when I’ll come to you, to wake you up, I’ll wake you by – take this pill.
What is this?
This is the enlightenment pill.
You’ll say aaargh (a sound depicting irritation when someone wakes you up for no cause) and will go back to sleep. You will know I am joking. I might not be joking.
It is not that the Truth says that you must pass through suffering before I can come to you. It is just that you will not take anything without suffering.

28. When all ‘doing’ happens in order to gain an imaginary completion, then all relationships become just a chase.

29. When the mind is such that it is looking at everything as an investment, as an opportunity, as something to be derived profit from, then obviously one would be looking at the persons in one’s life as opportunities, as investments, as profit centres.

31. It is quite amusing, we do not like it when someone eavesdrops on our so-called ‘personal’ conversations, but the world is present in one’s very bedroom!In fact, the world is the one that has raised that room and we call it ‘personal’.

32. Those who are free of the world, are free to relate with the world in a healthy way.
And those who are dominated by the world, have no real relationship with the world.

33. Unless one learns the art of uselessness, his life will remain a perennial search, and that is not a good life to have.

34. Only the man free of others can have loving relationship with the others.

35. Where there is dependency, there would only be violence, not Love.

36. Spirituality or wisdom is not about cutting off your links from the world, rather, it is about relating completely and fully.

37. You rest within yourself, and the rest will be taken care of.
That is the secret of Joyful relationships.
Forget everything about relationships, and your relationships will really blossom.

38. The relationship is not so much about the other person – the object out there. The relationship is about who you are within. Change the within, the relationship will change. But remaining the same within if you change the other, the relationship would still be rotten.

39. Loving oneself is not at all different from knowing oneself. Loving oneself and knowing oneself are just one and the same thing.

40. It is alright to pursue your desires and seek fulfilment, but only if you, first of all, understand what the Total desire is. What your self is really and deeply craving for. When you will understand the totality of desire, then you will also understand that you are craving not for the garment but for the Total, you may call it by various names – the Beyond, Truth, God. You can call it anything.

41. Unless the mind is one with the fundamental nature of the mind, it cannot feel at rest.

42. Silence is that which enables you to know noise as noise; otherwise, Silence is nothing.

43. Dropping really is about discovering something so large, so beautiful, so lovable and so immense that now you don’t need the small, the petty, the tidbits.
You don’t ‘need’ to drop, then dropping just happens.

44. Spirituality is in one sense, deep Surrender, and in another sense, it is the re-vesting of all authority back in oneself.

45. When the Truth blesses you then the falsenesses start showing up.

46. When you are totally dependent only on the One, then you are completely independent.
Whatever is Total, is always One; differences are always in fragments. All fragments look different from each other.
Whatever is Total, is One.
Total renunciation and total desire are One.

47. Even in the moment of your greatest fall, still do not feel small.
Back yourself completely.
Be your biggest fan.

48. Self-improvement is a decoration of the disease.

49. Seeing is always then and there. Seeing is not an intellectual memory based exercise. ‘I screwed up yesterday and I am seeing now’ – now this is no seeing.

50. If seeing happens, it happens within the moment.
There, the question will change.
The life would change.
Actions would change.
You no more continue to act in the same groove.

51. Surrender is not an art. It is not a skill. It is not a task. It is this: when you spoke, I surrendered to you.
Only by surrendering to your question could I listen to what your heart is asking. And when I speak, you have to surrender to me to really know what is coming through me, that is surrender — easy, simple, obvious; so damn straight forward.
Surrender is not something exotic. Not something far-fledged. Not something there (pointing towards the sky) in some other galaxy.
This is surrender.

52. Dropping desire is just another desire; knowing desire is fulfillment of desire.

53. That’s the contradiction that man must overcome.
Being small, he must contain infinities, otherwise, he won’t come to rest. Being man, he must transcend humanness. Otherwise, he won’t relax. That’s the challenge, that’s the invitation. Enter so deeply into yourself, enter so deeply into your smallness, that you come to the beyond-ness, that you so desperately crave.

54. Self-Realisation is not the ending of the struggles, it is the ending of the struggler.

55. Self-realisation is not the cessation of struggles. Self-realisation is the ending of the struggler. Self-realisation is not the cessation of troubles, it is the ending of the struggler.

56. It’s your own light that goes out to the world. Do not bother to whom it will reach. The Sun does not bother whether everybody needs light or not. Does the Sun bother whether everybody needs light? It radiates. It radiates. And then from that radiation a thousand things happen.
Out of your self-realisation, a thousand things will happen. Things will change. Things will be born. Things will get annihilated. You need not worry. You just worry about your own mind.

57. There is no fundamental difference in between unconscious and conscious.
When you come to the point of understanding, all waves disappear.

58. No action in continuation of restlessness will take you to rest.

59. You invite restlessness because you have a false belief that restlessness can take you somewhere, and all those things that you have been fed on since childhood. You have been raised on those things. Nobody just becomes restless out of nothing. All this is concocted restlessness.
Try this: You do not call restlessness. Do not send it invitations. Your restlessness will feel uninvited. Its power will subside.

60. Because when I am confronted with Truth, I simply surrender.
I have never argued.
I cannot.

61. The fact will reveal the Truth.
There is no other way, as a human being, to move into the Truth except through the fact.
Know the fact and you’ll enter the Truth.
Know the fact of your daily living, know the fact of your relationships, know the fact of your mental states, and you will enter the Truth.

62. Science is extremely important so that facts are facts and imagination is imagination, and you keep the two apart.
Only when you are fully into facts then the door of Truth opens.

63. Every helplessness is acquired.

64. We have great obsession with doing.
The saint is not bothered with doing.
The presence is enough.

65. Loving yourself means having no problems with the facts of your life.

66. No Disease is big; only That is big.

67. Whatever you’ll ‘do’ to drop the self will only further the self.

68. A relationship based on emotions is a relationship based on ego.

69. Treat all inessentials as one, and forget. Treat all Essential as One, and forget.

70. Gratitude is not about uttering thanks when you receive a pleasant gift.
Gratitude is about remaining thankful when you are being destroyed.

71. Success is always the next number.

72. Enlightenment is to be shamelessly unenlightened.

73. Faith is to retain faith even after your trust is breached a hundred times.
Faith is a nameless trust bigger than trust on anything, anybody.

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