Quotes, May’16

  • The Total is neither masculine nor feminine, hence the search and summit of both.


  • There is the dual and there is the non-dual.
    Where there is a duality, there is an infinitude of words, and words mean small things.
    Where there is a non-duality, there is just infinitude.
    Both are infinite.
    The dualistic world is also infinite, but it is infinite in its smallness; it is infinite in its littleness, in its fragmentation.
    And the non-dual world is just infinite.


  • Only the deluded ones talk of Maya.The ones who are in Truth, they see only Truth.


  • If you want to cheat somebody, it is so easy, because the person himself will help you in cheating him.
    But if you want to liberate somebody, it is extremely difficult, because the person himself will kill you if you want to liberate him.


  • It is not even a matter of declaring, it is a matter of living that way. You can declare anything.
    But where is it showing up in your life?
    If you are declaring that the Truth is operating through you, then it has to show up in your every single action.


  • To look at the facts, you require a certain sensitivity.
    Facts must bother you a little, then you talk reality.
    Otherwise, you can talk La-la land.


  • The only way you can check Truth is by being in the Truth.


  • To declare something as false, first of all, you must be in the Truth.


  • Self-improvement lies in coming in contact with facts of the self.


  • Observation is free, total, open, and honest.
    It is not biased, prejudiced and pre-decided.


  • Myths are everything that keep us entrapped in suffering, even when there is no need to suffer.


  • Whenever the mind will take itself seriously, whenever the mind will be covered with layers of conditionings and beliefs, the mind will act from those beliefs and hence the mind will necessarily become the doer.


  • The only way to be liberated of the action, as well as the fruits of action, is to see that the actor is a myth.


  • Science will not ask,
    “What is the state of the scientist?”
    Science will keep asking,
    “What is the universe? How is the universe? From where does it come? To where does it go?”
    But it will never ask,
    “To whom does the universe occur?”
    Now, is there a universe independent of the perceiver of the universe?
    Spirituality is dimensionally above science.
    Spirituality looks not only at that which is outside, but also at that which is apparently inside and looks at the outside.
    Spirituality looks at both — the object out there and the subject in here (mind).
    Science looks only at the object.
    Spirituality looks at both — the object and the subject; which means that science and Spirituality are in no way opposites.
    There can be no conflict between them.
    It is just that Spirituality is an infinite superset which contains all kinds of sciences.
    Spirituality is the vast expanse in which many sciences keep coming, keep going.


  • Can one be confused without being clear?
    Can there be clouds without the sky?


  • The mind cannot travel to the Truth.
    All travelling is in the Truth.
    The bird does not fly to the sky.
    The bird flies in the sky.


  • In your search for the Truth,
    see how you continue
    to be in the false.


  • Non-duality is to see
    non-duality and duality
    as One,
    and Nothing.


  • Between the social and the animal, be with the animal.
    Between the animal and the Essential, be with the Essential.


  • The real man is always two separate beings, different and irreconcilable.
    And they so permeate each other that one can’t say which is which.


  • In learning from the Guru,
    All that is needed is just closeness.
    There is no barrier bigger than closeness.
    Discipleship: A tight rope walk.


  • When the mind decides to resist, it is dangerous.
    When the mind decides to surrender, it is even more dangerous.


  • Forget it,
    Get it.


  • Enlightenment is the mother of all myths.


  • God is the highest freedom.
    The idea of God is the greatest bondage.


  • Stillness is the essence of the flow.
    To flow freely is same as being absolutely still.


  • If you are saying something, it is noise.
    If you are saying nothing, it is more noise.
    Silence is neither words nor keeping quiet.


  • It is horrible to see someone doubtful of himself.
    It is hilarious to see someone certain of himself.


  • That which you consume is also that which gives you birth.
    To consume is to continue.
    As captive.


  • The Real teacher disappears from the outside and you see him in your Heart.


  • You already know. There is nobody who does not know.


  • The Real Saint looks like a heretic or a lunatic than a saint.


  • With all your imperfections, you are Perfect.

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