Quotes, June’16

1. Spirituality is the intimacy of the immediate, not the blaze of the beyond.

2. When the material is directly a manifestation of the spiritual, only then the material is a symbol of the Divine, only then the material points at non-material.

3. A temple is wonderful when it arises as an expression of a devoted Heart. The Heart comes first. The temple rises as an expression of the Heart. But if the Heart is shrouded by a thick mind, then of what use would it be to just go and touch stones?

4. Spirituality is something totally dynamic. The expressions will keep changing, always changing. And if you are obsessed with the expressions, then you will keep missing the Real.

5. The True, the Real, is not something to be sought.

It is our nature.

It is never going away.

Getting it doesn’t require special practice or effort or ‘sadhana’. It rather requires honest attentiveness; when you can be honest towards yourself, when you can acknowledge all your follies, when you can be attentive to the daily mistakes – that is Spirituality.

Spirituality is nothing special. It is very simple, ordinary.

The man who lives in himself, in his simple nature, is a spiritual man.

Spirituality is simple wisdom.

6. To not to be foolish, is to be Spiritual.

7. Spirituality is not about reaching another world.

Spirituality, mind you, is about knowing this world.

8. You are the First man, and knowing this is Spirituality.

Not only are You the First man, You are the only One.

The entire world is You.

Only You are.

9. When you know that now you cannot bow down to the false, then you have surrendered to the Truth.

And only when you have surrendered to the Truth, you will get the courage to not to prostrate in front of the false.

10. Spirituality is Surrender.

But before surrender, it is rebellion.

Rebel against all that which is false. Rebel against all that which is material but claims to be spiritual.

When you have rebelled against the false, that is surrender to the Truth.

11. You are


God’s bride.

Go only to Him.




12. Your eyes close if fears and fantasies go.

Your fears and fantasies have gone only when the world has gone.

The world is fears; the world is fantasies.

No fantasies; no world.

No fear; no world.

13. Think of everything that you continuously remember.

Think of everything that finds a place in the memory.

It finds a place in the memory only because it is important to the ego.

It either promises something or threatens to take away something.

That is why you remember it, and what you remember is your world.

Fears and fantasies is what you remember.

14. God is as lovable as an infant.

15. Not only do you depend on God for your existence, your survival, your peace.

God also depends on you.

Just as you are in search of God, God too is in search of you.

In fact, God is searching more intensely for you than you are searching for God.

16. The face of contentment is the face of God.

17. The sign of True Love is that you can forget.

You can totally forget.

You are so assured that there is no need to think or remember.

Thought is not needed. Verbalization is not needed. You are knowing without thinking, and that is Real knowing — when you know without thinking, when you know without effort, without knowledge, without memories.

That is how God is known.

18. Fulfilment is when you are not thinking about fulfilment.

Real knowing is when you are not thinking in terms of knowledge.

Love is when you forget all about love.

Fearlessness is when you are not thinking that you are fearless.

If you are thinking that you are fearless, you are just using thought as a defence mechanism.

Whatever is Real is known by its absence in the psychic world.

If it does not come in thoughts then it is Real. If the mind cannot imagine it, hold it, touch it, conceptualise it, then it is Real.

19. Don’t talk about God. Don’t take the name of God so often. The more you talk about God, the more it is proven that God is missing. God is not a subject of discussion. God is not something to be remembered. Only objects are remembered. Only the world can be remembered.

Forget God totally, and now you know God.

20. Keep the secret.

Don’t spill the beans.

That’s the essence of Spirituality.

Don’t break the news.

Like lovers talk in hushed tones.

One does not talk loudly to God.

Somebody may hear.

21. You have helped someone only if he no longer needs your help.

22. The Teacher’s role is to show that a teacher is not needed.

That is the rightful role of the Teacher.

23. The only relationship that one can hence truthfully have is the direct relationship with God.

Any other relationship would be tangential, wavered.

24. Two persons can be unified with each other only if they are first unified with God.

And hence, every real relationship is a triangle – Center and these two.

25. Your lover is the one, must be the one, who helps you reach your heart.

26. Where there is no God, there is only exploitation.

27. Marry God – that is the only right relationship.

Be wedded to God.

Be fully committed to the Truth.

28. When you are free of everything; when you are free of the world, free of yourself – you are wedded to Freedom.

And to be wedded to Freedom is to have God as your spouse.

God is the only rightful partner.

Peace is the only lover.

Truth is the only attraction.

Nobody wants anything else; nobody has ever wanted anything else.

29. If you have love, and you still need more, then you don’t have love and you won’t get anything more.

30. To maintain silence is to maintain yourself; your silence is the noise that you are.

31. When God gossips, it is called creativity.

32. Joy is the taste of Ultimate madness.

33. I assure you, whosoever has ever wanted, has not been turned back.

And the day, the moment you will want IT, you will get IT.

Nothing can stand in your way.

34. Become a little less clever.

Get rid of your smartness.

Do act like an idiot.

35. So here we are – “Mind beings”.

Mind beings – who do not exist in their own eye when they are deeply asleep, absent minded or comatose. 

Please understand.

Anybody here who can claim to exist even in his deep sleep?

Anybody here who can claim to be even in his deep-deep sleep?

So such is the power of thought that our own existence in our own eyes – and when I say ‘our own eyes’, I only mean ‘thought’ – our own existence in our own eyes depends on thinking.

If the thinking mode of consciousness ceases, then we cease to exist. 

 So the ‘mind’ is thinking all the time and we think as if ‘we’ are thinking. 

But the fact is- without thinking we do not exist. 

So is it not true that thought is thinking us?

36. The ignorance of one man is the ignorance of all.

There is no mistake that you commit that has not been committed by somebody else earlier. There is no mistake that you commit that has not been committed by you earlier. The mind of one is the mind of all. So when the Rishi is rebelling against his personal bondage, he is actually rebelling against the bondage of entire mankind and that is how he is useful to all of us. Because our bondages are the same, hence when one man rebels against his bondages, that is a rebellion against that which shackles the entire mankind’s consciousness.

37. When you are really living, that is when the fear of death is gone.

38. Immortality does not mean that you will continue to live for thousand, two thousand, ten thousand years.

It just means that your life is not being lived in fear.

To live fearlessly is to be immortal.

That is the only definition of immortality – to live fearlessly.

39. In denying what the world appears as, you come to that which the world really is.

In denying life as it appears, you come to that which life really is.

40. Drop your stupidity.

Know things for what they Really are.

And if you want to know things, you will have to know the place where things appear, and that place is the mind, so know the mind.

Know the mind.

Having known mind, you have known thought, you have known time, you have known fear, and in knowing all these you have gone beyond all these.

41. The cessation of the ego’s movement is the submergence of the ego in its Source.

42. You know, there is something that is not meant to be expressed in words, but you are expressing it. So whatever you say is a little unintelligible, incomprehensible. It can be so easily shredded. Argument can defeat it. You can get up and say, “You know, all this is nonsensical. This can be proven this way! This can be proven this way! This can be proven this way.” And whosoever will be trying to reject me through argument, unfortunately, will succeed.

Whatever I am saying can be defeated by your mind and your argument so easily because it was never meant to become words. It was never meant to become knowledge. It was never meant to reach you in this form. It was always meant to arise from within, not really come through the sensory route. When it comes through the sensory route, then it requires your own participation and acceptance. Then, it is just a knock. It is just a knock. You have to do the real work. It’s a reminder. The reminder cannot do it for you.  I can only just knock and say it is not this way. But I cannot really tell what it really is. But I have to! So! Forget about telling others. Do not even attempt to tell yourself that you know. The wise man finds it wise to remain ignorant of his wisdom. He does not ever know what he knows, neither does he try. It is only when the situation arises that that which he knows springs up. All of a sudden! He did not dial it. He did not call it. He did not summon it. It comes from somewhere. All that he knows is it will come and that is called surrender of the mind.

So I do not know what I know but when you will ask me a question, I will respond; from where? I do not know. Neither do I want to know! In fact, it’s terrible when I already know what I know. It is even more terrible when I even know what you know and what you would ask. And it’s so beautiful when I do not know what you know and hence what you would say. And I do not know what I would say. Therein lies a certain freshness. And that freshness is rejuvenating! Then you are young, really young. You are alive, you cannot die. Yes? So remain ignorant. Remain ignorant. Remain ignorant! I do not know!

44. To live life honestly is to be spiritual.

45. You are not missing the secret; you are missing the obvious.

46. The Upanishads come from nowhere, meaning what the Upanishads are saying is just obvious, is just so simple. So what to say from where they come? They are like the palm of your hand. It is simpler to know an Upanishad than to know your thumb, your nails, the back of your hand.

If you are sitting in front of me and somebody asks me, “How exactly did you learn about her?” I will have no answer because I did nothing to learn about her. What did I do? I just saw. So, how can I tell you how did I learn about her? Simply, how can the Rishi tell you anything about the source of his utterances? He did nothing to know all that. He did absolutely nothing to know all that. He just saw that as True.

Normal seeing is facts. A little more dedicated seeing is Truth. But it is all just seeing, not trying, not getting, not comprehending, not thinking, not analysing; but just seeing that which is anyways obvious.

47. Acknowledge, when love comes to over-power you; and acknowledge, when evil dominates you.

Acknowledge both of them!

48. Let there be intimacy in whatever you do.

49. Love makes you uneasy. Live with that.

Lack of love also makes you uneasy. Live with that.

Live with whatever there is! Don’t pretend that it is not!

50. You are not obliged to act decent. You are not obliged to conform any standards. It’s not complicated, it’s the heartbeat.

Listen to it there!

In pursuit of Truth, do not forget Beauty!

Truth and Beauty are One.

If your pursuit of Truth is not a beautiful pursuit, then it is not the Truth.

51. The Mystic has no religion, his religion is Truth.

52. To have no method of meditation is to have an infinite variety of methods.

53. You must already be in meditation so that you know the right method of meditation. The method cannot come first, meditation comes first.

54. Enlightenment is to feel free of the obligation to be enlightened.

55. Faith is something that opens up only if when you go to it.

The more you believe in it, the more it becomes true for you; the less you believe in it, the less it remains visible.

56. You can only be devoted to that which you do not know. If you are devoted to something that you know then it is not devotion. Then it is just attachment. If you are devoted to something that you know, then you are devoted to an object and that is attachment.

Devotion is always to the unknowable.

Devotion is Faith.

It is always to the unknowable.

57. God has blood on his clothes. His face is smeared with grime, sweat, blood, bile. He is a killer. You don’t see that face too often. Probably, you have never thought about it. Never seen it, right?

But there is nothing as bloody as God.

58. Truth is not merciful in the sense that it will help you maintain your false and ugly world.

59. Equality is a virtue in your moral world.

In His world, only Truth is the virtue.

60. Please get this image off your mind – “the pleasant Truth”.

Truth cannot be pleasant to that which we are.

Truth can be pleasant only to the Truth.

Only the Truthful can love the Truth.

Truth falls in love only with Itself.

61. You will love Shiva when you will gain something of Shiva.

You will love Shiva when you will be Shiva.

Otherwise, you cannot love Him.

62. If you find yourself in big problems, just realize that the way out is small action.

63. If you really want change then start respecting the small.

64. The immense lies in the smallest and that’s where we all lose it.

65. The more you find yourself in big problems, the more should you realize that the way out is small action!

66. The more you trust your seeing, the more you see that you’re seeing.

67. I am not asking you to trust somebody else; I am asking you to trust your own seeing.

The more you trust it, the more clearly it talks to you.

The more you trust it, the more it enables you to trust it.

The less you trust it, the lesser reasons you find to trust it.

68. When you enquire into your suffering, then you see that the sufferer is just a joke.

69. If you live as the body, you will value only that which is related to the body.

70. When somebody who is attached to you via the body, sees, that the command of the body is no more being followed by you and by the other person, then all of a sudden he realizes the tremendous power of Truth. He sees — that there might be an entire past of many decades connecting me to this person yet when the Truth shines then past has no meaning.

Your relationship might be of sixty years, but one moment of Truth, one glimpse of Truth obliterates all those sixty years. In the language of morality, this sounds like being disloyal, does it not?  “That one moment of some god-damn realization and you forgot our age-old real relationship! Is this your fidelity? Is this what our relationship means to you? So cheap!” Tell them — “yes”. One moment of Truth is bigger than sixty-years of any relationship or sixty-thousand years.

71. The one who is devoted to the Real Father is likely to have a loving relationship with the physical father also. But if you ignore the Real Father then the father on earth is of no use, no value.

Be devoted to the Real one, the rest will follow. All your other relationships will then be Real and loving.

The first has to come first. It cannot be supplanted.

72. L1: Why does the earthly father hate the Real Father?

AP: Because the Real Father is the Real one. In front of the Real Father, the earthly one stands no chance. He has been saying: “My son, my son, my son,” for so long. And when the Real one comes, whose son? Son, whose son?

He is the Father of all fathers. In fact, this is a very common observation — the earthly father will hate the Real father; the earthly lover will hate the Real Beloved. Wives are terribly angry when husbands go to Krishna, very angry, just as the spurious one is angry at the Real one.

In fact, that is one way to test the love of the wife. If the wife spurs you on, supports you when you are moving towards the Truth, then you should know that she loves you, but if you are moving towards the Truth and the wife becomes jealous and possessive, then you should know that she already knows that she is fake and false.

73. The false lover tries to bring you to himself, and misses both Truth and Love.

The Real lover forgets about himself, and tries to take you to the Truth, and he gets both Truth and Love.

74. The world of Truth is a strange world. Here, you get so much if you are prepared to drop; here, you gain everything when you surrender.

When the wife surrenders the husband, she gets a lover.

75. If you really love somebody, do not make yourself important for that person.

Let the Truth be important.

That is the action of Love.

76. Man likes to be governed by morality rather than spirituality.

77. When you refuse to know it is because you believe that you already know.

78. If you are really looking for the Highest, then your craziness for it will be the deepest.

79. Find something overwhelmingly beautiful, and you won’t need to concentrate.

80. Get That! Get that ‘right’ thing – which we are calling as a ‘thing’ for want of a better word.

Maybe, it is so attractive, so enamouring that you will be helpless in front of it, that you will be unable to prevent yourself from concentrating, that even concentration will become a meek word.

Then what do we call it?

Then we call it submersion.

Then we call it sublimation.

Then concentration is such a petty word that we don’t even use it.

And then in that state, whatever you do, you won’t need to concentrate.

81. When you are with the Lover, then the world appears itself to be lovable.

82. The silence of wisdom is not a product of civilizational noise.

83. Thought will not relieve you of suffering, for suffering itself is a thought.

84.  Enlightenment is not a special feeling; it is the dissolution of the one who feels.

85. Thought will not relieve you of suffering, for suffering itself is a thought.

86. Right life is not possible without right livelihood.

87. A loving mind does not overcome the universe, it forgets it.

88. Action does not matter, the actor matters.

89.  Guilt is a great method to not to change.

90. The True Scripture destroys your world and the creator of that world.

91. God is man’s first and last mistake.

92.  When God is the Lover, to be Kissed is to be Killed.

93. The teacher uses your bondages to take you to freedom.

94. The Teacher brings you intimate to God, and excuses himself from there.

95. You already know, just declare.

96. What is worse:

Getting betrayed ten times,


not being able to trust the eleventh time?

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