The 29th Advait Learning Camp: Celebrating Mahashivratri


It is Time
You respond to His call;
It is Time
You open the Gates To Your Heart,
and It is Time
You Embrace the Divine Caller.
Don’t delay any more;
Don’t think any further.
Go by Faith and Surrender to the Call.


PrashantAdvait Foundation, after organising 28 Self-Awareness Retreats,
is all set for another one.


An opportunity to spend time with Acharya Prashant and read the rarest of rare scriptures, this camp will be held in Shivpuri, Rishikesh, from 24th to 27th of February


The foothills of the Himalayas await you!
Celebrate life at The 29th Advait Learning Camp

To participate: write an email to:

For any queries, feel free to contact:
Shri Anshu Sharma +91-8376055661, or Shri Kundan Singh +91-9999102998

Glimpses from the 28th ADVAIT LEARNING CAMP

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Memoirs from previous Camps:

Priyanka Kaushik,

a participant of 26th Advait Learning Camp, in the presence of Acharya Ji, was relieved of the false notions that she had in her head. The camp came to her as a shock, a pleasant one!


At first, I was very sceptical that whether I should come or not. This whole structure of sessions and then the camp, has been a big shock to my system! I am so much used to ‘planning’ and ‘controlling’ things that what is going to happen next would really stress me out. Things do happen here but without any control. It was a very pleasant shock, though I am still getting used to it. It was a much-needed jolt, I am glad that I got it!

Read her full memoir here: The camp came as a shock, but a pleasant one!

Rohintan Talati,

joined 25th Advait Learning Camp, all the way from Gujarat.
He is amazed how this camp has calmed down the tussles of his relationship.


Each and every moment here at the camp was different and relaxing. Even when we are not doing something, then too, there was no boredom or emptiness of any kind. I was feeling alright. That is the one thing that I am certainly taking out of this camp, especially with the grace of Acharya Ji. He motivated me a lot and the way he sees things, was amazing and that triggered my understanding as well.

Read his full memoir here: He gave me the answers without even saying a single word

Advait Learning Camps:

The Advait Learning Camps, led by Acharya Prashant, are rare and blissful experiences, giving one the unique opportunity to come close to the Saints, the Scriptures, nature and in the process to the Self. Held in the lap of the Himalayas, twenty-five Learning Camps have been held till now.

To read more about Advait Learning Camps, visit: Advait Learning Camps

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