Now is not the Present, now is an imagination || Acharya Prashant (2016)

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Listener: Speaking of the illusion of continuity in the world, did yesterday really exist or is it a feeling of we have ‘now’, to support the illusion, the only reality.

AP: Yesterday never talks of yesterday. Tomorrow never talks of tomorrow. Assuming that they were, you talk of them. When? And whenever you are talking of them, you are in?

L1: Present

AP: Now. No, not really in the Present. Because if you are talking of this and that then surely you are missing the present. If you are talking of yesterday, tomorrow and all such fancies then you are a little displaced from the Present. But the ‘now’ is what you are believing in – the now as the part of the flow, now that comes after yesterday and comes before tomorrow.

A distinction between the Present and now needs to be very clearly made.

The Present is Shiva. The Present is that which is present, which is all that there is. ‘Now’ is an imaginary part of time. Can you ever put your finger on the ‘now’? Can you ever say, “I am right now”? The moment you talk of the now, now is already?

Listeners: Gone.

AP: So ‘now’ is always just an imagination.

The Present is the foundation of the past, now and the future. The Past, now and future are parts of the stream of the time. Present is the land, the vast infinite land in which many such streams keep flowing.

L1: We spake of the Present as eternal but aven the concept of eternity requires time.

Ap: So, not eternity, ‘timelessness’.

L1: It is different?

AP: Yes, it is different.

L1: What is the difference between eternity and timelessness?

AP: Eternity would mean long, unimaginably long period of time. Timelessness means just being outside the flow of time. Mind wants to talk of eternity because the mind wants continuity. The mind does not like timelessness. Eternity ensures great continuity. Now, will you tell me what is immortality? Is it eternity or is it timelessness? Is it about living for a million years or is it something else?

L2: Timelessness?

AP: So can one be immortal right now?

L2: Yes.

AP: And one can lose it as well.

Surrendered and in the Present, one is immortal.

And the moment you are busy with time, you are again moving towards death.

~ Excerpts from a ‘Shabd-Yoga’ session. Edited for clarity.

Watch the session video: Acharya Prashant: Krishna is that within you that already knows

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  1. “The Present is the foundation of the past, now and the future. The Past, now and future are parts of the stream of the time. Present is the land, the vast infinite land in which many such streams keep flowing.”

    I was reading many books like The Power of Now and others. But after reading this article, it seems that those authors do not understand anything about time.
    Acharya Ji has logically explained time and ‘What is presence?’


    1. Dear remembrance1blog,

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