Why did Osho say that he is the rich man’s Guru? || Acharya Prashant (2016)

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AP: So, you are asking, “Why did Osho say that he is the rich man’s Guru?” Two important words here will have to be understood. The first is ‘rich’, what is richness? The second is ‘Guru’, what is Guru? When you usually say richness, what do you mean? It’s a very frequently used word, what do we mean? We usually mean a feeling of having a lot with us. And equally frequently we also use the word ‘poor’. What does poor refer to?

Listener 1: Lacking something.

AP: A feeling of lacking something. Normally we would take richness and poorness to be opposites of each other. And that gives us a hint, wherever opposites are to be found, the matter is just dualistic. And in any dualistic issue, both sides of duality are not really true. So what is the poor man saying? The poor man is saying “I have sized up myself, I have taken my measurement and I find this measurement to be small”. And what is the rich man saying? “I have sized up myself, I have taken my measurement and I find this measurement to be large, big!” Now small and big both are very subjective terms and hence, rich and poor too are subjective.

You might be feeling rich in your subjective way, relative to one set of people. That set of people changes, your benchmark changes and you’ll no more be rich. Right? Richness, a feeling of richness can very quickly change into a feeling of poorness. What is common between a rich one and a poor one is that both have necessarily sized themselves up. Hmm? Both have necessarily drawn a boundary about themselves. Both are making a statement, “so much am I.” It is just that this so much differs for them.

The rich man substitutes so much with a lot. The poor man substitutes so much with less, little, small, meagre. Do not look at the difference, look at the commonality. The commonality is much deeper than the apparent difference. The commonality is, both are saying “we know our limits”. Now it doesn’t matter whether you call your limit large or small, one thing is certain that you are calling yourself limited. One thing is certain that you are calling yourself limited! The moment you call yourself limited, it is actually poverty. Because existentially, one is not limited.

Existentially, you are not bounded, not finite. Even if you say you are rich, yet you are putting a number to your riches and that number stops somewhere. Where that number stops, your poverty begins. You may have a trillion, but after the trillion, you have nothing. So, you are so poor. You put any number to your self-worth, to your being, you have essentially done injustice to yourself. So, the poor one is poor and the rich one too is poor. The difference is not in dimension, just in degree. The poor man is seeing that he is poor, the rich man would soon call himself poor another time, another situation, another metric, another benchmark.

So when Osho says that he is a rich man’s Guru, it must be understood that he is not referring to the ordinary rich man. Because the ordinary rich man, even if he is a billionaire, is not rich at all. You see, the moment it is said, “I am the rich man’s Guru”, the image that comes to your mind is that the speaker is the Guru of a wealthy individual, of people who have a lot of possessions. That is the image that comes to the mind, right? That people who are loaded with money, bank balances, assets, ornaments, reputation, they are sitting in front of that Guru and he is claiming, “I am the rich man’s Guru”. No, not really.

When a wise man, when an intelligent man says ‘rich’, he does not mean rich by way of assets or possessions. Why? We have just discussed that. Because even our richness is actually poverty. Hmm? Even richness is a quantification, even richness is a delimitation. And where there is limit, there is poverty. You may have put a very large number to yourselves. But a number is still a number. Even a large number is zero when compared to infinity. Even a large number means that your expectations will run beyond that. Even if you are standing on the highest number imaginable, yet you are very-very far from that which you really are. So possessions cannot make you rich.

The ordinary language is always dualistic. In ordinary language, when you say rich, it is the opposite of poor. But in the language of the wise man, the spiritual man, in the language of the mystic, duality has very little place. Even though he uses man-made words, even though he uses the same dualistic language, yet due to his touch, the word which was a very ordinary word, starts carrying the fragrance of non-duality. That is Advait.

So when somebody like Osho is saying ‘rich’, he means a richness beyond richness and poverty. His richness is not coming from having something. Usually when you have a lot, you say you are rich. He is talking of a richness where you feel that you are something. Something not in the sense of a possession, something not in sense of material. Something in a very abstract sense. Because if you are something, even in terms of knowledge or reputation, then that is just material. Then that is just possession.

When a saint says, “Oh! He is a rich man”, what he means is that-that man has discovered his inner richness. Getting it? That is the meaning of the word ‘rich’ when used in the spiritual sense. Are we clear on this? In the worldly sense, rich means having a lot-money, cars, factories, assets, reputation, knowledge, family, relationships, network. In the real sense, in the mystical sense, rich means being what you are. And that cannot have a limit, a boundary. So it cannot be contained in a number. Getting it?

He says, “I am a rich man’s Guru”. Once you discover an inner fullness, once you discover that possessions are nothing compared to that which you are, then possessions start meaning very little to you. When possessions start meaning little then that place from where all possessions come also starts losing its attractiveness. Where do all possessions come from? Where do all possessions come from?

Listener 1: Desire.

AP: Yes, desire. And to which place does desire go to get possessions?

Listener 2: Outside.

AP: Outside. And what lies outside?

Listener 2: The world.

AP: The world. So when you are no more enthralled by possessions then the world also does not seduce you that much. The world has its importance only in the sense that it will give you something. When you are a beggar then the world means a lot to you. Because all that you are going to get, you are going to get from the world only.

So this man, who discovers, who is living in his internal fullness, in his internal richness, is also parallely seeing the poverty of the world. He is seeing that the highest, the most attractive, the most tempting that the world can offer, is still unable to dislodge him from his heart. The world is coming in front of you, offering this and that, and what the world is offering is nice, good and wonderful! Still it is not shaking you up. Still you are not quite going mad in pursuit of what is being shown to you. Not running heals over heads.

Now you can say that the world with all its poverty and its relative richness is actually very poor. Poor in the sense that it does not tempt me. Poor in the sense that it does not really attract me. Hmm? The word ‘Guru’ starts with ‘Gu’. ‘Gu’ points towards darkness. ‘Ru’ indicates light. The darkness that the ‘Gu’ sound points at is the darkness of poverty. So, the one who is really rich, is already seeing that the world means very little, very-very little. The first half of Guru has already come to him.

The first half of Guru which is ‘Gu’, and what does ‘Gu’ indicate? Darkness! The darkness of the world is already open to him. The world is not offering any heavens to him now. He is not placing his hopes in the future anymore. He is not saying, “That maybe tomorrow something in the world will offer me redemption”. He is not saying that out there somewhere lies something very-very precious and desirable. He is saying, “Oh my God! Just suffering, just illusions, just repetitions, that is what this world is all about”. When you are standing at this point, that is the point when you are fully prepared to complete the word ‘Guru’.

Now remember that the beginning has already been made by you. You are already saying that the world is not quiet seductive. That all those things, pleasures, hopes, bounties, that the outside offers and promises are not so compelling. That is when your time has come. That is when you are internally prepared for the external Guru to come to you.

Mind you, the whole process has begun even before the external Guru comes to you. You could not have said that the world is not very desirable without the internal Guru having first helped you. Just a while back we had said that only when you are feeling an inner richness that you can say that the world is not offering me completion, I am already complete! So the process begins there. The process is actually internal.

First step, you feel you are alright, you feel you are not sick. You don’t feel that you have to go here and there, meet this person or that person, read this book or that book, get that job, and get that relationship in order to reach somewhere. Second step, which you can also call as a parallel step, is that all that which usually appeared so attractive loses its lustre. “Ah! This used to be such a compelling thing. I used to be overwhelmed with desire on looking at her and now she is just another common lady.”

The sight of that new car, freshly launched, used to fill me up with passion, and now that is just another vehicle. Not that I am repulsive towards any of these, it is just that they are not now special for me. I am not even resenting them. It is just that they have lost their appeal. They don’t mean much.” That is the second step. And when, all these trivial things of the world stop mattering to you, then I am saying that you are fully prepared to meet that in the world which you had been so far ignoring. Now the external Guru too can come to you. But the external Guru cannot come to you without the internal having been already present.

Formerly, you were chasing money and reputation, and they mattered to you, when you looked at the world. Now in the same world, something else matters to you. Given that you still have a certain identification with the body, you are still existing in the world. But now that same world has different colours, now something else matters. That something else is the external Guru. This is the whole process of divine relationship. You benefit from grace and no reason can be accorded to why this process starts, it just happens.

Some people start feeling something in their hearts which others don’t. You can try to reason it out, you can try to satisfy yourselves with arguments, justifications but none of your arguments will be able to fully capture the event in a cause effect framework. You will never be able to find the real cause of why something is happening to you, why you are becoming indifferent towards something or why you met a certain person or why you are present at a certain place? All the reasons that you find will be very superficial reasons. They can never fully capture or explain the immensity of the happening.

So there is something that you start feeling in the heart and when the heart awakens, when it opens up, then the first thing that happens is that the world changes for you. It is like having a light within. Earlier, you were walking in the dark. Now, you are walking with light in your heart and light hence, in your eyes. When you are walking with light in your eyes, the world becomes surely different.

What used to mean one thing earlier, may mean nothing now. What used to be on your blind spot earlier, may suddenly become greatly visible and greatly significant now. Not that the external Guru has Para jumped from somewhere. Not that he has suddenly come. He was there, always there. In some form, in some way. But now that you are able to see. Now that you are able to not see that which was obfuscating your vision then you see that which is really going to help you, which is really auspicious for you. And that completes the process.

So when he says, “I am the rich man’s Guru”, he is not saying something special. He is not saying that he is limiting his role to a particular economic class of people. Please do not misinterpret the statement. It is very easy to misinterpret it. All that he is saying is that the ones who are living in poverty are not prepared to meet the Guru. And what kind of poverty is he talking of? He is talking of the inner poverty.

Those who feel that they are poor, will keep wanting things and stuff from the world. And till from the world, you keep wanting things and stuff, you will never get That from the world which is real. The world can offer you the deadliest illusions. But the world, at the same time, can offer you something that takes you towards light. Till the time you are besotted by illusions only, how will you ever pay attention to That which will really help and redeem you?

So Osho is saying, only when you are experiencing that inner richness that you will acknowledge and surrender to the external Guru. Otherwise the external Guru will keep walking towards you, keep walking in front of you, and keep walking past you and you will not recognize him, not acknowledge him, not offer your love and respect to him.

Ordinarily, we feel that the Guru is the agent of transformation. I have tried to emphasize that the transformation has started much before you meet the external Guru. Your process should have begun much before you come in contact with the external Guru. A kind of disillusionment with the world, coupled with a feeling of contentment in the heart, these must anyway be there, already be there. And then you are ripe to come in contact with that special energy outside. Remember, first inside, first inside! Then outside. This condition is there.

If your mind is so numb and dumb that it has no contact with the heart then there is no possibility that you will ever meet the true Guru outside-whether as a scripture, whether as a situation, whether as a person. You’ll not meet. Not that he will block himself, but I am repeating, he will be there right in front of your eyes, but your mind would be so silly that it would miss him. So first of all, your mind should be already prepared. Yes? That is the beginning of the process! The preparation of the mind is not something done by you. We said, it happens due to grace. And what does grace happen due to? We better not think about that! It is uncaused. It cannot be known, by thought. Yes?

So now, you are someone, who is rich, who is overflowing. And when he is overflowing in the heart, and he looks at the world, he says, “I feel a great abundance here, but why is the world so stupid? I feel something overflowing here, but why is the world so deprived?” Now your eyes are looking for the same abundance outside, a hint of which you are experiencing here. Now your eyes will meet this abundance in some particular form, there! Yes? Are you getting it?

So, the rich man, rich from where? Possessions? No! Rich from here (Pointing towards the heart). So a rich man finds the Guru. Rich from here (Pointing towards the heart), only then you can find the guru outside. Rich from here, you want the same richness outside. Now you know what richness is! Now the world cannot deceive you. Now you see that all that the world is offering you is darkness! Gu! Now you are saying, “complete it”. Darkness is not sufficient, darkness is not likeable. It has to be GU-RU, a movement from darkness to light.

And then something magical happens! From within darkness, light emerges! From nowhere. You cannot know why, how. The whole world is one colour, which colour? Dark! The whole world is one mind, what kind of mind? Dull, sad, illusioned, suffering! And, from somewhere, in this punk, in this dense and dark forest, light magically arises! Just as magically, as it first arose in your heart. In your heart it came from nowhere. Similarly, in the world you find the Guru coming from nowhere. And you are amazed! You say, “How could I find a teacher in this place!” That is why in the Indian symbolism the lotus is given such primary importance. The lotus is found, where is it found?

Listeners (in unison): In the mud.

AP: In the mud, in the pond! Often, in the middle of stink! And it is such a beautiful flower. That beautiful flower is arising not from fresh water, not in a beautiful surrounding. In the ugliest of environment, suddenly a flower is rising! That is magic. That is grace. India has respected that. But that magic, that grace, can be available only to you when the flower has blossomed first in your heart. Yes? Within, then without.

Only the rich one can ever be prepared to receive the Guru.

Only the rich one! What kind of richness? I am asking for the fourth or fifth time, what kind of richness? The richness of heart, not of the pocket, not of the bank balance. Only the rich one is prepared to accept, acknowledge and surrender to the teacher outside. And mind the corollary! If you are not getting the teacher outside, it is certain that you are poor inside.

Had you not been poor inside, how is it possible that the world would not have offered you a teacher? A teacher in some form! Not necessarily in the form of a person. In some form, the light would have become available to you. If the light is not at all becoming available to you and you are struggling, the only reason is that your mind is still too thick, and it is shrouding your heart. Pray for grace! Pray, that your heart opens up. Do not pray that you receive a wonderful Guru, who will do wonders to you. How will you receive the wonderful Guru till you first have the eyes to know him and acknowledge him?

The Guru may keep calling, you will run away, you will say, “No no no! He is not a Guru at all, some ordinary man, even a fraudster”. So first of all, ask for the eyes that can know the Guru. Those eyes are internal, within! Those eyes are blessed to you by Grace. Pray, so that the grace blesses you. When you are blessed internally, then you will meet him outside also. You will meet him in the most unlikely of places. Not as per your planning. Not as per your expectations. Not as per your preparations. It will be very easy to miss. Poor ones keep missing. You will not miss only if you are rich.

Do not think that the external can ever cause a change. The external, is a function of the internal. The internal comes first. Or if you want to be too accurate, then you could say that the internal and the external come together. But never-never does it happen that the external come first. That cannot happen! There is no world without your mind. Similarly there can be no external Guru without first your heart being prepared for the Guru. Do not say that the Guru will come and prepare your heart. No! No teacher can ever work wonders. The wonder must already have happened! Half the process must already have taken place. The other half, the external can facilitate, not cause! Are you getting it?

Do not put the responsibility of your transformation on some other person. Nobody can come and magically change you. Because whosoever you give the authority to change you, would be somebody chosen by you! And whom would you choose if you are fascinated by darkness? You would only choose another dark mind as your teacher. And how can darkness change darkness? Are you getting it?

Do not try to choose a Guru. The Guru is a very serendipitous happening. You can call it chance or randomness. Do not try to look outside, look within. Be prepared! And then suddenly, from nowhere, the external Guru will come to you. It is a complete inversion of approach.

Many of you are coming from other countries, kindly do not think that you will get something special here. You may get something or somebody special here but for that first of all you have to be special. That is the condition. When you are special then special things happen to you. When you are already special then a special Guru meets you. Like attracts like! Start the process, here (Pointing towards the chest), then help will appear on the outside. That is the meaning of ‘God helps those who help themselves’.

When you are really thirsty, when you have really seen the falseness of all that you have been, when the process has already been taken as far ahead by you as your limited strength can allow, that is when help arrives. Divine help! The blessing of Grace, is given only to those who first have so much trust upon the blessing that they are prepared to take unimaginable risks. That they are prepared to go beyond themselves and exert themselves fully. That is called inner preparation. Do not wait for the magical to happen to you, be the magic. And then everything that happens to you will be magical.

Be special, then you will meet a special teacher, a special friend, a special lover, the entire world would be special! The ordinary dog on the street would be so special. You have to be special!

Only the rich one gets the Guru. Be rich first.

Go to your richness. Hmm? You must ask me, “If we have already attained to our richness now why do we need the Guru?” If only the rich man gets the Guru, then what is the purpose of the Guru now? He is already feeling a fullness in his heart. He is already feeling complete, now what will he do with the Guru?

Listener 1: Nothing.

AP: Exactly! He will do nothing with the Guru. To him, now the Guru is not a need. To him, the Guru, now has no functional utility. For most of us, the Guru is almost a service provider. We say we need the Guru for such and such personal improvement. Till the time you need the Guru, all that you will get is service providers. They will be your slaves, not Gurus. You will get trainers and teachers, not the Guru.

The Guru, reveals himself only to those who do not need him. Only to those who are already feeling complete. That is why the Guru and the friend are one. They do not serve any need. The relationship is not of give and take. If the relationship is of need then remember that you will quit the Guru when the need is satisfied. With the Guru it is a love affair, and love affairs are not affairs of need and requirement. Otherwise it is just ordinary business. That is another myth that needs to be broken-that the Guru serves this kind of purpose in one’s life. No he does not serve any purpose.

He appears just as a validation! He appears just as a proof! You already know that you will live by the heart! But when you look at the world, you only see darkness! The Guru arises as a proof. The Guru arises as your mirror image. The Guru arises as that which you are sensing yourself to be but not very clearly seeing. The Guru arises as a hope in the real sense of the word. Not a hope that relates to the future, but a real hope! Immediate! The Guru validates that life is worth living. Are you getting it?

There is nothing new that he brings to you. He only reveals that to you in a crystallized form which is already there with you in a fragmented, amorphous way. He is a clear, clear representation of that which you are beginning to know yourself but only in a hazy way.

When you look at yourself, you just see a blurred kind of picture. Guru is a very-very sharp picture. Sharp! But not different from you. You rejoice on meeting him, because he has just made clear the picture of that which you already are. Remember, he is not giving you any new picture. The picture is the same. The difference is in the sharpness. So do not cultivate a hope that some great dimensional transformation can come from a new place or a new person.

I am repeating, when you already have it that is when you get it. And that is also the meaning of the frequently quoted statement of Jesus, you remember that one? “Those who are rich, shall be given more. And those who are poor, shall be deprived of even that which they have.” Have much, get much! Have little, keep crying. Your social morality says that those who have little, should be given more. The spiritual order says, those who have everything should be given even more. And those who feel they have nothing, should be made to feel that they have even lesser!

If you feel like a beggar then your punishment is that you should continue feeling like a beggar. And if you feel fuller than the wealthiest king then your reward is that you’ll keep feeling fuller and fuller. That is also the meaning of the word ‘Brahm’. ‘Brahm’ refers to Truth, ‘Brahm’ means that which keeps growing and growing and growing. Such is the nature of the inner fullness. You have it, it keeps growing, keeps growing, keeps growing! Right?

Do not pray to the almighty that, “God, kindly give me something because I have nothing.” Usually that is the kind of prayer, the world has been doing. “God, I am so impoverished, so deep in suffering, so meek! Kindly give me something. My qualification is that I have nothing!” That is why such prayers are never answered.

Only one prayer can be answered. I have so much, so much, so much, so much… that I need nothing. This is the prayer of Silence. This is answered. And how is it answered? By not being answered! Because you already have everything! This is the prayer of gratitude. This prayer is simply saying ‘Thanks’. When you are saying, “Thanks, I need no more” then you are given all the more. When you are saying, “I still need more” then whatever you have, gets diminished even more. Getting it?


Something that you want to add or ask?

Listener 3: Sir, the Guru need not be a person? Can be anything. Light can also be a Guru.

AP: Yes. But remember that the Guru is for you. When you say that you need a Guru or you have a Guru then you are talking of yourself in a subjective way. So, your Guru will only be someone who you can, as a person, relate to. Your Guru cannot be something, somebody, some situation that you have no relationship with. And as a person, you are still conditioned. The body itself is a conditioning. So a Guru has to be someone that your conditioning opens its doors to.

Suppose you are, an ordinary man. The kind of man who eats flesh, cuts trees, have very little respect for other life forms. If such a man says that even an insect can be the Guru then it is quite improbable. Because as you are, you do not consider the insect anything! As you are, you do not even look at the insect. You do not hesitate crushing the insect. So it is quite improbable that an insect can act as a Guru.

Somebody asked that, “You know as I am walking down the road, why can’t the trees be my Guru? Why can’t the grass be my Guru?” I said, surely they can be, but tell me… who are you? Not as an imagination, not as a concept, not as an ideal, but as a fact who are you? You are the kind of man who does not listen even when his name is called. You are the kind of man who finds it difficult to pay attention. Even when all the arrangement have been made and all the situations have been created that facilitate attention. This man will probably not respond even if another man calls out his name from behind. How will this man listen to the call of blade of grass?

Sitting in front you, as I speak something, even that you cannot comprehend. Mine is a language that you know. I am speaking in English or in some other language that you know, and even this language is unintelligible to you! How will you understand the language of a blade of grass?

So a blade of grass or an insect, can be a Guru only for those who have advanced so much that they can have a relationship with the grass. When you say that even a monkey or a stone or the moon or the insect can teach you, tell me first honestly, do you have a relationship with the moon or the insect? Yes they can teach you! But remember that a Guru operates only as a friend and a lover. Are you really in love with the insect? Are you really friends with the mountain? If you are, then they will teach you, then they will be your Guru! But do not deceive yourself.

Do not unnecessarily claim that you do not need to listen to a person because the walls can teach you. The same walls that you take no time bringing down? They are slaves, you raise the wall then you bring down the wall, how can your slave be your Guru? First of all, there has to be a relationship of love. When there is the relationship of love then that divine teaching takes place. Usually when people say that I do not need to surrender to a man because I can surrender to a buffalo, all that they want to do is, escape the man! The man is dangerous, the buffalo is not. You can ride the buffalo, you cannot ride the man. You can milk the buffalo, the man will hit you hard.

So then you come up with such fascinating and divine arguments. You say, “No, why do I need to listen to a teacher? That buffalo outside is sufficient!” It is not that you have any love for the buffalo. It is just that you want to avoid what the man can bring to you. Right?

So both, yes and no. Yes, the river can teach, the mountains can teach, all that the universe is, even imaginations can be a Guru. But first of all you have to be somebody who can learn from the insect, the crocodile, the dog, the air, the leaf, the dead body. You have to be someone like that. Most of us are not like that. Within first, then without! What kind of Guru is suitable for you, and what shape and form the Guru will take depends on who you are.

Listener 4: So, you can have more than one particular teacher?

AP: Even the one Guru takes an infinite number of forms for you. One Guru sits here (pointing towards the heart). Outside, only forms and forms keep varying. Even if it is one person, outside, that one person will come to you with different faces. The Guru is therefore, as they say a ‘Bahurupiya’. He hides, he masquerades, he has a thousand personas, and you can never really put your finger on his real face. The moment you think that you have known his actual face, he will surprise you by showing some other face. You can never really size him up.

So outside, the forms will keep changing. It might be different persons or it might be different faces of the same person. But within, it is just one Guru. That one Guru within, is also called the Atman, the Self. In fact,

That is one characteristic of the real Guru, he would never be stale, he would never get old, and he would never remain constant. He will keep showing different aspects of himself to you. He has infinite versatility. He is totally dynamic. When you belong to one mental condition then he will reveal one particular face to you. And when you are in another mental condition, he will reveal a totally different face to you. You cannot predict his words or responses. Because his responses are not fixed, they depend on who you are. And if you are changing, you’ll find that he is parallely changing. So on one hand, the Guru is unchangeable. On the other hand, he is constantly changing.

Listener 5: Only the external form, but from inside the Guru is only one.

AP: Only one, only one!

Listener 6: If someone comes down by his richness, by time and situation, he can re-bring his Guru or not?

AP: I didn’t understand. Please?

Listener 6: If someone comes down, from his richness, if he reduce his richness or some problem or some situation, he can re-bring his Guru or not?

AP: You are saying, if someone gets displaced from his centre, if someone was living peacefully but situations make him disturbed that is the situation?

Listener 6: Yes.

AP: So you are saying if that happens, is it possible for him to re-attain what he has lost?

Listener 6: Yes.

AP: Is that what you are asking?

Listener 6: Yes.

AP: First of all, understand that it has not been lost. And when you understand that, that is when you have re-attained it. What is this thing about losing? Losing is never real. Because as long as you are, how can you lose yourself? You can only lose that which is in your pocket. You can only lose that which is in your hands. You can only lose that which is external to you. How can you lose that which you are?

It is like you come complaining to the police station saying that I have lost something great and he asks, “what have you lost?” You say, “myself”. It’s so stupid. If you have lost yourself then who is complaining. The fact that you are saying you have come down proves that you are still there. And where you are, there is no up or down. That place is not spatial. There is no movement there. You are just there!

This feeling that you have lost something, simply come close to it, inquire and see that it is false. See that it is just an assumption. An assumption, in which others have an important role to play. An assumption which is reinforced by the world. An assumption that you could not have believed in, without the support of circumstances. If circumstances were different then you would not have believed in this assumption. Right? It is not something internal. It is something borrowed, imported. When you see the falseness of this feeling of deprivation, you have regained your richness. Yes?

Nobody attains God, you just lose the evil! Getting it? Stop this sordid love affair with the evil. God is always there! But we are so enamoured by the evil that God keeps politely waiting. He is a gentleman! He says, “Alright. When you are done with your orgy, then I’ll walk in. Till then I am patiently here, not going anywhere.”

The first thing that the great masters of India said was that India is not a place. You cannot take a flight and come to India. India is just another name for your Heart. Either you are in India when you are in Chile, or you are never in India. India is not a geographical location. It is just amusing that there is a country called India, a political unit called India.

A flight cannot take you to India, only a Guru can take you to India. India is your heart. That is the reason why thousands and thousands of seekers come and they keep missing. They keep missing because they are looking out in space, they are thinking that India is out there somewhere. Out there somewhere, you only have people, shopping malls, the oceans, buildings, this and that. You’ll not find the truth out there.

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A tremendous body of our work – around 10,000 videos, 3000 articles, and more – has been made freely available to all on the internet. Just one piece of statistic to put in perspective the magnitude of our charitable work: Around a million minutes of video content is consumed daily by our viewers on YouTube alone, absolutely for free.

This would not be possible without financial contributions from our audiences, who support our work from around the world.

We have upheld our independence in the face of the disintegration of genuine spirituality – with more and more contemporary spiritual content being just disguised commercialism, consumptionism, and egoism. We refuse to belong to any lineage or tradition, we refuse to identify with any ideology or community, nor do we pander to base sentiments to gain followership or financial assistance. This enables us to freely say the truth without inhibition.

Your financial support has meant we can continue to keep bringing you the truth and the undiluted essence of the scriptures. You have supported our independence, and we are grateful.

We need your support so we can keep bringing the truth to you. Any amount contributed by you towards our noble cause is valuable.

We need your support so we can keep bringing the truth to you. Support us from as little as $5 – it only takes a minute.

Donate via PayPal:

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Or, you can donate an amount of your choice directly at our website.

To know more about Acharya Prashant and his work, click here.

To connect to  PrashantAdvait Foundation, call at +91-9650585100, or mail to requests@advait.org.in


    1. Dear remembrance1blog,

      Greetings from PrashantAdvait Foundation!

      The reply to this comment is made by the volunteers of the Foundation who maintain the blog.

      For more clarity, there are a lot more discourses by Acharya Ji on OSho which you can read.
      Only an intelligent man can give the real meaning of richness.

      We are glad to inform you that seekers from all over the world get connected with Acharya-Ji through the following offerings by the foundation:

      1. Meet the Master:
      Meet the Master aka MTM is an opportunity to meet Acharya Prashant personally, either physically or online.

      To meet the master, send your application to requests@prashantadvait.com or contact: Smt. Anoushka Jain: +91-9818585917

      2. Advait Learning Camps:
      Advait Learning Camps are monthly retreats organized by PrashantAdvait Foundation under Acharya Prashant’s guidance. These camps are about spending four days and three nights in the lap of nature, while reading, reflecting, learning and evolving.
      So far, scores of ALCs have been organised in places like Rishikesh, Mukteshwar, Jim Corbett National Park, Chopta, Kainchi Dham, etc.

      To participate in the camp, write an e-mail to requests@prashantadvait.com, or call: Sh. Anshu Sharma at +91-8376055661

      3. Course in Realization:
      Course in Realization, a classroom-based learning program led by Acharya Prashant, is a humanitarian initiative towards disseminating clarity and intelligence in the world. In this course, a rigorous study of a scripture or a saint is undertaken each month.

      To join in, send your application to requests@prashantadvait.com or contact: Sh. Apaar: +91-9818591240

      4. Month of Awakening:
      For those who cannot attend sessions physically, the foundation does online streaming of few selected sessions via Skype or Webinar. Known as Month of Awakening, this facility offers live streaming of sessions and helps seekers listen to Acharya-Ji while being where they are.

      To receive the blessing, send your application to requests@prashantadvait.com or contact:
      Smt. Anoushka Jain: +91-9818585917

      PrashantAdvait Foundation


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