Quotes, August’16

1. Consciousness is just dead duality. One really alive is crazy beyond consciousness.

2. “‘He’ wants a cure”, therein lies the whole contradiction. ‘He’ wants the cure. Who is this ‘he’? The disease itself. The cure is his elimination. Will he take the cure? So, that’s human tragedy! What we want is our own elimination. The highest is available to us but at the cost of our being – this limited self. That’s human predicament. There is an invaluable good there. You can take it. The good is invaluable and the price is infinite.

3. All the time the call of that invaluable will keep tempting you, frustrating you; and all the time the fear of your annihilation will keep making you incapable of paying the price. Caught in between these two opposite demands, man lives his life. That is the story of mankind. And the history and the future.

The only way to go beyond this, and there is a way, is to see that these are not two different demands. We take it as a game of getting the good versus paying the price. We take these two as separate happenings. These are not separate happenings. This is the same happening.

4. The infinity that the mind thinks of is bound to be finite.

5. The ego’s arrogance is, without me, there is no me.

The fact is, without you, there is more of You.

Without you, there is the Immense.

6. No amount of mental activity can ever tell you how to go beyond mind.

Mentation cannot take you into meditation.

7. Not only must work be play but play must also be work. When you are working you should be playful and when you are gone out to play and even in that moment you must be working.

8. When you are relaxing, work must be on.

And when you are working, you must be relaxed.

9. When you know what you are doing, an indicator is, then you are able to play with it.

10. When you have no real relationship with your work, which is you, and hence you do not have any relationship with yourself then all your life you are just seeking holidays.

11. When you really know the small facts of your life – how you are brushing your teeth, how you move down the stairs, how you ride your bike, how you deal with the policemen, how you deal with the syllabus, how you deal with the food in front of you. When you know all this, then you also know work and you know the play and you will know that there is no distinction.

12. What do you think, the man who is bored during the weekends suddenly becomes lively over the weekends. Seriously? What do you think the man who is dead and flaccid till 7 p.m becomes a pulsating, lively, creative mass of energy at 10 p.m. If he is flaccid in the office then he will be flaccid in the bed also. If he requires a stimulant in the office then he will require a stimulant in the bed also.

The one who plays, plays with everything.
The one who works, works with everything.
And these two are one.

13. What is a goal?

Each and every thought and action that arises as a result of my restlessness, is a goal.

Ostensibly, every goal wants to get rid of the restlessness.

14. Where there is a goal, there is not a ‘need’ but a greed.

15. The sixth sense is the conditioned mind trying to take a more acceptable name.

 16. You are devoted to the Truth, now don’t worry.

You can go and sit on fire.
You will still be secure.

On the other hand, if you are someone, who has ranged himself against the Truth, who is showing his back to the Truth, then you will keep being barbequed. Your own cleverness will bring you to the flames. You will think that you are going there to harm somebody else, and you will not realise that you are moving towards your own grave.

17. Your wishes are not granted so that you may be granted your destiny.

Your destiny is realization; your destiny is Truth.

18. Most of your money is just psychological security in the bank account, right? How much of it do you really eat, breathe, live? You use it just as a number to console yourself. Don’t you? Will you ever use that money, seriously? For most of us, money is just a mental comfort. Something to be used in future. The whole concept of saving, is it not a disease of the mind?

Keep saving! Keep saving! Saving for what? And mind you, if you die, even with one rupee in your bank account, then is that not a tragedy? Why did you spend your life earning that one rupee? Why? Now you have died and that one rupee is still there. The fact is, most of us die with so many rupees in our account. Why do you leave anything behind?

Ask yourself sincerely, “How much do you really need?”

19. Destiny is real. It comes only to those who ask real questions. Not imaginary stuff- here, there, Brahman, consciousness, evolution. You live your life in petty stuff- money, security, home loan, jealousy, servicing the car, pleasing the boss, spying on the neighbor. So, ask those questions. Those are the real questions. Only in those real questions will you meet something Real, otherwise, you can keep blabbering – pure consciousness, seventh heaven, depths of meditation; flowerings of blissfulness; Hari Om! (Sarcastically)

“When can I get my paycheck, please?” “Hari Om!”

“Is my wife seeing somebody else these days?” “Hari Om!”

20. Deep suffering opens Joy for you.

Anything that is deep enough, takes you to Joy. It only needs to be deep. It does not matter what it is.

21. Our society does not like open expressions of suffering. That is why we always pretend that we are happy. That is why whenever someone asks us, “How are you doing?,” rarely do we say, “Very badly!”.

It is a mutual deception. We keep proving to each other that we are happy. There is no obligation to prove to others that you are happy. If you are happy for a while, it is inevitable that sadness is going to come next. When sadness comes, live it fully. Now you will know what sadness is, and in that knowing, there is Joy.

 22. Everything about the life is holy if you can look at it directly and really.

23. Go to the roots of your anger and you will reach the root of your suffering; the root of your ego. Attack there!

Don’t find helpless targets.

Don’t find cheap substitutes.

Attack the real enemy.

24. Equality is quite a foolish idea. Oneness is diversity, not equality.

25. Right action is its own reward; wrong action is its own punishment.

26. Be surrendered. Be simple. Be innocent.

Live in your ordinary nature. That’s all.

27. Live simply, and that’s all!

You are alright just as you are. You cannot improve yourself. By trying to improve upon yourself, you only disfigure yourself. You are perfectly tuned machine, don’t fiddle with it. The perfect one does not send imperfections. You are alright!

Don’t try to become something else. And if you have become something else, then return to what you are.

Don’t be so clever. Let those eyes not be eyes of suspicion. Allow yourself to be cheated a little. If the world wants to cheat you, allow yourself to be cheated.

It’s alright to be cheated a little. It’s alright to be losing a few things than to be robbed of your innocence. Stay innocent!

28. Don’t sound too wise. Let yourself be a little stupid!

You have no obligation to act cleverly. You have no obligation to be respectable.

29. Don’t ask for a real Guru; be a real disciple.

30. Man is purposeful, God is purposeless.

31. The image of the so-called enlightened one makes one scared of enlightenment.

32.  Life has a great purpose: it’s called purposelessness.

33. We use words not to communicate, but to avoid communication.

34. When you are totally silent about God, then you are in God.

35. Mind invents dummy problems to escape looking at itself – the real problem.

36. Guru is neither a person nor a qualification,Guru is the mind surrendered to learn.

37. We have great interest in not understanding.

38. If you think It is difficult To find God Then you have Not yet tried Finding Man.

39. Sweet is the beginning of love, And the dreams of a sweeter life. Come taste now the result of love, And be shaken out of all lives.

40. Sweet is the beginning of love, And the dreams of a sweeter life. Come taste now the result of love, And be shaken out of all lives.

41. If it is something that absolutely must happen, would you still take it as work?

42. See that you were born extremely old. That will help you die as a child.

43. Inspite of what a man is, man always remains a little foolish. If one cannot love a man with all his foolishness, one cannot love at all.

44. One act of total passion can convince you of That which cannot be proven by a lifetime of pursuit.

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