Everything is clear with the Guru


The day had been tiring with many loose ends to tie and many things to wrap up before I call it a day. Between all of this I knew that I had to leave for Chopta too. I was looking forward to drive all the way on my humble Thunderbird and that too alongside Acharya Ji on his faithful Enfield Classic 500.

In the dead of the night we embarked on this long drive to cover 400 Kms to cover in over 6 hours. The road slithered across the landscape with both of us chasing it and only the constant hum of the engines occupying the silence of the night.

Half our way through the journey, it started to pour down heavily and we decided to take a break for some tea and bread. We sat in silence for a while before I ventured and asked, “Acharya Ji, would you like to call it a day? It is pouring heavily outside and the day had been tiring. We can leave after a few hours and reach the camp with a delay of a few hours.”

Acharya Ji, considered the question as he gazed blankly into empty space and turning the gaze to me, he said, “If we take rest we risk getting a lot more late than just a few hours. The body has not rested for a long time now.”

I looked at him in the eye and without any exchange of words all was decided. After finishing our meals we went straight to our bikes and rode the rest of the journey in rain with temperatures dropping. But nothing seemed to affect me. 

This is what the presence of the Master does – you come to know what is really important and you move towards it despite all odds. There was never a moment in the whole journey after that incident that I doubted that we need to stop before we reach the destination.

As Acharya Ji says, “When you’re really sure all your energy rises into action.”

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