The Man Behind The Mask

The PrashantAdvait Foundation (PAF) has drama embedded in its culture.
And ofcourse, it emanates from none other than Acharya ji himself.
Our stints at Dilli-Haat, Ramana Kendra, Saket mall and many different colleges, have been fuelled and backed by Acharya ji’s active support.

So, one day I just casually asked him about his love for plays
and I was in for a surprise!
Not only was he actively acting but also, directing plays in his days at IIT and IIM. He has acted in a variety of plays at
various college fests, national level competitions and also for social initiatives.

One of the plays that I personally got to see was the ‘Rhinoceros’ which is an Absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco and was performed at
RJMCEI Auditorium, IIM- Ahmedabad in November, 2002.

Acharya ji played the protagnist in this two hour long play
and was also the director of the play.

For this he had to manage his academics with the play’s direction.
What this meant was…two, six hour shifts daily along with his academics!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Snaps from the play the ‘Rhinoceros’ 
I’ll just pray to get a chance to act with him for once in my life!

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