I am waiting for the next Advait Learning Camp, and I am joining it!

1st day of Alex at 25th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar

Hi, my name is Alex. I am French. I met Acharya Ji in his “Myth Demolition Tour” in Rishikesh, in winters of 2016. Since then I followed his talks, and now I am here in the 25th Advait learning camp organized by Prashant Advait foundation in Mukteshwar. This is my first time in the camp with Acharya Ji.

So how has it been?

First of all the location is amazing and because of that I am feeling more relaxed, right away. There are mountains all around, sound of birds and also the sun, it’s really unbelievable. With that the camp was also very freeing because we didn’t have any bounded schedules. There wasn’t any pattern that was needed to be followed, or maybe if there was, the ambience was so friendly that the volunteers never made us feel that. There was no fixed plan.


So it allows the body and the mind to relax because I realized that we have always something planned to do, and with planning, the mind remains loaded with thoughts, but that is not the case here. We do certain things here but they are not rigid; there is some fluidity about the whole thing; a flow. That is the thing that I appreciate a lot.

Alex at 25th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar

I am very happy to be here in the camp surrounded by all kinds of people coming from different places in India. Acharya Ji’s talks are really very powerful which makes us take some distance from the daily-circle of our mind.

Reading “The Flying kiss to the Sky” by Acharya Prashant 

Also here we read something every day, the scriptures,  we have space for such an activity which is very rich otherwise we would go back to our daily-circles of our conditioning and mindset which the society has imposed on us.

Now, I will give that space regularly to myself.

Nothing more to say. 🙂

I am waiting for the next Advait Learning Camp.

And I am joining it!

~ Alex ~

4th day of Alex at 25th Advait Learning Camp, Mukteshwar

Editor’s Note:

Alex came directly from Paris to attend the 25th Advait Learning Camp(ALC).
She explains how the rigid schedule and patterns of daily life have left no scope for spontaneity.
25th ALC With Acharya Prashant gave her the opportunity to be carefree, yet centered. Spontaneous, yet still.

Now, Alex is looking forward to the next Advait Learning Camp, which is being organized from 26th-29th November’16.

To apply for the 26th Advait Learning Camp, send the request at: requests@prashantadvait.com


Also, Books by Acharya Prashant are available on AMAZON and FLIPKART:

Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/Acharya-Prashant

Flipkart: http://tinyurl.com/gob7gnq

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