Naughty child or a meditative Saint?

Yesterday the session was about to begin. The audience had taken their seat. Anshu sir was making the announcements. The reading had been distributed. All was silent and composed.

Acharya ji comes. We tell him there is 10-15 minutes waiting because the audience is seriously reading.

We all are behind a thin curtain. On the other side of the curtain is the whole audience. And Acharya Ji breaks into an impromptu dance. On the other side, 2 feet away, Anshu sir is announcing and audience is reading. And here, Acharya ji is dancing in full abandon. For a good 10-15 minutes, he dances. We are in splits. His face is that of a naughty child. And we cannot even laugh out loudly!

Acharya ji dancing merrily with his disciples at the Advait Learning Camp

And then he enters the session. He bows to Shiva and takes seat. And I wonder whether I am looking at the same man that was one minute back. His face is now that of the meditative saint. Within seconds, such stark change in expression!

He had once taught that the Truth has no face, and hence the Truth is capable of taking all faces.

We do not know who he is: the naughty child, or the meditative saint, or both.

Or none. 🙂

Acharya ji immersed in the discourse that day at Dhramashala.
The session was intense!

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