25th Advait Learning Camp: Come close, yet closer!


Come close, come close!

How will you end if you don’t come close?

How will you come alive if you don’t come close?

Come close, yet closer!


Ava 83%
Listeners during a Forest-Session in 24th Advait Learning Camp

Grace has knocked yet again…

25th Advait Learning camp (Entries open)
with Acharya Prashant

A wonderful opportunity awaits you…

>To be a part of a unique opportunity to have four uninterrupted days of being close to Acharya Ji and his magical discourses.

>To come close to the core of the Saints and Scriptures, through the readings and sessions on selected texts by Acharya Ji.

>To be amidst nature, in the lapse of the Himalayas.

>To be a part of various activities to help understand and observe your own life very closely.

Memoirs from 24th Advait Learning Camp


Rajni Singh,
a strong single mother, a courageous activist
and now a sincere volunteer at PrashantAdvait Foundation.

She says, “I am glad that her roots are getting stronger at such an early age. She is really blessed to get the best what the world can ever offer, the Guru himself. I would really want my daughter to stay here, learn here, and know Life in its truest sense.”


Read her full memoir here:  A miracle that happened!


Mr. Sanjay Sahay,
a fellow seeker, shared his reflection in one of the reflection sessions
conducted at 24th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar.

I realized that holding up of pain as memories and reflecting on them is useless. I learned it from yesterday’s reading – “Finish the meal and just clean the plate.”


Read his full memoir here: Finish the meal, and clean the plate

Sonali Bhattacharya
a fellow seeker, expressed her love for her brother

in one of the reflection sessions at 24th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar. 


(Sonali sobs as she speaks about her relationship with her brother) Me and my brother never remained connected with each other. We could never form that bond that siblings cherish. And when he came in here, to the 24th Advait Learning camp, I hugged him; and that was the first time that I hugged him in my entire life. This is just not so normal in between us. It isn’t that I didn’t want to hug him before or there were no opportunities to hug, there were a bundle of them, but the hug never happened.

Read her full memoir here: Coming to Advait Camp is like giving wings to your relationship!

Applications are invited!

Camp dates:- 16th Oct to 19th Oct’16
Place:- Mukteshwar, Nainital

To apply, send an email to: requests@prashantadvait.com
The details regarding the conveyance and charges will be sent to you
as a reply to your request.

The Advait Learning Camps, led by Acharya Prashant, are rare and blissful experiences, giving one the unique opportunity to come close to the Saints, the Scriptures, nature and in the process to the Self. Held in the lap of the Himalayas, twenty one Learning Camps have been held till now.

To read more about Advait Learning Camps, visit: Advait Learning Camps

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