Quotes, July’16

1. The false is truer than the Truth.

2. In the material itself, you will find it. So, don’t disregard the material. Don’t be contemptuous towards it. You must be very open, very living, and offer no resistance to what you see. You offer resistance to it because you think that something more important is elsewhere. No, there is nothing more important and there is no other world. This is all that there is. This world is the only reality for you. So, you must know this world, and that is not difficult at all because you are already knowing; which means that everything is already at its proper place. Go home and relax! Or have fun—which again is not a matter of doing because you are already having fun.

3. If you are so restless about doing something, then go play! Release your energy there. Don’t just shop. Instead of pilgrimage, go to a playground. Relieve yourself. All this abundance of energy, release it. Otherwise, it becomes chaotic, neurotic, it eats you up.

4. Playing is the only right expression of energy. Right action is always playful. When action arises from the right centre, then you don’t strive, you play. Let your energy be expressed in playful Love.

5. If you come to my sessions as one comes to a lover, wonderful! But if you come here as one goes to Varanasi, then spare me!

6. Suffering is the disease in which the sickness becomes the doctor.

7. Suffering is the disease in which the patient does not know that he is not sick; suffering is the disease in which the sickness becomes the doctor.

8. Thought is your own shit, full of all the infections that you have.

9. A relationship based on emotions is a relationship based on ego.

10. Emotions are just expressed material thoughts.

When the thought becomes so intense, so powerful, that it starts showing up even materially, then you say these are emotions.

11. If you have very thoughtfully chosen somebody to relate to, then you are only choosing that which thinks!

12. Emotional relationship will prevent you from changing; an emotional relationship can never be the agent of change.

13. If you are really a loving partner, a loving father, a loving being, you will assist the other as much as you can in moving towards her destiny, and we all have a common shared destiny.

And that destiny is Peace.

14. Gratitude is not a need. Gratitude is not an obligation.

Gratitude arises. It arises in spite of your resistance.

You are not obliged to feel grateful.

15. It is only when you are dependent that conflicting thoughts arise; it is only when you are not dependent, then it is easy to stay firm with the obvious.

16. Seated in Reality, you feel no need to explain the Real.

17. Won’t you first want to check out the facts?
Or, would you rather live your life based on stories?
Whatever calls you is worthy of your attention. Honestly enquire, ‘what it is’.
That would enable one of two things – if it’s a worthy candidate to attract you,
your attraction to that thing would deepen, and if it’s unworthy, then the attraction would drop.
Full Stop!

18. In Silence, you do not feel the need for any explanations.
If you are still feeling a need for explanations, where is silence?

19. If you are anxious about paying the bills, simply keep the bills small. Or don’t raise the bills. Unless there is a bill, where is the question of payment? Simple!

The intention is to keep raising bills. So, first of all, for the sake of pleasure, one wants to generate bills and then, one throws herself into horror by thinking, “Now how will I pay these bills?”

Do you see such a self-defeating cycle?

20. The ego is billed, nobody else is billed. You have no obligations to pay the bills.

21. You clutch at the Truth, and all that you will get is the clutch.

22. Faith is about having gratitude even when bad things are happening to you.

23. Don’t turn observation into an activity; observation happens on its own.

24. When you are relaxed, then there is no need to observe. Observation is nota need. It cannot happen because you are telling yourself to observe. It cannot happen out of some purpose. When you are internally relaxed, then a subtle observation is automatically happening.

25. Never let any loss become too important for you; never let any gain become too meaningful for you.

Maintain your dignity and poise.

Even when everything is taken away, do not start crumbling.

Even when a lot is coming to you, do not become exuberant.

Maintain your own  inner core.

26. You will only choose that which is conventional; which is a circulation. You will choose one of these masters that have become popular these days.

The Truth will come to you not as a choice; sometimes as a compulsion, sometimes as a coincidence.

27. When the false has become a habit, then the Truth will never be a choice.

Never a choice!

28. The Truth will come to you not as a choice; sometimes as a compulsion, sometimes as a coincidence.

29. You must realize that it is not the past actions that are putting you in prison, you must realize that actions are not necessarily good or bad.

You have been given a criterion to look at those actions and that criterion is not yours.

Different cultures, different people, different time, have different criteria.

30. When the dropping is happening, then that which is enabling the dropping and that which remains after dropping, is the Truth.

31. That which makes you reject the prison is the Truth, in spite of all the safety and comfort that the prison may seem to offer.

32. If you are too afraid to bleed, then God’s bar is not for you.
There you first go, offer your blood and it comes back to you as a tequila shot.

33. Joy is the mind’s closeness to the Truth. Joy cannot be evil.

34. The more your love opens up, the more difficult it will be for you to then let the Truth go.

35. Right thought is the one that immediately tells you that thought is inadequate.

36. We have been accustomed to thinking that the Liberated One, that the one who has attained Moksha or Nirvana, behaves in a cool, composed, poised, elegant way. We have a certain image of the Buddha—walking nicely, smilingly gently, speaking softly, not being rude or harsh, offering a gentle touch, not hurting or killing, acting very very wisely, acting very intelligently (Intelligently in our own sense, whatever we call as intelligence). We have that particular image of the Liberated One.

The poet is trashing that image. The liberated one is a mad one, He cannot sleep at nights.

The Liberated One has no obligation to conform to your image of the liberated one.

37. The Liberated One would be known only by his madness, by His apparent chaos.
A holy anarchy is what He would be living in.

38. That is one mark of the liberated one: He is someone who has stopped following orders, even his own order.

39. The Liberated One is the one who follows no orders, who has stopped following orders; orders of others, as well as his own orders. His orders now come from somewhere else. And since His orders come from somewhere else, they are so incomprehensible to others. To others, the divine dance looks like chaos, like utter disorder. And that is why, if you are someone who bothers too much about others and society, and validation and sanction from here and there, then Truth is not for you. Because Truth is not something public, it is not a social commodity. It neither gets nor seeks general approval.

If you are really committed to Truth, you cannot be committed to anything else. If you are really devoted to the One, then you cannot bother about ‘this and that’, it’s also petty then.

So, the Intelligent One, the really intelligent one, lives like a mad one; He lives so much like an animal. But, we are also being cautioned that it doesn’t mean that everybody who lives madly is an intelligent one.

40. The Aatman(Soul) of course cannot be emulated but the physical action can be copied, so one starts copying that stuff. Now where there is the root, the shoot, and the flower and the fruit will be there. But if you keep watering the leaves and the fruit, then you will never get to the root. By copying somebody’s action, you will not attain to that person’s essence.  You will only make a fool of yourself as we do.

41. You are a product of this entire system, you are one with it; you are the system. You have come out of this soil, and the soil has everything that is needed to sustain you. When you are not responsible for your birth, why do you think that you are responsible for your upkeep? Just as you come without your volition, you will also survive without your volition. You will survive as the plants do, as the animals do, as the river does.

42. Energy which is random, disorderly, leaves you with the burden to control it.
Energy which is an order in itself, contained in the Heart, leaves you with the sureness of an inner power.

43. Whatsoever is beautiful about life is not a matter of ostentatious display.
Those who have eyes, come to learn of it on their own. They don’t really announce it.

44. To act with purpose is to act in exploitation.
To act in purpose is to act in deprivation.

45. An act of mind can only bring some mind-made stuff to you.
Any act of mind will fail in bringing that to you, which is beyond the mind.

46. Guilt is a great method to not to change.

47. Come face to face with the fact of your being.

Grand notions, or petty notions, any notions, will not work.

They are not evil, they are just useless. It is just that in my dictionary, the useless is the evil. There is no other evil. That is the definition of evil. That which is not needed is evil. That which you are needlessly carrying is the evil.

48. Guilt is trying to protect your self-concept. The self-concept is coming from somewhere. The source from where the self-concept is coming is also the source from where guilt arises. Those who give you your self-measure are also those who give you guilt along with it.

49. What brings about real improvement?

Guilt cannot bring about any improvement.
Real improvement comes when you are honestly prepared to look at what is going on.

50. You may have created a great mess around you, turning your face away won’t clear up the mess. Improvement comes from really standing in front of the mess, standing in the middle of the mess, looking at it, really looking at it, without regret. Without any feeling of superiority or without being condescending towards yourself.

51. Guilt is an accompaniment of conditioning.

52. Not the object of the thought, the thought itself is the issue.

53. It is not the object of thought but thought itself which is the disturbance.
It does not matter what the object of thought is.

54. Someone is thinking about Jalebi (a famous sweet of India); someone is thinking about Moksha. One is thinking about sex, the other is thinking about Samadhi.

It doesn’t matter what you are ‘thinking’ about. To differentiate between thoughts is just morality. One thought is good, one thought is bad; One thought is low, one thought is high. Thought itself is the nemesis.

Thought itself is the nemesis! Not the object of thought as such.

55. Real enquiry happens in Silence.

56. Real enquiry is not about asking questions or seeking answers or striving for the Truth.

Real enquiry is in Silence.

Real enquiry is about just listening.

57. Your questions only reflect what you are.

And till the time you are what you are, how does it make sense to get your questions answered.

58. Listening is sufficient. But if you will analyse and make these words an object, then you will miss. If you’ll keep analysing whether I’m getting the answer to my question then you will miss. Because you will not realise what corresponds to what.

Does the sweet aroma of the flower know that it is arising from the ordinary soil? So the gardener is coming with some fertiliser, with some manure to the plant, and the flower is wondering, “How will it help me? I need to be more brightly coloured, I need to be more fragrant and this fellow is dumping soil! How can soil contribute to brightness? How can soil contribute to fragrance?”

You never know.

You don’t know.

Which word cures what, you will never know, so just pay attention. If you think you are smart enough to be selective in listening then you’re making an idiot of yourself. You will never know what cures what. You will never know what contributes to what. And you will never know that in your inattentiveness you have missed what. You’ll just miss and you’ll think: Oh! What I missed was quite unimportant. Like in a detective movie, you do not know what is unfolding, and you missed fifteen minutes out of the two-hour movie and you think: No, no, no those fifteen minutes were quite unimportant. It has to be a very lousy movie if fifteen minutes are unimportant in it. And because it is a mysterious story how can you know what exactly you have missed, can you know? But you’re so smart, you know, you think: I can pick and choose. I can select what is important for me. I will decide. I can come thirty minutes late. I can pay attention to my own questions and I can remain clumsy when other questions are being answered; I know what is important for me.

Had you known so much, why would you still have questions?

You never know what will hit where so just be attentive. And every moment is a moment of attention.

59. The one who knows does not have great answers; the one who knows does not have big words or big answers; the one who knows is the one who does not have even small questions. If you ask him for answers, he will conclude that he is a fool because he does not have answers. His being lies in not having questions, in realising just one thing that all questions are noise. He knows the Self and he knows the Self is blemishless. There is no place for doubt or confusion there. He sits rooted in sureness. He will say, “Only a Faithless mind can have questions. I know the source, the genesis of all questions, how can I give questions importance?”

60. You meet someone and you ask him, “Sir, who are you?” He says, “I am Raj Shekhar” and you walk away, ‘Yes, I got an answer’. So what have you come to know? What does Raj Shekhar mean? Nothing. But you don’t even have the intelligence to realise that you have learned nothing. You feel as if some query has been answered. Has anything really been answered? Or go and ask all your scientists, they keep asking questions and they pretend that they receive answers, ‘Has anything really been answered?’ You check a circuit and you find that the current is five amperes, so?

You have only named the happening.

Have you really known what is happening? What do you mean by five amperes? You’ll say a certain flow of electrons, and what is that? And what is that? And what is that? And soon you come to point where you don’t know. So why do you pretend as if you know? No question can ever get an answer. But there are people being awarded great prices just because they can name one thing as another. So there is a happening in the physical world, and if you can translate that into mathematical equations then you’re called a great scientist. What have you known! What have you known in that? It’s just that now from the language of English, it is now written in the language of Mathematics. Does that mean that you have known anything? Does that mean that the query has been answered? And you are arrogant enough to name these answers on your own name. So you have Mr. Tom’s laws, Mr. Harry’s equations, Mr. Dick’s Theorem.

What have they done? What have they known?

I once asked, ‘Who knows chlorophyll? The scientist who is experimenting on it or the leaf? Who knows chlorophyll? Does the scientist know chlorophyll or does the leaf know chlorophyll? Who knows chlorophyll? But if you ask the leaf, ‘Tell me about chlorophyll’, then the leaf will say, “Who bothers? And I do not know anything called chlorophyll. You have named something as chlorophyll and you’re researching on it. I am chlorophyll!” And that is when you know when you are it. That is the only way of knowing.

When Real knowing happens then it cannot be put in words.

Then it is no more a concept.

But the scientist is so arrogant that not only will he research on chlorophyll but also claim a noble price for it. No leaf has ever been given a noble price!

I am again asking, who really knows chlorophyll? Does the scientist know chlorophyll or does the leaf know chlorophyll? Who knows chlorophyll? Unfortunately, when knowing happens, you do not know that you know. Because for us knowing is just concept formation, what do you claim to know? You only claim to know that which you can put in words and concepts, right? When do you say that ‘I know’ something? When you can put it in a sentence or an equation. When you can make a concept about it, only then you will say that I know. So the scientist will say ‘I know chlorophyll’ but the leaf will never say ‘I know chlorophyll’. Now the leaf is living chlorophyll—eating, breathing, sleeping chlorophyll— but the leaf cannot claim that ‘I know chlorophyll’. Scientist will claim! Such a stupid situation. Such a stupid situation. And the scientist will say, ‘I know the exact chemical equation of chlorophyll’. Does the leaf know the chemical equation of chlorophyll? Does the leaf know? Now that is very very strange! The leaf does not know even the ‘C’ of chlorophyll, scientist know so much.

In Real knowing, there is no knowledge involved.

61. The moon offered itself to the Sun, when to the Earth she was bound.

This disloyalty illumined the Earth’s nights with love raining around.

62. When you’re fighting the wrong battle, victory is worse than defeat. When you’re fighting the right battle, victory and defeat don’t matter.

63. Do not try to not to understand. Do not try to understand. Try not, understand.

64. When you keep quiet, you still keep yourself. When you do not do, you still are the doer. When you remain silent, you still remain.

65. When the Truth is prepared to climb down to the false, then the false becomes prepared to climb up to the Truth.

66. Your wishes are not granted so that you may be granted your destiny.

67. Love is what ego has for the Truth. Compassion is what Truth has for the ego.

68. Who am I? The honesty with which I admit ‘I am my identities’.

69. Wonderful deeds get done in non-doing.

70. That which you desperately seek is made distant by your seeking.

71. Go mad, but go really mad. Don’t just pretend.

72. If you are too afraid to bleed then God’s bar is not for you.

73. To have knowledge is ignorance; to be free of knowledge is wisdom.

74. ‘Who am I’ demands an acknowledgement, not an answer.

75. If life is not loveless, would you still talk of liberation?

76. The only way to solve the problem is to surpass the problem.

77. Seated in Reality, you feel no need to explain the Real.

78. When you are helping without reason, it is compassion.

79. If you have images about life, you will not be able to live.

80. The right action always looks strange, the wrong action always looks known.

81. Before you look up to the heavens, learn to kiss the earth.

82. Immortality is not a stretch in time; immortality is a depth in the moment.

83. When the false has become a habit, then the Truth would never be a choice.

84. The Real is always the invisible root, and the real man is always a wild flower.

85. If yours is not a world of miracles, then yours is a world of machines.

86. Equality is quite a foolish idea. Oneness is diversity, not equality.

87. We all have only one destiny and that destiny is Truth.

88. If you are not syncing with the Teacher, you are sinking.

89. Enlightenment is not one event, it is a continuity in one empty Joy.

90. Going towards your Beloved, you leave your blood-stained footsteps behind.

91. Don’t ask for a real Guru; be a real disciple.

92. Man is purposeful, God is purposeless.

93. The image of the so-called enlightened one makes one scared of enlightenment.

94. When the person changes, his relationships too must change.

95. Life has a great purpose: it’s called purposelessness.

96. Fun lies in not being afraid even while being afraid.

97. Not the object of the thought, the thought itself is the issue.

98. There are no imperfections, there are only illusions.

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