The real hero lives his rebellion.

When one watches a heroic figure from any field: sports, science, politics, economics, literature, religion, when one watches a heroic figure from any field, what one sees is oneself. The fellow might be there on the podium, or on the screen, but you are not really clapping for him. The applause is for the possibility that you too could be like him. The applause is not for the person that you see but for the possibility that he represents.

If a hero is totally different from you then you’d not applaud him because you would not be able to relate to him. The hero has to be a lot like us yet not small and suffering like us, that is our usual definition of the hero. So the hero and the image of the hero, comes a wonderful promise, ‘You remaining who you are, can still realize the highest dream that is possible to you.’

Is it possible to be a totally conditioned fellow at home – going by traditions, living by attachments, following the same old practices and beliefs, worshiping the same old gods and yet being a superman on the street? Is it possible? Is it possible to really divide existence like this?

You could not be eating out of Maya’s hands at home and be a personification of Truth in the street, in the workplace; that is not possible. Truth accepts no fragmentation. Truth accepts no division of this kind. Life is one and total and for sure when I am saying ‘life’, I am talking for truthful life, not the ordinary compartmentalized life.

A heroic deed is eye-catching, a heroic deed is easy to be appreciated, a heroic deed is sensational, a heroic life may not be. A heroic deed will find mention in the newspapers, a heroic life may not. A heroic deed starts and ends quickly, it is limited by time. A heroic life goes on and on and on. And that is the mark of the real hero, that is what distinguishes him from the mythical hero of our imaginations.

The real hero will be almost unnoticeable because there would be no peaks and troughs in his story-line. It would be story of unabated intensity. You will not find a climax in it. You will not find peaks in it. It is never dipping and when something is never dipping, how can it attain a peak, a zenith.

What we call as revolutions, are they not really sustaining the same old mind? Do revolutions change anything? Revolutions cannot change anything because real revolutions comes from an already changed mind. If the mind is the same, its revolution will be the same. The hero therefore cannot be known by his deed because he determines his deeds, his deeds do not determine him. And he is not interested in one off shows. He will not interested in magnificent, glitzy, outbursts of energy. You cannot record a few of his actions and mark them as displace of heroism.

Heroism is his very glance. Heroism is his very gate. Heroism is the sound of his footstep.
Where would you found heroism in him? It is everywhere and when it is everywhere then it is undetectable. The real hero lives his rebellion.

The hero rebels totally, he does not choose one bad guy to beat up. He does not rebel against one particular thing or one particular belief or ideology or system. He does not dislike one aspect of the world, because to dislike one aspect you have to like other. His realization is deep. His distancing from the false is complete. He discerns. He knows that there is nothing here that is to be protected or supported.

Remember the deserving one is always around, always waiting.

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