Understand the Language

This picture brings a great memory to me. On the third day of the 31st Advait Learning Camp, we were taking a stroll through the lush landscape of Mukteshwar. From nowhere a dog came along and started wagging its tail lovingly at Acharya Ji.
I was observing this from a distance. Acharya Ji bowed down and started brushing the dog’s head.
He said, “Look, this creature neither has any relation with any of us nor it has ever encountered us before. Yet, it chose to meet us, without any fear, so innocently, without worrying about any consequences.”
That struck a chord within me. The creature was so full of innocence that there was no room for fear. So, as there was no room for fear, it was able to meet and accept the world with a loving gesture.
Can we live like this, every moment?

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